No matter how much you adore your Vanguard, do not to accept herpes as a mark of obedience.
These entities are capable of hopping from one person to another and making a lifelong commitment to you, not dissimilar to ‘The Vow’ the woman of DOS make of lifelong slavery to their Vanguard.

The purpose of this post is not to embarrass anyone.

It is to protect women and their boyfriends who are sexually involved with the man known as the Vanguard, Keith A. Raniere.

According to sources, there is an epidemic of genital herpes among DOS women. Most are believed to have had sex with Mr. Raniere.






He emerges from his bedroom on his birthday.

The men of the Society of Protectors, the cuckold group under Mr. Raniere, are permitted to sleep with the women of DOS – with his permission.

At V-Week, tomorrow, Mr. Raniere emerges to join the small and select gathering.

He comes out on his birthday.




Silver Bay on Lake George is the site of the annual 10-day celebration of the nativity of Keith Raniere.

He has been holed up [often in his birthday suit] in his lodge at Silver Bay. He has likely had sex with several women. It is hoped these women did not contract genital herpes. Perhaps they already had it.

The attendance is small this year for V-Week. There were less than 100 at the resort [last year there were 400 plus] but a few folks have come in tonight to be on hand for the emergence of the Vanguard.

Many hundreds left Mr. Raniere because he brands women one inch from their vaginas with his initials with a hot iron.




A tumbling brook at Silver Bay might seem like a natural spot to be marked by the Vanguard.

Because of low attendance at V-Week, it is expected that a higher percentage of women in attendance will be summoned to his lodge or for a frolic in the woods, alongside a tumbling brook, or on a bed of wild grass or red clover, or perchance a romp behind the mulberry bush for what has been called the Mexican quickie [if she is fast enough].

For women summoned to his room, or the hot tub, who presently do not have genital herpes, I strongly urge you to decline unprotected sexual intercourse with your Vanguard.

Avoid mouth to genital contact.  If you must accept your master’s grace, perhaps you should follow his own instruction and have him ejaculate on your face. This is the lesson he teaches to the beta males of the Society of Cuckolds [Protectors].  It marks a woman’s acceptance of a man.


Lucas Roberts has risen to the top of the Society of Cuckolds.

The Society of Protectors [Cuckolds] are led by beta males, Lucas Roberts and KS.

Women about to engage in sexual intercourse with their Vanguard, kindly please consult Mr. KS, leader of the cuckold group.

Ask him about the dangers of contracting herpes from sleeping with the slave women of DOS.  Or ask DOS slave Melissa Rodriguez. These are honest folk who will surely tell you: Use protection.

For more good advice, speak with mature and experienced DOS slaves such as Pamela Arstikaitis or [Name Redacted].

For the record, I am not reporting that any of these women or men or the Vanguard himself has herpes.

Only that “let the debauchee beware”.

Furthermore, although she is Mexican, Miss Rodriguez is not the woman they call “patient zero” or the “Valtrexican”.  That honor belongs to another woman rumored to be Mexican who allegedly introduced herpes to women of Clifton Park a few years ago.

Don’t let V-week become VD -Week.

Be aware of the “HERPES ALERT” at Silver Bay.

Herpes is contagious without being visible. Slap on a rubber. If someone refuses, decline the offering.

While it is true that Mr. Raniere likes to have his women branded with his initials scarred on their pubis for life, genital herpes is a different kind of branding.

Both of the brands, a woman will likely regret long after the fun has died down.


These are the two great ones to be worshiped. They are [l] Prefect, [r] Vanguard.




Parte 1: No dejes que V semana convertirse en VD-semana; ¡HERPES EN ALERTA BAHÍA DE PLATA! (VÉASE ABAJO PARA LA TRADUCCIÓN EN ESPAÑOL)  

eb6d90326a2fc9b1b319f0698d2fbc3d--genital-herpes-herpes-cureEstas entidades son capaces de saltar de una persona a otra y hacer un compromiso de por vida a usted, no muy diferente a ‘El voto’ la mujer de los DOS hacen de la esclavitud de por vida a su vanguardia.   

El propósito de este post no debe avergonzar a nadie.

Es para proteger a las mujeres y sus novios que tienen relaciones sexuales con el hombre conocido como la vanguardia, Keith A. Raniere.

Según las fuentes, hay una epidemia de herpes genital entre las mujeres de los DOS. La mayoría se cree que han tenido relaciones sexuales con el Sr. Raniere.

Los hombres de la sociedad de protectores, el grupo de cuckold Sr. Raniere, pueden dormir con las mujeres de DOS – con su permiso.

En la V semana, mañana, el Sr. Raniere emerge para unirse a la pequeña y seleccione reunión.

Sale en su cumpleaños.

Él ha sido escondido [a menudo en su traje de cumpleaños] en su lodge en Bahía de la plata. Probablemente ha tenido relaciones sexuales con varias mujeres. Se espera que estas mujeres no contraer herpes genital. Tal vez ellos ya lo tenían.

La atención es pequeña este año V-semana. Había menos de 100 en el complejo [el año pasado hubo 400 plus] pero algunas personas han llegado esta noche para tener a la mano para la aparición de la vanguardia.

Cientos izquierda Sr. Raniere porque él marcas de una pulgada de la vagina de la mujer con sus iniciales con un hierro caliente.

Un arroyo cae en la bahía de la plata podría parecer como un lugar natural para ser marcado por la vanguardia.

Debido a la baja asistencia a la V semana, se espera que un mayor porcentaje de mujeres en la asistencia será convocado a su logia o para una fiesta en el bosque, junto a un arroyo de agitación, o en una cama de hierba salvaje o trébol rojo, o acaso un jugueteo detrás de la zarza mora por lo que se ha llamado el quickie mexicana [si ella es lo suficientemente rápida.

Para las mujeres a su habitación y la bañera de hidromasaje, que actualmente no tienen herpes genital, fuertemente le insto a rechazar relaciones sexuales sin protección con su vanguardia.

Evitar la boca al contacto genital.  Si debe aceptar la gracia de tu amo, tal vez debe seguir su propia instrucción y que él eyacule en su cara. Esta es la lección que enseña a los varones de la beta de la sociedad de cornudos [protectores].  Marca la aceptación de la mujer de un hombre.

La sociedad de protectores [cornudos] son dirigidos por los machos beta, Lucas Roberts y KS.

Mujeres a relaciones sexuales con su vanguardia, por favor consulte el Sr. KS, líder del grupo cuckold.

Preguntarle acerca de los peligros de contraer herpes de dormir con las mujeres de esclavo de DOS.  O DOS esclavos Melissa Rodriguez. Son gente honesta que seguramente te dirá: Use protección.

Para más buenos consejos, hablar con maduros y experimentados DOS esclavos como Pamela Arstikaitis o [Name Redacted].

Para que conste, no estoy informando de que cualquiera de estas mujeres o los hombres o la vanguardia se tiene herpes.

Sólo que “let la beware debauchee”.

Por otra parte, aunque ella es mexicana, Miss Rodriguez no es la mujer que llaman “patient zero «o la “Valtrexican».  Ese honor pertenece a otra mujer que se rumorea para ser mexicana que supuestamente presentó herpes mujeres de Clifton Park hace unos años.

No dejes que V semana convertirse en VD-semana.

Ser consciente de la “HERPES ALERT” en la bahía de la plata.

El herpes es contagioso sin ser visibles. Un golpe seco sobre una goma. Si alguien se niega, declinar la oferta.

Si bien es cierto que el Sr. Raniere le gusta que sus mujeres con sus iniciales marcados en su pubis para la vida, el herpes genital es un tipo diferente de la marca.

Dos de las marcas, una mujer voluntad probable lamento mucho después de que la diversión ha muerto.


Lucas Roberts has risen to the top of the Society of Cuckolds.


Estos son dos los grandes a ser adorado. Son [l] perfecta, [r] vanguardia.

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STI legality
STI legality
6 years ago

What legal charge would this be if you had a STI and knowingly infected others?

6 years ago
Reply to  STI legality

There have been at least one case (in the US) and others in different countries where people have gone to jail for it.

Danielle the Pube Brander
Danielle the Pube Brander
6 years ago

Mr.Raniere. If you are reading this there is help for you. I’ve created a procedure where people like you with hideously small arms so you can fit in society. I can’t help you with your small pecker but if you allow me to extend those Retarded looking arms, you won’t have to be so embarrassed going out in public. Also I offer cheap branding services if you want your pubes branded.
Dr. Danielle Roberts

6 years ago

I’m a historian. His pathetically small arms actually come from a small group of Neanderthals who had tiny appendages which accounts for both a minute penis and stupid looking arms. As to where these tiny Neanderthals evolved from many of us believe it was a piece of brontosaurus dung. Keith probably would be riding the “small yellow bus” for special kids if he was still in school due to the freakishly disgusting twigs he calls arms. Hopefully this answers your question.

6 years ago

Hi there. I’m a geneticist. His very small penis certainly suggests he may have evolved from various types of rodents. However his small arms suggest he may have come from a family of ancient birds who had inverse reproductive organs. Meaning it’s penis was inside. And some believe Keith’s small penis only comes out when he pulls it out with tweezers lending credibility to this theory.

Scientific question
Scientific question
6 years ago

Is it just me or does Keith have very small arms? Like, strangely small. Maybe he became a sociopath because of his small arms and dick? He’s got arms like a t-Rex but his small dick suggests he may have evolved from ancient weasels. Are there any scientists out there who can offer an opinion?

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