“Collateral” explained in the view of the women and Vanguard


They were told there was a new exciting and exclusive women’s group that was going to change the world. It was secret. Even their boyfriends and husbands couldn’t be told about it.

But if they wanted to join, they’d have to give “collateral” to ensure they wouldn’t tell anyone about the group and its secrets.

So, they did what they were told – and sent a nude picture.  What’s the harm?

They didn’t know Keith Raniere, who prefers to be referred to by his self-given title of Vanguard,was behind it. What hey didn’t know Clare Bronfman is that – and her IT men – had access to the “collateral”.

One DOS woman said her slave master rejected her pictures because they were something a girl might send to her boyfriend.  The pictures had to be graphic.

A number of people have seen at least some of the “collateral”.

One person said, “They were sexually perverse and vile. I saw fuckin’ spread legs and I said, ‘I’m not looking anymore. I’ve seen enough.’ Some of the others looked more closely. I was disgusted and they were disgusted.”

Every month, the women have to provide new “collateral”.

After a few months of being a member, DOS leadership [i.e., Keith Raniere] will not accept any more nude photographs or videos.

If a woman has assets, “collateral” now takes  the form of transfers of bank accounts, amendment of wills, deeds to real estate, and similar asset transfer documents.

For women who did not have assets, confessions were allowed.  But the confessions had to be about things that would ruin the women’s lives if they became public.

The purpose of “collateral” is to give DOS enough power that it can destroy a woman’s life if she reveals the existence and secrets of the group.

Women are required to provide audio or video recordings, confessing to crimes, betrayals, or sleazy or damning information about themselves and others.

If they run out of things to confess, they have to make something up.

DOS will accept false confessions provided they sound plausible.

Some women were disturbed by what they were required to do. The confessions were driving them into betrayals of friends and family. Damning stories about husbands, boyfriends, parents, friends, employers, even their children.

“Some of the girls don’t have a lot of damaging things in their life,” said one source. “They start making shit up.”

And, now, all of the DOS women live in fear that their “collateral” will soon become public, that their friends and family will find out these women’s deepest, darkest secrets.  For some, it’s enough to keep them from leaving. For others, it’s enough to make them think about suicide, which many believe is Vanguard’s “final solution” fro women that are causing him problems. Only the strongest DOS women are able to take a deep breath and walk into a new and free life.

It is not all fun and games at ESP. There is a darker element that those who get close to the founder, Keith Raniere, soon discover.



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