Reader: A harsh letter to the men of SOP

A reader who signs off as Mephisto writes:


Hey SOP Men.  And I use the term men incredibly loosely.

I realize you guys have all probably been castrated and those of you who haven’t probably were born without penises or they’re too small to see.

I get that you wanted something to belong to. A cause. A club. Whatever. That’s natural.

I also get that most of you aren’t leaders and either wanted to experience that or be led by some leaders. I can’t fault you for that. Not everyone is a leader.

What I can fault you for though is staying in an organization that is fraudulent (this will be proven soon), plagiaristic and parasitic. An organization that has zero benefit to society or yourselves.

An organization run by a sociopath.

I know many of you have been on this site and read the articles. Or you’ve heard second hand stories about Keith. Either way choosing to be part of this disgusting organization is casting your vote for all that’s wrong in the world.

As I understand it, James Del Negro is at the top now. Turn away little SOP boys, I’m about to get ugly here and I don’t want to make you cry too hard. But I’m about to make Jimmy cry.

Del Negro you pansy ass little bitch. Are you too stupid to see what’s going on or too weak to do anything about it? Maybe you are in DOS and SOP? Did you get your pussy branded? Just curious. Weak men like you are the problem with the world today.

BOYS who don’t stand up for what’s right.

I think somewhere inside you you know this is fucked up, but you aren’t man enough to do anything. And if you don’t know what’s right, guess what? You’ve become a sociopath too. Albeit a castrated one. Time to wake up and grow some coconuts unless there’s a gaping hole where your nuts used to be now.

What about the rest of you little boys? What’s your excuse for still funding and being a part of a glorified sex club for a sociopath? Do you like to watch the little man fucking your women? Does it give you a hard on to see his impotent little self trying to get off?

I’m not done yet though. Nancy Salzman. I’m coming after you in this letter. This was supposed to be for SOP, but you deserve mentioning: You rat. You filthy rat.

I realize you did the “right thing” by ratting the little man out but you did it to save yourself and not for any good purpose? Deny it all you want but those of us close know you’ve been talking. You can’t escape what you are. And you are a rat. You’ll get away with everything by spilling the beans on the sociopath even though you are as guilty as he is. There is no good left in you but I hope karma gets you. For years many of us in Albany knew you were completely fake. We should have all said something. Could have stopped a lot of misery.

Back to the SOP pussies. You can still do the right thing and maybe grow yourself some balls. You sniveling cowards can now make a stand and become men. Leave the sewage tank that is ESP and SOP and begin helping to tear the company down, brick by brick, mortar by mortar.

Tell everyone you know that the company is disgusting and so are it’s leaders. Disassociate from anyone still in it. Tell people on this site what you know, if you know anything factual. Do something. The company is burning down but not fast enough.

It’s not too late to do the right thing. Doing the right thing feels a lot better than watching a tiny man fuck your women while in their minds they long for a real man. You can become legitimate men. It’s not too late. But it will be soon.

Yours with love,


Society of Protectors male [left] in traditional SOP uniform.

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3 years ago

I’m wondering if SOP members have brands like DOS and also if these groups have multiple factions that aren’t necessarily tied to KR. Can anyone clarify this for me?

Ex Member
Ex Member
6 years ago

I did SOP and I 100% remember thinking that it was chauvinistic and misogynistic. Not only did I think it was recycled ESP (using the term BULLSHIT instead of Blame and Responsibility), but I also found it to be a mission-less mission. Just a bunch of guys getting together to run the wreck beach stairs. Or being on Keith’s “readiness” alarm. No professional person worth their salt would give life to this nonsense. It was, ironically, bullshit. And, without question, JNESS is set up to teach women that they are to allow their men to have many partners (and only one for the woman) – and SOP Is about protecting Keith’s behavior.

6 years ago

I took the original weekend and there’s at least three references in the original video course to cumming on a woman’s face as I recall or doing sexaul things. Hearing Keith say that stuff was very odd. Several of the men in my course left the course because they thought it was stupid and misogynistic. The rest of the course I found pretty useless but joined the group in case it turned into something. While a lot of it was seemingly about keeping one’s word and such for several years most of us sat around and did nothing. It was a useless group. But looking back now, I think much of it was designed for us to not question Keith and to be HIS protectors. Luckily though most of the men still in it are very fragile and couldn’t protect anything. i regret any money I spent with this horrible group. It was useless and harmful.

Society of Protectors
Society of Protectors
6 years ago

I’d really like to hear from sources about what the SOP WAS, not what KR’s latest update makes them NOW? I highly doubt that for years they were supplying their women to KR or to DOS. In years past, did they have, or pretend to have, a higher purpose, or was it all along just a place where men just learned to control and demean their women sexually? Should we assume that the main thing past members of SOP learned was to “cum on your woman’s face?.”
I’d like to hear more from Frank Report readers who have been SOPers…and less from those who just call them Society of Pussies.

6 years ago

When it started it focused on helping men to keep their word, be more responsible, have stronger character, and was pitched as a group of men working to make the world a more honorable place. I did almost all of the weekends that they offered and never saw anything crazy, honestly it was really powerful and I learned a lot of useful tools and became more accountable. But when you take a step back, and look at what was being taught in jness, and pair it with some of the more recent twists…you see a series of sales type lifts going back years that set up the right conditions for this insane DOS shit to happen. We all thought we were doing a good thing at the beginning. And didn’t see how we were subtly shifting. Hindsight is 20/20 though…but looking back I see how SOP and Jness together were creating a feeling of aggression towards women and reinforcing an idea that males are superior.

6 years ago
Reply to  SOP

thanks for that insight….

6 years ago

would someone post a list of names of SOP? In the same way that lists of DOs names have been posted.

6 years ago

Three questions:
– How is it possible that not one of these named DOS women-slaves has demanded a retraction?
– How is it possible that Frank Report has not been hit with a cease-and-desist letter like John Tighe was?
– How is it possible that Frank Parlato has not been sued by Raniere or one of his disciples?


Legal Eagle
Legal Eagle
6 years ago
Reply to  krclaviger

They were informed not to for legal reasons. Does anyone know what those legal reasons could be?

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