The Lauren Salzman Story [Part 2]

Lauren Salzman, Director of Education, Nxivm

Part 1 of “The Lauren Salzman Story” ended with Lauren being chosen by Keith to have his first-born child.  

Lauren was chosen to have Keith’s first-born child.

Part 2

[Clifton Park 2000]

During her 19th year, Keith mentored Lauren. He was 39.

He mentored her at night. He mentored on the futon. He promised the day he first mentored that she would be the mother of his first-born child.

Men wanted to date her. Some would have probably liked to have married her. But she could not date – and she could never be married.  Keith must be the only man in her life.

During her 20th year, Keith mentored her in the daytime. He mentored on the bed. She asked when she would get pregnant. Keith told her it would happen when she became “integrated.”

Keith told her to find students who would pay for Executive Success Programs [ESP].

These students would be transformed by his teachings. The good karma she got from helping these students would make her integrated. Then she would get pregnant.


Lauren went to work for ESP – and was a diligent worker.  She kept it a secret that she was to get pregnant because Keith told her not to tell anyone about that.

In ESP, sales people are called coaches. Coaches earn commissions for selling classes to students. Coaches who bring in students who bring in students earn more commissions. It was multi-level marketing of the teachings of the most ethical man in the world.

The cost of ESP classes ranged from $2,000 to $10,000.  When a student finished paying off one class, she should be ready for the next. Lauren became a salesman, coach, trainer, teacher, and Exploration of Meaning Provider. She was selling the wisdom of Vanguard, the smartest man in the world.

She was good. The company was growing. She was helping him save the world. She was following the path to integration. Lauren sold many women into ESP.

All the women wanted Keith. They vied for his attention. She kept selling more women. Lauren made more than $100,000 in commissions per year.

In her 21st year, Keith did not mentor her as frequently. He did not mentor her for months. Lauren noticed him with students she sold into ESP. Her jealousy stopped when she remembered. Keith chose her to bear his first born child.



Keith had promised. He was a man of his word. That is ethics. Lauren would be the mother of his first-born child.

Some women did not keep a secret. They were being mentored by Keith. They joyfully told Lauren. They thanked Lauren. She brought them into ESP and to the most ethical man in the world.

Lauren kept it secret that Keith mentored her. Even when they told her they were in love with Keith.

She found it hard to keep it secret. She broke down once and told her friend, a student she sold into ESP.  She said Keith would get her pregnant with his first-born child.

She asked when?

“Soon”, Lauren said.

Months went by. He did not mentor her. Did he have a plan? Why had he waited? When she got pregnant, would he want her to work?

She wanted to conceive on her birthday. It would be auspicious for the avatar child Vanguard told her they would create and raise together.  It had been four years since he first told her she would bear his first-born child. On her birthday, he came to mentor her. She asked when she was going to get pregnant.

“When you get integrated”, he said.

[to be continued]

Lauren brought many women into the life of ESP.

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  • Dear Corrction

    You seem to understand Nx very well.

    In a small dose, the technology (borrowed from un-credited sources) is effective. The MLM financial structure and slow release/bait and switch methods creates a manipulative, self serving culture that financially serves the elite but that makes the vast majority bankrupt, dependent and achieving less results in their life!

    I didn’t spend a lot of time there but I regret my association.

  • If Raniere was diligent in condom use, she would notice that, and there would be no need for her to ask why she was not yet pregnant. So obviously he was not. (He is reported to not use condoms).

    If Lauren was on birth control, there would be no need for her to ask why she was not yet pregnant. So obviously she was not.

    Raniere was particularly fond of promising a golden child to women that had told him they could not conceive (e.g. Toni Natalie, Barbara Bouchey).

    None of the multiple women Raniere has promised would bear his golden child and heir has ever become pregnant. Even if he requested them to use birth control, surely at least a few of them would secretly ignore it.

    The only reasonable conclusion from the absence of Golden Children in Clifton Park is that Raniere is essentially sterile.

    “Essentially” sterile, because one follower, Kristin Keeffe, did become pregnant. But rather than this being treated as a blessing, she was required to hide her pregnancy and deliver the child in secret. Then she was required to participate in an elaborate hoax on the ESP community, that the child was adopted from a single mother in a distant state who had died in childbirth.

    That child was the first subject of Raniere’s “Rainbow Cultural Garden” concept of having multiple caregivers, each speaking a different language, and not attaching to the biological mother. It is reported that as he became older, Raniere performed psychological experiments on him which so disturbed Keeffe that she took him and fled into hiding after nearly 20 years as a top-level acolyte in ESP and Consumer Buy-Line before that. Keeffe and the child remain in hiding today.

  • Salespeople are separate from coaches. But to become a coach you do need to enroll 2 people. And to climb the ‘stripe path’ (the supposedly measured and ethical ranking system) you need to enroll more people. It was marketed under the pitch “To be successful at building your business or achieving you long term large goals, you need to be able to enroll people in your vision. So a good way to practice is to enroll them into something good like these workshops. Which will help them with their goals as well”.

    And honestly all this hokey shit you’re posting about was never what the main students, staff, or 98% of anyone involved got. We were taught about goal setting, time management, how to deal with emotional issues, exploring basic concepts like why does money exist and what are the downsides of blaming people instead of taking accountability. It was an incredibly well packaged and slick product. Yes there was some weird stuff peppered in, but in general it was a very well built (albeit plagerised) product that actually helped you. I mean they removed torrets from at least 10 people for fucks sake (documented….these people had torrents since long before esp even showed up, there are news reports on some of them, so they aren’t shills like you see on some preachers stage). The damage seemed to occur if you hung around too long in albany or spent too much time around the highest ranks. A lot of very intelligent people were conned…because frankly…some very intelligent people seemed to have done their homework on how best to con people. And #1 part of that is to make sure you deliver a solid product up front and then do a very slow release bait and switch.

    If this stuff was weird from the get go no one would sign up. If this stuff didn’t have visibly positive effects on people initially no would would have signed up. It’s only when you study the long term people, mainly the long terms who live in Albany or have spent serious time there, that you see the detrimental effects. They seem to lose sight of any dream outside of building this company. They become insular and have a kind or moral/ethical superiority in the way they look at the world. But it’s mainly sad to me because they’re so sucked in that they essentially don’t have lives anymore. They work for shit money (most of it sounds like under the table) and go around all day supposedly enriching their lives…but never fucking doing anything with the skills built…aside from trying to get more people to enroll or taking more trainings. Always talking about the projects being built but never really building them. Self delusion at its best. A slow bait and switch…..frog boiling in a pot….until you’re life’s only purpose is to serve the grand and wonderful (barf***) vanguard (sociopath douche).

    • Addition: the only people who make serious money in this company are the top few salespeople, the highest of which are called field trainers. The top 5 or 6 of them were making close to $20,000-30,000 a month. And then of course there’s all the money that’s most likely funneled to the top. But they only ever told us about the commissions structures. Essentially the best way to make money is to make sure as many people took the course and stayed taking the courses as possible. Hence I believe there is a massive conflict of interest in anyone who’s main income is derived from this company. You’re a supposed leader, and you probably genuinely want to help people (or at least you did when you signed up before years of subtle manipulation boiled your conscience), and you believe trainings will help them, and that this program is good and more trainings will always help you…so you enroll them in more without even thinking about if it’s truly helping or hurting them. Oh….and you also have bills to pay.

      • Additional correction: you can only be a salesperson if you enroll 6 people within 6 months and maintain this level of enrollment. No coaches make money off their enrollments unless they meet this standard. So in general the staff are dumping tons of time in and get paid nothing. Under the guise of an internship which they keep saying is the best deal ever cause you get more access to higher level coaching when you coach blah blah blah….fucking bs.

        • The first 20 modules ESP are in the patent application. A young person who just did an Intensive or a year of Ethos without being sucked further in would probably benefit from it without being damaged, other than having paid a lot for teachings available for much less or even free. But of course they try VERY HARD to make it hard to avoid being sucked further in.

          But the wierdness starts with the first module with the veneration of Vanguard and Prefect (hokey titles!) and their portraits. By the third lesson, honesty is redefined to allow important facts to be left out. (The ability to leave out important facts is highly valuable when recruiting new students). A few lessons later, “ethics” are taught to supercede “rules” (in anticipation that “ethics” will be later redefined to be whatever ESP requires). The producer/parasite/shifter lessons are loaded up with pre-emptive defenses against accusations that ESP is a cult.

          The towering irony is the “Tribute” module, teaching that we should give credit (including money) to the originators of ideas we gain from. The subtle intent is to make students happy to pay the exorbitant price of ESP, but the irony is that all of the lessons are recycled from various philosophies, training programs like est and Landmark, neuro-linguistic programming, Scientology, and Ayn Rand. All without attribution or “Tribute.”

        • Since you seem to be an insider, what were you told about ESP and Tourette’s Syndrome? KR Conversations mentions a study, but no details were given. But it seemed like the focus was to hand-pick volunteers with Tourette’s who they thought would respond to ESP. and that’s not a remotely scientific way to do a study.

          There are also stories of some study in a Mexican university of cognitive/academic benefits of ESP. do they still tell a story like that?

          • Yah…that first module is a weird one. They explain it away by saying it is designed to get a rise in people who might be against this type of personal growth (later once you’ve been indoctrinated enough they just straight up say it’s designed to root out suppressives). And they justify the titles by relating it to martial arts where you say sensai, or to a courtroom where you say your honor…all under the guise of ‘tribute’. Looking back its a pretty lame excuse, but I benefited so much from my first training that I really didn’t think much of it.

            Interesting thought on the handpicking of individuals with tourettes. That could very well be the case. Though I met several of them and saw the news clips of how they were before and they weren’t making it up. Tourette’s was screwing up their lives. And it was gone after them taking a certain amount of trainings. You can look up Marc Elliot online to see his before and after. All news clips and other videos that have nothing to do with ESP. Pretty dramatic change but yah…I never got any inside track info on the science…and to be honest if a powerful hypnotist can stop someone from smoking…and even better one could probably work someone through something like Tourette’s, as long as the individual was suggestible enough.

            And re the university….we were just told that there was a university in mexico that was teaching the 5 day classes and that the students were experiencing fantastic results. Not much more than that. There may have been a presentation on it at v-week once, but I don’t remember.

            And major last correction: I am an ex-member and want nothing to do with any of these companies.

  • And Lauren’s mom, Post-fect, was right there all along, guiding her own child down this road of false hopes and degradation. Nice job, Nancy, you pathetic excuse for a mother…

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