More on suspected National Investigation into Clare Bronfman, Lucas Roberts, Clyne, Lim and others

Chief Superintendent Kevin Hackett (RCMP).

If there is a national investigation into Clare Bronfman and other Canadians for their role in DOS, it is just what she asked for.

If the Royal Canadian Mounted Police, in combination with the Vancouver Police Department, are now looking into DOS and its alleged criminal practices, it is due solely to Miss Bronfman’s own efforts.

Her desire to satisfy the lust and bloodlust of Keith Raniere may have backfired and caught up – not with him – but with her.

It is still too early to tell.

Because of jurisdictional advantages, keep in mind that some of you may be contacted by the Vancouver Police Department, as a member of the The Combined Forces Special Enforcement Unit – British Columbia OR the West Vancouver Police Department.

Certain investigations are under the supervision of the Royal Canadian Mounted Police. In most instances, there will be more than one representative contacting you to discuss DOS [if there is an investigation]. Be cooperative and do not lie.

The Combined Forces Special Enforcement Unit – British Columbia does not confirm or deny the existence of an investigation.

If there is an investigation, it is to determine if elements of fraud, misrepresentation, extortion, blackmail, human trafficking, blackmail, theft, and other crimes of conspiracy were committed by individuals connected with DOS, some of which are national and others of which are provincial crimes in British Columbia, Canada.

This much we can say: The Vancouver police were asked to arrest Sarah Edmondson by Clare Bronfman. It has been established that Miss Edmondson prevented a number of women from joining DOS.

Miss Bronfman claimed irreparable harm to ESP, suggesting that failure to arrest Miss Edmondson might result in the destruction of a nearly 20-year old company with hundreds of employees in the US, Canada and Mexico losing their jobs.

Vancouver police declined to arrest Miss Edmondson on Miss Bronfman’s word alone. Instead, Vancouver PD contacted individuals in the Vancouver area whom Miss Bronfman claimed were victims of Miss Edmondson, only to discover they claimed to be victims of Miss Bronfman’s organization.

They were to find another, entirely different story than the one Miss Bronfman told them. Miss Bronfman is believed to have lied repeatedly to law enforcement.

They learned of alleged blackmail, bribery, extortion and human cruelty such as women being coerced or deceived to cross international borders to become branded on the pubic region [after having given blackmail material to the branders] in the U.S.

They leaned that some women claimed they were told it was going to be a tattoo until they crossed the border and were forcibly held down and stipped naked and branded with Keith Raniere and Allison Mack’s initials.

They also learned that Miss Edmondson was not a criminal. She was a heroine.

This may have surprised them. Clare Bronfman is an heiress who comes from a famous Canadian family They may have assumed a certain credibility from her.

They may have assumed she would not be so stupid as to try to get a whistleblower arrested and lead them to her own door as a major criminal running an international human trafficking and blackmail ring.

It might be the arrogance of wealth and power. Or the mistaken assumption that Canada operated like the U.S. justice system where money buys justice. And protects criminals.

Let me just say that there was more than a little surprise when investigators spoke with actual witnesses. Former DOS members overwhelmed the accusations of Miss Bronfman against Miss Edmondson.

What Miss Bronfman alleged as mischief amounted to legal whistleblowing. Among other things: Telling people about the connection of ESP and DOS is not criminal mischief.

What Miss Bronfman called theft amounted to protecting people from theft. Preventing people from paying money to a group that extorts and intimidates its women members is not theft.

And the alleged fraud amounted to Miss Edmondson protecting women from being branded on their pubic region and being defrauded by Miss Bronfman, Diana Lim, Nicki Clyne, Lucas Roberts and other co-conspirators.

Helping people not pay blackmail or support a blackmail organization is not fraud. At least, that is how certain investigators started seeing it, according to reliable sources with knowledge of the matter.

Vancouver Police are left with three options:

Option 1: Do what the New York State Police did when Clare Bronfman went after enemies of Keith Raniere in New York: Ignore the real criminals [ESP, Raniere, Bronfman, etc.] and go after the lowest, poorest, weakest victims and charge them with bogus criminal acts. Even if it cannot be proven, most people take a plea deal. It bankrupts the person charged. Bronfman can declare victory – and law enforcement can then collect whatever rewards accrue from smashing justice into pieces to please the wealthy.

Option 2: Vancouver Police could say:  “The real criminals are Clare Bronfman, Keith Raniere, [plus Allison Mack, Lucas Roberts, Dr. Danielle Roberts, Diana Lim, Leah Lim Mottishaw, Nicki Clyne, Lauren Salzman, and others.] But Clare Bronfman has money. We don’t want to go up against her, despite her being a major criminal. Sure, it’s easy to arrest Sarah Edmondson; she does not have money to defend herself. She might take a plea and she likely won’t go to prison, or at least not for a long time. But that would be unjust. That’s OK in the prison-state called America, but this is Canada. And we are after all in the business of justice.  So rather than fight big-money Bronfman, we’ll just drop the whole thing. No one gets arrested.”

Chief Constable Adam Palmer.

Option 3: The Vancouver Police Department is led by Chief Constable Adam Palmer.  Criminal investigations are conducted under the supervision of Deputy Chief Constable Laurence Rankin. These are not men who went into service to pander to the rich and destroy the poor for self aggrandizement like they do in New York State and throughout the USA.

Vancouver PD Deputy Chief Constable Laurence Rankin.

There is no District Attorney, like Albany County District Attorney P. David Soares, who will allow Miss Bronfman to plant people on the investigative team to get bogus indictments. Perjury is taken seriously here. It is not part of doing business as it is in the USA.

Did the Vancouver Police make a referral to seek help from the Royal Canadian Mounted Police to assist in making a full and complete investigation?

That is part of option #3.

Right now, I can’t tell you which option they chose.

All I can say is Miss Bronfman is not in Kansas anymore.

Stay tuned.





The Vancouver Police are part of Its purpose is to provide support and investigation into complex and diverse criminal activities in British Columbia. The Unit is a part of the Royal Canadian Mounted Police “E” Division. The Combined Forces Special Enforcement Unit has a mandate to expose, investigate, prosecute, dismantle, and disrupt organized criminal enterprises.


Lucas ‘the Enforcer’ Roberts. His role in DOS is becoming clearer.






clare and nickiu
Did Nicki Clyne [l] act as an operative for Clare Bronfman [r] to engage in deceptive and coercive collection of photos, videos and documents from female members of ESP, to give to Miss Bronfman for the purpose of ensuring their silence? Human branding, sleep deprivation, forced under-nourishment and sex on demand schemes are alleged to have been instituted by Miss Bronfman.














smiley keith

Last year Keith Raniere warned his students at V-Week 2016 that this might come down.  “The way we make things meaningful is we hurt for them. We pain for them. And the strength of a community is how much effort that community will put against adversity in any of these things.” He also said, “Justice is something we earn.” Did Miss Bronfman set the stage to finally earn the justice she deserves?


Chief Superintendent Kevin Hackett (RCMP) may or may not have a lot to say in the coming months about DOS.

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  • The older Bronfman’s got their Seagram’s money out of Canada into off-shore tax havens like Bermuda. Canadians are really not too fond of them for that and as for the girls there is no love lost there. They are not Canadian. Seagram Co had all its assets acquired by other companies. It no longer exists. Edgar Bronfman Jr pretty much fucked things up with a series of ill timed business moves and investments.

    Clare seems to share her brothers lack of any business sense. She will blow all her money on a failing LGAT cult created by two psychopaths and will prove the old adage true: A fool and their money soon go separate ways.

    Lucas Roberts has dead eyes he looks more creepy than Uncle Keith.. This cannot be good for his business: MacInHome. My guess is your key to the DOS collateral and cloud accounts where it is based lies in Lucas hands. Wonder how Apple would feel about one of their Apple Consulting Networks authorized business owners being involved in a cult that brands women? Just Sayin

  • This should be fun to watch.

    Sarah Edmondson demonstrated ACTUAL ETHICS by walking away (and sacrificing a good deal of her income) when the truth about the dark side of ESP/DOS became undeniable.

    The Mounties quite often live up to their reputation for decency and incorruptability.

    The people involved in the JNESS/DOS pipeline from Vancouver to Albany (which apparently did NOT include Sarah) are in trouble. They will likely be offered some clemency if they flip on higher-ups.

    That will likely be Clare Bronfman and Allison Mack, and Keith Raniere.

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