NXIVM “high rank” on Suicide Watch! Believed to be Ivy Nevares!

Ivy Nevares

Sources in Clifton Park told Frank Report that a high ranking NXIVM person is on “suicide watch.”

“‘Higher ranks’ are taking turns watching over her,” the source said. “Someone is with her constantly.”

While everything is being kept top secret, sources say they believe the individual is Ivy Nevares.

The longtime Espian did not attend V-week.

“She is so upset about Marianna’s baby,” said a source in Clifton Park. “She is devastated about Marianna’s baby, which was hidden from the community.”

Frank Report previously reported that Marianna Fernandez had recently given birth to a baby boy said to be the son of Keith Raniere.

Mr. Raniere had long promised Miss Nevares that she would have his first born child, according to multiple sources.

Reportedly, Miss Nevares found out about the birth of the child through reading it on the Frank Report, then confirmed its veracity. This sent her into an emotional tailspin, sources said.

She has given 16 years of her life to serving Mr. Raniere, hanging on to one promise: that she would have his child.

Miss Nevares, known as a highly sensitive, fragile individual, was shunned for several years by Mr. Raniere and his circle of women for an “ethical breach.”

She was instructed, as part of her penance, not to cut her hair, which grew to a length that went beyond her feet, a topic which Mr. Raniere was said to make fun over to the amusement of the women.

However, there is another, deeply troubled woman within the circle. Sources say Lauren Salzman did not attend the first four days of V-Week, showing up finally on Mr. Raniere’s birthday, August 26.

An EM therapist, she has given EM therapies to Miss Nevares for about 10 years.

Miss Salzman is believed to have been assigned the duty to watch Miss Nevares during V-Week, until she was relieved. Then Miss Salzman left for V-Week.

The irony is that, while Miss Salzman had been EMing Miss Nevares about her “issues” – which included her impatience at having Mr. Raniere’s child – Miss Salzman kept it hidden from Miss Nevares that she, Lauren, had been promised the same thing by Mr. Raniere.

During 10 years of EM therapy, Miss Salzman continuously assured Miss Nevares that she, Miss Nevares, would have Mr. Raniere’s first born child, once she healed her ethical breaches.

Both women, now in their early forties, may have finally realized that Mr. Raniere has deceived them.

This explosive combination may have sent Miss Nevares into shock and served to unhinge Miss Salzman as well.

Both have given most of their adult lives to Mr. Raniere. Both were promised a child. Both are past prime child bearing age.

Many people at V-Week noticed that Lauren Salzman seemed unusually depressed. When she appeared in the dining room, she sat in a corner and showed signs of severe depression.

Lauren Salzman said to be despondent.

“Lauren was a basket case. She showed up for Keith’s birthday,” reports one eye witness “She sat off in a corner looking sad and freaked out.”

Miss Salzman may have been suffering from vertigo, a recently acquired illness. She was seen not being able to move and crawl into a corner of a training. She felt she was falling for up to 24 hours at a time.

“No one asked questions,” said a source. “But how many people develop severe psychological problems like this in their forties?”

About 125-150 attended V-Week, down from last year’s total, which reportedly was more than 400 people, according to eye witnesses.

Clare Bronfman claims that between 275-290 people attended this year – which is generally believed to be more than twice the actual figure by those who were there. .

Since V-Week ended on Friday, sources say there have been other defections.

Mr. Raniere is said to be chipper in public.

Mr. Raniere is said to be unusually cheerful since his return from V-Week.

Allison Mack is also reportedly in excellent spirits. She has been heard telling people that she has never been happier. “I have never been so loved,” she was heard to remark at V-Week.

But a mood of concern and pensiveness seems to overhang some people at Clifton Park as if suicide was either seen as an eventuality or that Mr. Raniere himself is encouraging the notion for various reasons known only to him.

One source in Clifton Park told Frank Report that, “Everybody’s wondering who is going to kill themselves.”

Lauren Salzman and Ivy Nevares are believed to be in need of some professional aid and assistance.

The goal of NXIVM leaders is not to get them professional help, but to ensure Miss Nevares does not leave NXIVM and that damaging information does not become known to an already shaky following.

If any readers know these women well enough, they should make contact and try to help them get the assistance they need.

More on an update is expected shortly.


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  • I very much hope that nobody kills themselves. PLEASE GET OUT!

    Allison, stop lying to yourself. FOR THE LOVE OF GOD.

    She has been saying that for YEARS btw. She is so bi polar. One week amazing, one week depressed.

  • IVY. Stop getting EM’s from these people. Instead read about what he and they did to you: http://psychopathsandlove.com/covert-emotional-manipulation/
    These woman around you have been part of the sick joke on you. They laughed at your pain. They laughed with him when he demeaned you behind your back. We all saw it for years.

    All an EM will do is further erode your conscience and make it acceptable to destroy yourself. Please don’t. I beg you. You woman who are ‘helping’ her… You are NOT helping. You are complicit in a crime against a human being.

    PS. The devout are being told they may NOT read the Frank Report. Someone… please try and have her read all the comments. And where is Ivy’s family?! WTF Christina Wilcox????

  • Dear Ivy,

    Ivy what is happening to you, what you are feeling is to be expected. You are being victimized in a heinous fashion. Anyone, anyone at all would be experiencing what you are feeling if they were in your shoes. It’s not your failure, your issues or your lack of character. Quite the reverse. You feel depressed and are upset because among Keith’s harem you are maybe the only one left with any conscience or connection to yourself.

    Ivy, Lauren is not your friend. Nancy is not your friend. They want you to fail. The reason they put so much time into you is only because Keith makes them. It was the same with Pam. I don’t tell you this to make you feel worse, but to help you. Everything they say to you is to sabotage you, and they are being micromanaged to do so by Keith.

    Ivy, you can’t imagine the support you would get from the Expian community if you wanted it. That is hard to imagine, and after all the negative things you’ve been told about people who have left probably hard to feel comforted by. Don’t you get it though? Why do you think Keith is so desperate to disparage any destroy leavers? Past and present. The last thing he wants is for any kind of Expian community to develop. Any kind of support network. He wants people like you in his death grip to feel isolated and alone. Guess what? It happened anyway. So many people left so quickly Keith lost control of us and we are together.

    Despite what some people write on this blog, know this Keith is a brilliant psychopath. Brilliant in his efforts to control people. Strike that, enslave people. Expians now have a deep understanding of this. You’re in a tough spot as Keith has been working you over mentally for so, so many years. How do we help you see it?

    Ivy, you can free yourself from your bonds. Don’t be Keith’s slave anymore. Your Aunt and Uncle will help you immediately. They know what is going on to an extent and they are very worried about you. Call them.

    You can walk out the door at anytime. Just walk out. Are you afraid someone will stop you? Call the State Police and ask them to come get you. Trust us, they will. Call Investigator Student at the Clifton Park barracks. (Yes, “Student.” Weirdly ironic.) Tell him you are afraid and you need help. They will come get you. Do you want to pack but afraid you’ll be bombarded by the Lauren-Nancy-Clare mind control fiasco? That they’ll trigger every fear you have and terrorize you into believing your destroying your soul, your life, if you leave? Tell the State Police. They will sit there with their cop car and supervise your packing your things and Keith and Clare won’t be able to do shit about it. Or you can leave now and the State Police will help you pack later. Or the Expians will take care of it. We’ll pack your things for you. We’re no longer afraid.

    Ivy, Keith is a monster. So sorry for you and us all but it’s true. It’s not too late for you to have a brilliant happy life. You are brilliant and super talented and always were. It will be really hard at first because you’ll have to deal with the horror of it all. That you were almost destroyed by a psychopath and his collective. Then they’ll be the anger of the injustice. Then the grief for the years you have lost. During that time you’ll have to process all the negative things you believed about yourself because of Keith and the curriculum and Nancy, Lauren, Pam, etc. you’ll have to unravel that. But guess what? Most if not all of it is not true. A lot of issues you have were not Keith and the Tech “uncovering your issues” but Keith and his tech creating issues in you. After all this shit, you’ll come to realize your real issues are small in comparison and easy to work on and fix.

    After a while, the world will open up. You’ll start to see how wonderful people are and not all disintegrated and hopeless. How kind and compassionate even strangers are. The United States is a wonderful place. Media, politics, humanitarianism is not after all doomed to fail. Matter of fact, the world is making great progress everywhere. Many people are joyful and happy. Fulfilled. Purposeful. It’s not an empty void without The Tech. Eventually, a huge weight will lift off your heart.

    You might be surprised at how fast you could get through this. You have the mental abilities to deconstruct the whole process Keith led you through that ended where you are.

    Ivy, many in the Expian community are rooting for you. Hoping you will find your way out of Keith’s clutches. Peace and happiness can still be yours. If you leave your prison with its imaginary bars.

  • WAKE UP!!!! It’s okay!! Regroup, brush yourself off, give him the finger, start making 100K per yr in sales, find a husband, and live happily ever after. You do that, I guarantee your Mom will follow. He doesn’t deserve another second of your attention. You will owe some apologies over the next several years, but you will be happily appologizing because you will finally be happy!

  • Dear Current Espians,

    Damn, you are very committed.  Despite all reason and logic you are all in.  Even in the face of potential prosecution, ridicule and being shunned from society, you going to ride Psychotic Uncle Keith’s Super Fun Train Ride to Hell to it’s final, explosive stop.

    Most of us who are out are incredulous at you all.  We try to find analogies to liken you to but it’s becoming more and more absurd to even come up with them.  Here’s a few we came up with though:

    You are like some of the crew on the Titanic.  But rather than helping anyone off, you are standing there as the ship is sinking and saying “We got this” while really doing nothing. You are shark bait.  Only I don’t think most sharks want to eat people that dumb. They can sense the idiots and leave them for the bottom feeders.  

    You are like Charles Manson’s followers as he says “let’s commit a murder” but instead of reporting him, all of you are shrugging and looking at each other and saying “well he seems to know what he’s doing”.  BTW:  Most of us wouldn’t put murder past everyone’s favorite Uncle and there’s a few things in the past that make us wonder.

    You are like the last dinosaurs who were looking at each other and saying “climate change isn’t real” while they see their species mates being frozen or burnt to a crisp in real time.

    You are like the lady who meets present day Bill Cosby for a drink, sees him put something in her drink but shrugs it off saying “those 30 other women must be lying.  He seems so nice”.  Who would fall for that?  I bet some of you would.  

    You’d think after all the reporting on The Frank Report that you all would abandon ship, despite knowing there’s an iceberg ahead and how this story ends, but you all think “You got this”.  

    Now it seems Ivy is suicidal.  I bet a few more people are.  But shit, that’s no reason to get off Psychotic Uncle Keith’s Super Fun Train Ride to Hell.  Why get off?  Not when you can be part of potential pedophelia, suicides, fraud, branding, wrongful death, herpes transmission, rape, and possibly murder.  Who can pass that kind of good time up?  Plus the courses fuck with your head in ways your head shouldn’t be fucked with.  Sounds like fun right?  And you even get to be a pimp for perverted Uncle Keith!  No one in their right mind could say no to that right?  Uncle Keith always seems to be happy as long as you bring him fresh pussy or the underaged constantly.  He’s got some infectin’ to do. That herpes isn’t going to magically jump from his groin. He’s got to put in the work to make that magic happen. Only a few know for sure if he has herpes but damn a lot of people sure are rolling the dice hoping he doesn’t.

    Espians or should I say “the committed” as those of us that are out think you should all be committed, this diatribe isn’t about getting you out.  On the contrary.  I think most of you should stay in.  The Darwin awards are coming up, and it’s very possible this ends with some sort of mass event Uncle Keith plans that will allow for many people to win this award together.  If you are stupid enough to stay in, you are very likely going to be up for a Darwin award someday.  Since you can’t accept these awards in person for obvious reasons, I’d like to accept the award on your behalf.  I have the speech planned already:

    “We tried to get them out.  Warned them.  Warned them 1000 times.  But they stayed in. They are all highly deserving of this award.  I can’t think of a more deserving group. Yeah, they literally drank the Kool-aid despite knowing what happened at Jonestown.  What can I say?  They were morons.”  

    So please moronic Espians (the ones planning to stay till the last stop), go all in.  The world is full of idiots, people with awful ethics, and psychopaths.  A Darwinian self inflicted culling helps correct the world now and then.  Listen to Uncle Keith, he knows what’s best. I hear he’s preparing a fresh batch of Grape Kool-aid. Yummy! Drink that shit down. It has electrolytes.

    As for the others who are on the fence, it’s not too late to get off this train before you win your Darwin award.  

    For fun reading for the fence sitters (what other sociopath does this sound like?):


    • I think morons is too light a term for the “faithful”.

      They’ve gone full retard. You never go full retard.

      Otherwise, great post.

  • The least person you want Ivy around is Keith and his minions. She needs “PROFESSIONAL” help. Someone please call the police, the hospital or anyone else who will listen. This woman needs help and now. You can’t trust a highly unethical, awful, corrupt company to look after someone who is suicidal. And Keith probably wants to see this go that route anyways being a sociopath. Do the right fucking thing people. Whoever is in Albany, please please please call the police and hospitals to get her taken out of that group. And do so quickly. This is on everyone if she doesn’t get help fast.

    Ivy if you are reading this, as bad as things are they get better. And they get way better once you get out of that group and realize Keith is a sociopathic piece of garbage. Let your parents and family know what’s happening Ivy. I bet some would be willing to help you. There’s a lot of us out who know you or know of you who are willing to help. Reach out. We’re here too for you.

  • I have lived in Albany for a long time and from what I’ve heard, Ivy Navarez has been suicidal for quite some time. Poor thing, she’s been wearing a ring for years signifying her marriage to Raniere yet she has been shunned by him.
    I do not know if she was expecting to have his baby but I can imagine her being very jealous of Mariana.
    Lauren has showed signs of being unstable mentally and physically for a while too. In a recent training she wasn’t feeling well enough to come out and do the disquisition. She also doesn’t seem to be very happy in general. I guess working for a sociopath does finally take it’s toll and there’s no way you can pretend anymore. Lauren just quit pretending. Acknowledge that your Grand Master is a thief, hoarder, sex maniac and liar. You’re better than that.


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