Allison and Nicki in relaxed setting.

Are Nicki and Allison married?

Fake marriage?

A reader wrote:

Hey Frank! Why haven’t you reported on Allison Mack and Nicki Clyne getting married to keep Nicki in the country? Shouldn’t someone call ICE already??

Did wedding bells toll for Nicki and Allison?

They have a lot in common. Both are actresses. Both live in Clifton Park. Both are branded slaves of Keith Raniere.  Both have him plenty of collateral.

And Nicki Clyne is Canadian and Allison is a US citizen.

According to another reader:

Marriage is actually a common way for ESP people to stay in Albany with Keith. Mexico, US, the U.K. and Canada have played this game. Marry someone when your visitor or work visa runs out!!! And Nicki had a O-1 visa as a Canadian. That means she was bringing worth to the US entertainment economy. But she hasn’t done much film or TV work since Keith got his hands on her so she probably couldn’t reapply for the same visa when the original one wore out. But since gay marriage is legal now and she and Allison are both devout followers…  makes sense. It’s a great solution.


Allison Mack posted this cartoon on her Instagram account recently.

The above posting provoked this comment on Instagram:

  • Congrats love to you and Nicki Clyne. I didn’t know you got married. I’m happy you found love amongst all the bad stuff:).

Another reader commented:

Is it true Allison and Nicki are married ???? My God, have these people lost their minds, how low a human being can go? Why did Allison destroy her life in such way? These people are nuts .Vibrations cult Charles Manson here.

Sources say Nicki’s work at The Knife Media pays her $15 an hour.

As the Producer of Knife Media, it proves either that working tirelessly to expose slant, spin and bias in the media doesn’t pay, or working for Clare Bronfman doesn’t pay.

But did she get married?

clare and nickiu
Nicki Clyne writes with her posting of this picture that she went into the woods celebrating father’s day with this unidentified gentleman. Is it her father? He looks vaguely familiar. No, it can’t be her father; he looks like a very sinful old man.
love 1
Two DOS slaves, off to see the world.
Allison and Nicki in relaxed setting.
v week allison
Kicking back at V-Week.
Doesn’t Allison look a trifle overweight?
slave chain
… take off her belly chain?
When smiles are authentic they are contagious
stand up
Nicki is enriching the artistic values of America. She is trying her funny lines at an amateur night comedy performance.
When you are a DOS slave or a member of the Society of Cucks, life is all smiles and no tears. That’s what heaven is supposed to be like.
smiley keith
When he smiles, be careful.

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  • The captions under these photos aren’t doing the site any favors – slightly bitchy and personal.

    Anyway, if they’re married a public records search should turn up proof. Someone could put the work in to do this?

  • I’m sorry but Allison Mack is not a nice woman. Period. So many people think oh poor Allison she’s been sucked in and abused. Nope. She has not. She is definitely being used but she is also without a doubt a malignant abuser. Fuck you Allison Mack. You have ruined lives.

  • Allison is a write off just like Clare. Some people are beyond redemption. Neither has a conscience left and they both deserve to spend a lifetime rotting with the rotten one.

  • The ‘sinful old man’ you mention in the woods is Clare Bronfman. Was this a joke Frank or you didn’t recognize her? I know she does look very much like an old pedophile but I must make the correction.

  • disgusting people , without morals, that is why they marry each other and live in this community The thing that bothers me more is that a lot of people do not know, this has to be more publicized because , Allison still has the power to convince and participates in conventions that mainly attracts naive young people from smallville, she can still cause a great damage in the life of several people . shes the worst.

  • Pretty much everything is fake about this cult starting at the top: fake humility, fake conscience, fake ethics, fake compassion, fake joy, fake orgasms, fake tweets and posts, fake smiles for the cameras, etc.

  • I did hear they got married and India Oxonberg was the legal witness. But if you examine this marriage carefully it doesn’t make sense because they all (including India) are having sex with the Vanguard-and having sex with each other. I simply can’t keep up.

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