Three is not a crowd in this spacious home that Keith Raniere, Allison Mack and Marianna Fernandez share.

Keith, Allison and [pregnant] Marianna living together on Oregon Trail

According to sources, Keith Raniere, Allison Mack, and Marianna Fernandez are living together at 21 Oregon Trail in Half Moon, New York.

Their nearly 4,000 square foot home has a three-bedroom “main house” for the threesome to reside and an attached two-bedroom “bachelor pad” for Mr. Raniere’s exclusive use.

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‘Three is not a crowd’ in this spacious home that Keith Raniere, Allison Mack and Marianna Fernandez share. A private bachelor pad in the rear affords Mr. Raniere the opportunity to privately mentor women.

For years, Mr. Raniere lived with Miss Fernandez, and the late Pamela Cafritz, on Flintlock Lane and on Hale Dr. in Clifton Park.  Miss Cafritz died last November from renal cancer.  She was in her late 50s.

In addition to sharing the home on Hale with Miss Fernandez and Miss Cafritz, Mr. Raniere maintained a private bachelor pad on Hale Drive.

Referred to as “The Library”, his Hale Drive bachelor pad contains books, a piano, a large hot tub, and several bedrooms. Mr. Raniere conducted literally hundreds of private mentoring sessions with female students in his “Library’.

Keith Raniere often strolls in Clifton Park from one home to another.

Sources have confirmed earlier reports that Miss Fernandez is pregnant. She was seen not long ago and appeared to be pregnant. She would now be in her third trimester or has given birth.

She is not a citizen of the USA and had to leave the USA and moved to Canada to comply with visa restrictions, sources say.

She may have returned legally.  For several years, Miss Fernandez lived as an illegal alien, in hiding, in the home of Mr. Raniere and Miss Cafritz.


mack needs help
Allison Mack has risen with Keith Raniere. She leads DOS, the women’s slave group dedicated to following Mr. Raniere.

Allison Mack has replaced the late Miss Cafritz whose role in recruiting female students from ages 12 to 30 for Mr. Raniere to mentor was widely appreciated by the women of Executive Success Programs.

Allison ventured in a new direction, creating the all-female group, DOS [Dominant Over Submissive] in conjunction with Mr. Raniere. The women of DOS advance through practices to be permitted to take The Vow, which commits them to become lifelong slaves of Mr. Raniere. Each DOS woman is then branded on her  public region with his initials “K-R”.



Marianna Fernandez is reportedly pregnant.

The threesome’s home at 21 Oregon Trail was purchased by DOS slave Rosa Laura Junco and her husband, Luis Montes, in Dec. 2012, for $430,000, according to Saratoga County records.





Rosa Laura Junco is a DOS slave. She also has a pod of female slaves under her. The exposure of the secret branding process of DOS caused the organization to be mired in controversy.

Mr. Montes, like most husbands of DOS slaves, are members of the largely cuckold [cornuto] men’s group, the Society of Protectors. His wife, Ms. Junco, is said to be branded with Mr. Raniere’s initials.

Miss Junco, who is wealthy, has donated millions to Mr. Raniere’s various business enterprises. She heads his media analysis group, The Knife Media. She is also a member of his women’s group, Jness, as well as DOS.

She is also involved in training Mexican teenage girls in the teachings of Mr. Raniere.


In May, 2014, Ms. Junco purchased  a mansion at 547-557 Englemore Road for $1.4 million.  She bought the Englemore property in her name alone.

At the home of the threesome on Oregon Lane, the main house, where Mr. Raniere lives with the two women, has 3-bedrooms, 2.5 baths, a formal living room, dining room, family room, kitchen and sun room. It is about 2,800 square feet.

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The attached bachelor pad, which is reserved for Mr. Raniere’s exclusive use, has 2-bedrooms, 1 bath, living room, kitchen and three-seasons sun room. It is about 1,000 square feet.

The home has a built in pool and set back for privacy on a nearly one acre lot.


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The house is tastefully decorated.


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The bathroom off of the master bedroom in the main house.
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A heated swimming pool at the rear of the house will afford an opportunity for summer relaxation and water sports.

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A rear entrance permits Keith Raniere to bring female students in for private mentoring without having to disturb the women living with him in the main house.
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The sun room in Mr. Raniere’s bachelor pad has a scenic wooded view.
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Mr. Raniere [r] on Flintlock, the home he resided at with Marianna Fernandez and the late Pamela Cafritz.
Rosa Laura Junco purchased a mansion on 547-557 Englemore for $1.4 million. She runs a teaching program there for Mexican teenage girls. Mr. Raniere is said to be able to mentor teenage girls with a special grooming and private mentoring.
Keith Raniere maintains a private town house for mentoring female students. The town house, which is referred to as ‘The Library’, has a commodious hot tub which is said to relax the female students who Mr. Raniere consents to teach.

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About Frank Parlato

About Frank Parlato

Frank Parlato is an investigative journalist.

His work has been cited in major publications all over the world, including The New York Times, The Daily Mail, VICE News, CNN, Fox News, Rolling Stone, People Magazine, and more.

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