Did Vancouver investigation veer toward Clyne, Lim, Roberts? RC Mounties will not comment

The Vancouver Police are part of Its purpose is to provide support and investigation into complex and diverse criminal activities in British Columbia. The Unit is a part of the Royal Canadian Mounted Police "E" Division.

Earlier this month, Clare Bronfman, vice president of Executive Success Programs (ESP), filed a criminal complaint against Sarah Edmondson with the Vancouver Police Department.

Miss Bronfman alleged Miss Edmondson acted with mischief, and committed theft, and fraud. Miss Edmondson was the former head of the ESP center in Vancouver.

Miss Edmondson may have prevented women from being recruited into a woman’s group headed by Allison Mack, called Dominance Over Submissives (DOS).

Miss Bronfman is believed to have told Vancouver Police that irreparable damage could be experienced by her company because of Miss Edmondson’s conduct.

Miss Edmondson, as well as witnesses contacted by Vancouver Police, may have revealed that a number of crimes have been committed by Ms. Bronfman and other members of ESP in Canada.

Chief Constable Adam Palmer.

The Vancouver Police Department is led by Chief Constable Adam Palmer.  Criminal investigations are conducted under the supervision of Deputy Chief Constable Laurence Rankin.

In the past, Miss Bronfman has offered to provide computer experts, private investigators and attorneys, all at her expense, to gather evidence against targets she wanted charged criminally. New York State Police have accepted her assistance, as did Albany County District Attorney P. David Soares.

Based on what they have learened, it is not known if Vancouver Police will conduct its own independent investigation. Additional manpower may be needed.

Rather than accept help from Miss Bronfman’s team, Vancouver Police may get assistance into suspected criminality from official resources.


The Vancouver Police are part of the Combined Forces Special Enforcement Unit – British Columbia. Its purpose is to provide support and investigation into complex and diverse criminal activities in British Columbia. The Unit is a part of the Royal Canadian Mounted Police “E” Division.




Lucas Roberts role in DOS remains unclear at this time.

The Combined Forces Special Enforcement Unit has a mandate to expose, investigate, prosecute, dismantle, and disrupt organized criminal enterprises.

Should the Combined Forces Special Enforcement Unit become involved [if they are not already]. it will signal that the investigation has veered away from Miss Edmondson toward the leaders of DOS.



clare and nickiu
Frank Report is investigating whether or not Nicki Clyne and Clare Bronfman are targets of an investigation led by the Royal Canadian Mounted Police. The Mounties refused to comment.

As detailed in Frank Report, DOS leaders were allegedly engaged in deceptive and coercive collection of photos, videos and documents from members to give to Miss Bronfman, Miss Mack, and other DOS leaders for the purpose of ensuring silence. Human branding, sleep deprivation, forced under-nourishment and sex on demand schemes are alleged to have been required by Lucas Roberts and women members of DOS.

If the Combined Forces determine that DOS activities meet the elements of fraud, theft, mischief, human trafficking, extortion, blackmail and/or conspiracy, it is expected the targets will be Lyvia Cohen, Crystal Rosenbrooks, Diana Lim, Leah Lim, Pam Arstikaitis, Nicki Clyne, and Lucas Roberts.

Charges may be sought for Miss Bronfman.

smiley keith
“Justice is something we earn. Justice doesn’t fall from the sky where we are all just these passive recipients you know sitting on the beach with a drink or something like that and justice is there.” Keith Raniere.

Mr. Raniere may be safely out of harm’s way. Reportedly, Miss Mack has made – or is expected to make – a filmed confession stating that Mr. Raniere, whose name is on no documents, had nothing to do with DOS and that he has not participated in any of its blackmail practices.

The policy of the Combined Forces Special Enforcement Unit – British Columbia is to neither confirm nor deny the existence of an ongoing criminal investigation.

As more information is learned, Frank Report will share as much as possible with its readers. More on this later.

Keith Raniere teaches that ‘concepts like honor’ need to be “empowered with meaning.” “The way we make things meaningful is we hurt for them. We pain for them. And the strength of a community is how much effort that community will put against adversity in any of these things.”


It is the policy of Chief Superintendent Kevin Hackett (RCMP), Chief Officer – CFSEU to not comment on the existence or non existence of any investigation.


Espians owe Prefect [l] and Vanguard [r] tribute for what they do for each and everyone of them.
leah im moti
Leah Lim.


Pam Arstikaitis.


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  • Clare must be one of the stupidest people alive. VPD is busy enough giving out speeding and jaywalking tickets. Clare is like a 10 year old who goes to tell her parents that her friend pushed her then cries crocodile tears. Clare, all the money in the world won’t buy you class, intelligence, virtue, looks, or love. Stupid child.

  • Lucas Roberts you spineless pos. you should be first in line to stand up for Sarah. Although you are a brainwashed coward it’s not too late. Wake up, smell the rancid sewage you are a part of and tell Clare she’s gone too far. If you still own a set of balls, it’s time to stand up.

  • Sarah stood up for people, against this terrible organization in the face of lawsuits – she deserves accolades for being so brave when we’ve seen what they do to people who go against them. I truly hope this bogus investigation by Clare bites her in the ass, and works as a wake up call to all the people who have supported DOS by saying “what’s the bad thing” this whole time.

    • Lucas Roberts and Diana Lim got to hold strong for the org. And turn state’ evidence. And the first one who falls is a pillar to the cause.

    • Everyone has a voice and the ability to tell their story.

      Tell your story. Those harmed by Keith Raniere and his disciples need other to open up about the conduct of this cult. Tell the truth and do the right thing.

      Hiding allows this group to continue. They stole your money and time, do not let them steal your dignity.

      I love your stories, especially when they come from the heart and are honest.

      I look at it as community service. If I save one person then I have done my job.

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