Two pages from textbook of ESP’s ‘The University’ published for first time

Keith Raniere recently launched “The University of Higher Education” to students of Executive Success Programs (ESP). Tuition is $5,000 per month.

It is a selective university since members of the public cannot make an application. There is no information available about The University on any website I could find. The “Professors”  of the The University select the students. The professors are coaches, teachers, and proctors who teach Executive Success Programs.

The curriculum is a closely guarded secret. One of the books studied is George Orwell’s 1984. Ayn Rand’s works are said to likely be part of the curriculum.

There are also classes in  logic and grammar.

About 60 students were reportedly attending a month ago. Because of recent scandals in ESP, there have been numerous dropouts.  In addition some students thought the course was not worth $5,000 per month since they already learned its curriculum in middle-school or high school.

A friend of higher learning sent us a sample of what students are being taught.

The following are two pages from one of the textbooks used at The University.





See the difference a comma can make?



Once Grandma was included, thanks to the movement of a comma, she picked up her walker and was able to skip. But where did the dog come from?

The University is not accredited with any accrediting body, and a degree from it will not qualify a student for employment where a degree is required, with the possible exception of ESP.

Reportedly, students were promised that if they graduated from The University,  they would  be hired at ESP and permitted to sell Intensives, the life coaching seminars offered by ESP.

The curriculum at The University is said to be similar to what is taught in Intensives, only it lasts longer than 16 days. Courses lasts for six months to two years.

Proponents of The University say the cost of the courses: $30,000 – $120,000 at The University is comparable to costs at other universities such as Princeton, Penn State and Cornell. They maintain that a student can learn at a much higher level and a faster pace at The University since it is based on the secret knowledge of Keith Raniere.

Students at The University cannot reveal what they learn since they sign confidentiality agreements not to disclose anything taught at The University.

It is believed to be the first university known in modern times that prohibits its alumni from revealing what they are taught.

How Keith Raniere plans to keep the proper placement of commas a secret to the world is anybody’s guess.  But don’t be surprised if there are A new round of  lawsuits filed against the publishers of various grammar books that appear to have already stolen this information from him.


3 thoughts on “Two pages from textbook of ESP’s ‘The University’ published for first time

  1. “How Keith Raniere plans to keep the proper placement of commas a secret to the world is anybody’s guess.”


  2. When I was sent this “University” announcement via email, I literally wanted to barf. It’s such a scam. How any person of intelligence could be suckered into this nonsense is beyond me. It’s so scary how people can believe this garbage and pay for their self esteem to be lowered by this company. On second thought, humanity is filled with fantastical beliefs that span millennia. Just another sham on the totem pole of history.

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