More on Monterrey defections and what happens when coaches speak out against DOS (VÉASE ABAJO PARA LA TRADUCCIÓN EN ESPAÑOL)

Omar Boone sits with his wife Jimena Garza. She is one of the leaders of DOS [Dominant Under Submissive]. She came to Clifton Park and had her pubic region branded with the initials of Keith Raniere. She has taken a vow of slavery to Keith Raniere. Her husband, the feeble Omar Boone is the cuckold for his wife bears the initials of the horny sex pervert Keith Raniere. Omar Boone is an accountant. So you add it up: His wife is a slave to Keith Raniere. She must obey him and havce sex with him any time he chooses. She must have sex with other men if he so orders. This is the whole point of DOS. Add it up: If neither of these two repudiate DOS, they are all-in. He is a cuckold who lets his wife have the initials of another man branded on her pussy and allows her to have given this man {Raniere" nude graphic pictures of her, her full vagina spread legs wide open - and uploaded to Mr. Raniere] And this coward cornuto Omar Boone says nothing. He makes no repudiation. He is a cuckold and craven coward. There is no room even in hell for such a coward who makes his money through such an enterprise.


Monterrey Mexico – Up until a few days ago, the ESP Center in Monterrey, Mexico was one of the strongholds of Keith Raniere’s movement.

There were 125 paying students, 9 proctors and 30 coaches. And new recruits being sought out all the time.

Whispers of female branding and blackmail and Keith Raniere having sex with his students, came as a surprise to some. Students started asking questions.

The official policy of the ESP Center in Monterrey, is “Don’t ask. There is nothing going on.”

When pressed by insiders who know better, Monterrey leaders admitted that DOS is true. But center leader, Jimena Garza, and her cuckold husband, Omar Boone, justified the practices of DOS to those they could not deny it to.

If students were not personally persuaded by their explanations, and still questioned DOS’s practices of branding women on their pubic region with the initials of Keith Raniere, they were told to trust the technology, to trust Keith, and above all, not communicate their concerns with anyone other than their coach.

Or risk expulsion, risk being shut off, getting cut off from access to ESP and the technology.

They will be labeled as a  “suppressive”. Leaders tell students not to communicate with those who want to discuss DOS publicly. They will be shunned.

The idea is to keep DOS quiet and under the radar.

There are those who choose not to keep quiet.

One proctor and seven coaches openly quit Monterrey. They have been expelled from ESP.  The students are being advised to shun them.

But, ironically, they are not shunning them. They are calling them to find out what is going on.

Mexicans, for the first time, are calling Frank Report.

“The news is coming out in Mexico”,  said one caller from Mexico. “They have been controlling the the information well, but people are starting to open their eyes a little bit.”

omar and jimena
ESP Monterrey leaders, the cuckold, Omar Boone, with his wife, DOS slave Jimena Garza.

The information is starting to reach people.“You start questioning more and more until you realize something is so clearly off,” said a source.

There were eight proctors and 30 coaches a week ago. Now there are seven proctors and 23 coaches in Monterrey.

“This organization needs to come down. It is not good,” said a source.

Will others leave?

There are plenty who are discussing it right now.

The ESP Center in Leon has many mutual contacts with those in Monterrey.

There are 10 coaches, no proctor and about 50 students in Leon.

There, the people are asking questions. All of the coaches are asking questions.

The Leon Center and the Guadalajara Center are operated under common administration.

Guadalajara is just now getting wind of DOS.

At the top of the webpage of ESP Monterrey is a quote attributed to Keith Raniere:

‘Saber qué hacer es inútil sin la fuerza emocional para hacer lo que sabes. – Keith Raniere.  [Knowing what to do is useless without the emotional strength to do what you know. – Keith Raniere]

In Monterrey, there are some gathering the emotional strength to do what they know they have to do.

The secretive leader of ESP Keith Raniere




Monterrey México – hasta hace unos días el centro de ESP en Monterrey, México fue uno de los bastiones del movimiento de Keith Raniere.

Hubo 125 alumnos pagantes, 9 procuradores y 30 entrenadores. Y nuevos reclutas se buscó todo el tiempo.

Susurros de mujer marca chantaje y Keith Raniere teniendo sexo con sus alumnos, fue una sorpresa para algunos. Estudiantes comenzaron a hacer preguntas.

La política oficial del centro de ESP en Monterrey, es “Don’t preguntar. No hay nada pasando.”

Cuando presionado por los iniciados que saben mejor, líderes del Monterrey admitieron que DOS es verdadero. Pero el líder de centro, Jimena Garza y su marido del cuckold, Omar Boone, justificaron las prácticas de los DOS que no puede negar que.

Si los estudiantes personalmente no fueron persuadidos por sus explicaciones y aún cuestionaron las prácticas de DOS de las mujeres marca en su región púbica con las iniciales de Keith Raniere, se les dijo que confía en la tecnología, para confiar en Keith y sobretodo, no comunican sus preocupaciones con alguien que no sea su entrenador.

O riesgo de expulsión, riesgo que se cierre, consiguiendo cortar acceso a ESP y la tecnología.

Serán marcados como un “suppressive”. Líderes a estudiantes no para comunicarse con aquellos que quieren discutir públicamente DOS. Ellos serán rechazados.

La idea es mantener DOS tranquila y bajo el radar.

Hay quienes optan por no callar.

Un procurador y siete entrenadores abiertamente dejar Monterrey. Han sido expulsados de ESP.  Los estudiantes se recomienda rechazarlos.

Pero, irónicamente, están huyendo no les. Llaman a averiguar lo que está sucediendo.

Los mexicanos, por primera vez, están llamando a Frank Report.

Noticias de “The sale en Mexico”, dijo una persona de México. Control de “They el la información bien, pero las personas están empezando a abrir los ojos un poco más. ”

omar and jimena   Líderes de ESP Monterrey, cuckold, Omar Boone, con su esposa, DOS esclavos Jimena Garza.

La información está empezando a llegar a la gente”. Empezar a preguntar más y más hasta que te das cuenta de algo tan claramente apagado, “, dijo una fuente.

Hubo ocho procuradores y 30 entrenadores hace una semana. Ahora hay siete procuradores y 23 entrenadores en Monterrey.

“This organización debe venir abajo. No es bueno, “, dijo una fuente.

¿Otros dejarán?

Hay un montón que están discutiendo ahora mismo.

El centro de ESP en León tiene muchos contactos mutuos con los de Monterrey.

Hay 10 entrenadores, no proctor y cerca de 50 estudiantes en León.

Allí, las personas hacen preguntas. Todos los entrenadores están haciendo preguntas.

El León y el centro de Guadalajara se funcionan bajo administración común.

Guadalajara ahora está recibiendo viento de DOS.

En la parte superior de la Página Web de ESP de Monterrey es una cita atribuida a Keith Raniere: Knowing what to do is useless without the emotional strength to do what you know. – Keith Raniere ( Saber qué hacer es inútil sin la fortaleza emocional para hacer lo que sabes. -Keith Raniere).

En Monterrey, hay algunos reuniendo la fuerza emocional para hacer lo que saben que tienen que hacer.

kry  El líder secreto de ESP Keith Raniere

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  • Dalai Lama: “As far your sort of work for promotion of ethics, I fully support. Is my moral responsibility, but, at the same time, those allegations you must make very clear. If you have done something wrong, you must accept, you must admit, and change, make correction. If you not done [anything unethical], make clear all these allegations, truthfully, honestly, openly, transparently.”

    NXIVM:/ESP You must keep DOS a secret. It is only when women are “evolved” (i.e., brainwashed) enough that they should be made aware of it.

    Once again, VanDouche proves again that he just doesn’t give a shit. He’s either a moral imbecile, he is just playing mind games and seeing how far he can con people into doing stupid stuff in the name of ethics, or both – does it make a difference? – and he obviously only cares about ingratiating his big head and his tiny one. The Dalai Lama was another “tool” bought by the Bronfman brats as a “donation”, to buy some time and a little credibility for the royal fake fuck, VanJester.

    Anyone who bought into this sham for the “ethics” just needs to get over their cognitive dissonance because there is no refund for wasted time. The contrast is glaringly clear and has been for years.

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