Are people reading Frank Report? Stats from June thru August 19th

The number of people reading the Frank Report varies.

Readership has remained steady since June 5th, when I broke the story about DOS and its branding of women and requirement of collateral.

Since then, the site has average about 2600 views per day.

Here are the stats:

In June, there were 79,535 page views.

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In July, there were 77,624 page views.

juky views

In August, from the 1st thru the 19th, there have been:aug 1 - 19

The countries where the most readership comes from are:


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Aug 1-19.

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  • Keith Raniere has zero conscience about his followers investments. He could give two shits about how much time, money, and reputation we all invested in him. He only cares about sex, control, and mind games.

  • Keith Raniere is a total sex addict. Wake up people! You can pretend to deny it to the outside or each other but everyone knows it’s true. Anyone who has spent serious time in Keith’s circle knows it’s true.

    He is gross. Are you all really going to go on pretending this isn’t happening? For what?

    Is there any person who can rationally deny this when the following prominent NXIVM women haven’t had boyfriends in 5-10-20 years? How do you make that work in your mind?

    Nancy Salzman
    Karen Unterreiner
    Pam Cafritz – obviously deceased, but lived with Keith and Marianna outwardly menage a trois since the early 2000’s
    Barbara Jeske – same as Pam.
    Marianna Fernandez
    Lauren Salzman
    Dawn Morrison
    Barbara Bouchey – since left saying Keith had a harem of 9+ women including the whole Executive Board at the time
    Kathy Russell
    Ivy Nevares
    Loreta Garza
    Monica Duran
    Clare Bronfman
    Camilla Fernandez
    Daniela Padilla
    Nicki Clyne
    Allison Mack

    That is 17 women. 17. That number does not include new recruits, or women who float in and out of the harem, bringing the average number of women in Keith’s harem to 25 or so at any one time.

    Don’t you find that gross? How much time do you think it takes Keith Raniere ever day to maintain this harem? A lot, don’t you think? Ask yourselves, how does Keith having sex with all these women help the world? How does this uphold justice and ethics?

    While he’s spending all his time fucking women and obsessively texting and calling with them all to make sure he’s maintaining his control over them, what’s happening to the businesses?

    Have any of you invested money? Or know someone who invested money? Or invested huge amounts of time? Or contacts and your name and reputation? Do you Keith Raniere is has a conscience about you investment? It doesn’t seem like it does it?

    This goes far beyond questions about the validness of monogamy. This is obsessive, addicted behavior, raising serious questions of intent. What kind of person lives their life like this? How is this time spent on sex and control a reflection of Keith Raniere’s actual values.

    Think on this.

If the whole world stands against you sword in hand, would you still dare to do what you think is right?

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