Multiple Choice NIXVM Test

A NXIVM Ex-Member created this special NXIVM multiple choice test.


1. Something doesn’t seem right at NXIVM

A. It’s hard to bring ethics into the world.

B. Something isn’t right.


2. Why are some people doing poorly despite being coached personally by Keith and Nancy?

a. They have issues.

b. They are failures.

c. They are lazy.

d. They have no character

e. That’s why we need you.

f. People coached by Keith and Nancy don’t do well.


3. Why do all the NXIVM businesses fail? Why does Clare need to keep pumping money into everything to keep the businesses afloat?

a. Because of the negative press.

b. Enemies want to destroy Keith.

c. Keith’s business models aren’t sustainable. They fail.


4. Why does Keith keep people waiting on call all day? Sometimes the whole organization is kept waiting. He won’t commit to a class or forum time till the last minute.

a. Keith is working around the clock so hard to save the Mission, he didn’t know if he could make it.

b. Keith doesn’t value yours or other people’s time.


5. There is a high level of incompetence in administration-operations. People are put into senior management positions with little skills or experience. Often those people seem very intimate with Keith and alone with him a lot.

a. It’s easier to train an ethical person then make an experienced person ethical.

b. Women Keith is intimate with get high level positions regardless of skill.


6. You are a Special One. Why do you feel jealous of other women in Keith’s life?

a. That is your issue, nothing from the outside world will ever fill your inner deficiency.

b. Keith is bringing up your issue so you can work it. If he gave you what you wanted it would cover your inner deficiency and you would never grow.

c. Jealousy is a natural human emotion.


7. Why does Keith need to have so many personal and sometimes sexual relationships with women? How does that help the Mission? How does that help spread ESP in the world?

a, Focus on yourself and your issue. When you integrate your disintegration about monogamy, you will see the world differently.

b. Keith can work with women in a way that he can’t work with men.

c. Keith’s sexual energy is so transformative. A woman he works with in this way can become unified much easier than a man using only EM’s. He will raise your whole vibrational level.

d. Keith’s sex life is a very high priority to him.


8. Why are the women who have been sleeping with Keith for years unhappy? Why are they still jealous after all this time? Why haven’t they integrated that issue?

a, This is a hard path, that is why we need you. You are a Special One.

b. Integration doesn’t work. Feelings like jealousy cannot be EM’d away. Women who are intimate with Keith’s are unhappy.




9. There is a lot of negative media reports about Keith Raniere, his mission and his business enterprises. This is because:

a. Powerful people want to destroy Keith because of his power to do good will upset their plans for global domination [think Illuminati].

b. Otherworldly, unnamed, powerful forces who are conspiring to harm him

c. The media fairly accurately reports on Keith.


10. Keith is working around the clock

a. To save the Mission.

b. To train ethical persons to take over when he passes away.

c. To get laid.


11. Keith appointing women he sleeps with to positions in the company.

a. Has to do with his belief that ethics is more important than any single factor.

b. Keith has magical sex powers.

c. The process of Unification exists in reality.

d. To get laid.


[The answers: a, a, a, a, a, a, a, a, a, a, a, a, a, ]

We invite readers to submit more questions.]










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