She follows Keith Raniere. Has he her best interest in mind? She think yes, most assuredly.

Reader: Clare Bronfman to get title “Legatus”

It may not be all bad news in NXIVM Village.  A reader, who identifies herself simply as Diane O’Rea, writes of glad tidings, even if her words seem cryptic:

Clare Bronfman will be the third person in NIXVM to get a special title.

She will be called “Legatus.”

Keith Raniere is Vanguard, whose mind is as vast as space and as timeless as infinity.

Nancy Salzman is Prefect, whose exploration of meaning presents a dimension not only of sight and sound but of mind.

Legatus is about to experience the awe and mystery of Vanguard, as he leads her inner mind to the outer limits [of sanity].

Her next stop, Wakaya Island, Fiji.

In the days of the Roman Empire, a “Legatus” was a high-ranking general who, among other things, got to keep a large share of anything of value that was captured during a military campaign. In modern anagram word games, “Legatus” is most often re-arranged into “Age-Slut.”


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Clare Bronfman, with her own private jet, may journey to Fiji.
Clare Bronfman has served her Vanguard for 15 years. When does she get a title? According to one readers, she will be called “Legatus.”
Artist conception: “Vanguard looking after the  subconscious minds of his followers.”

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  • What’s the matter, Mr Super Reporter Frank Parlato?

    Big things are happening but your precious Frank Report is silent….

  • ESP classrooms must have a portrait of Keith Raniere (Vanguard) and Namcy Salzman (Prefect). Students are required to say ‘Thank you Vanguard, thank you Prefect’ at the end of each lesson.

    If Nancy has been marginalized, and it was considered to anoint a new Prefect, as has been reported (although the replacement candidate was not in the end anointed as a Prefect), does the announcement of Clare as Legatus mean that Clare’s portrait will replace Nancy’s, and students will thank Legatus after each lesson?

  • A previous post mentioned that a ‘statement’ was to be issued soon from Clifton Park. Is the pronouncement of Clare as ‘Legatus’ that statement? Or should we stay tuned for another announcement?

    P.S. when I hear ‘Legatus’ can’t help thinking that when Captain Pickard was assimilated by the Borg he became ‘Locutus’ !

  • Sources say Legatus has a hidden meaning according to VanDouche: one who is an idiot and doesn’t know it, but since she has all the money, and bought my runaway hideout on a tropical island just in case the shit hits the fan, we have to suck up to her own vanity and make her feel she is more special than just the person who enables the me to live my slim…cough, I mean “ethical” lifestyle.

  • Wow, it’s just amazing what a couple hundred million can buy you these days. “Take that, Allison Mack, I have a title and you don’t. So, Vanguard loves me the most.”



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