Part 1: A roundup of “shocking news” – and some interesting questions – about Keith Raniere


Sources now confirm there is at least one ongoing law enforcement investigation into Keith Raniere, Nancy Salzman and their “consociates”.  Question: Will Vanguard stay to fight any charges that are brought against him – or flee into the night like the coward he really is?

Dr. Danielle Roberts D.O., the physician who has done all the DOS branding, is the subject of a separate investigation that was sparked by a complaint that led to a New York State Department of Health inquiry into whether her license should be suspended. Some legal observers believe she will lose her license.  Question: Will Dr. Roberts flip on Vanguard or take the fall by herself for his crazy branding-and-blackmail scheme?

There will be BIG NEWS on these and other fronts prior to Vanguard Week.

Registrations for the upcoming Vanguard Week are now at fewer than 150 people [They were originally expecting 450] – and the number of actual attendees will likely be much lower.  Question: How much is it going to cost Clare Bronfman to cover all the unused reserved beds at the Silver Bay facility?

Daniella Fernandez has gone “on-the-record” about her 18-month imprisonment by Mr. Raniere even though the matter may be outside the statute of limitations.  Question: Will prosecutors proceed based on the Racketeer Influenced and Corrupt Organizations (RICO) Act – which would allow them to include Daniella’s imprisonment as part of the charges against Vanguard?.

New evidence has also been unearthed on the respective roles of Benjamin Myers and Steve Ose with respect to certain IT matters concerning Mr. Raniere. Question: Are Mr. Myers and Mr. Ose willing to take the fall for their illegal activities all by themselves – or will one or both of them accept a plea deal that requires them to testify against Vanguard? 

Evidence of money laundering via shell companies – and of conspiracy to deceive the IRS –  are expected to lead to several indictments, according to informed sources [This matter also includes several Mexican nationals who have been involved in bringing undeclared cash into the U.S.].  Question: Will all the people involved in these illegal activities refuse to tell the truth about Vanguard being the mastermind and dutifully head off to prison, happy to have protected “the world’s smartest man”?

Clare Bronfman has purchased more than 80 percent of Wakaya Island in Fiji where extradition laws are such that payments made to certain officials will ensure no extradition to the USA occurs. [Trial can be held in Fiji before a friendly, recently enriched judge for any US charges, in lieu of extradition].  Question: Will Clare and Keith choose to flee to Wakaya Island by themselves or will they take along a few members of the “inner circle” to ensure that Vanguard has some variety in his sex life (I wonder if Clare get to pick who goes because she’s paying for everything)?

Despite having published the names of dozens of DOS branded and/or slave women of DOS who have given collateral [uploaded on DropBox], not one of the named women has contacted me to say she did not get branded or give collateral.  Several of the named women did call, however, to admit it was true and to request my help in getting their collateral back.  Question: Will anyone of the named DOS slave-women come forward to challenge what the Frank Report has reported about them?

Since the Frank Report’s first publication on June 4, 2017 regarding the DOS human branding and blackmail scheme, ESP’s Vancouver Center and Los Angeles Center have completely closed – and the San Francisco Center is down to a “bare bones” operation. In addition, three high-ranking Mexican coaches have quit and others have secretly started to disengage, hoping that they won’t be sued for doing so. Question: How much further will ESP shrink before Vanguard pulls the plug on the whole operation and flies off to Wakaya Island? 

I do not take credit for any of the problems that have befallen Keith Raniere and his followers.  In this regard, the Frank Report has merely served as a repository for information that other people have vetted to their own satisfaction.

Some of the women on low calorie diets have been diagnosed with serious ailments. [{More on this later].  Question: Is it finally starting to dawn on these women that the early deaths of other members of the “inner circle” may have had something to do with the diet regimens imposed on the deceased by Vanguard?

Frank Report has learned that Keith Raniere originally mandated branding as an inducement to be privately mentored by him.  [i.e., have sex with him].  Question: Is this because he wanted to find out which women were really devoted to him – or because he simply enjoys imposing pain on people?

Dr. Roberts is now claiming that the only reason she performed the DOS brandings is because Mr. Raniere devised it.  Question: Does Dr. Roberts actually believe that this “explanation” is going to absolve her of any charges or consequences?

Several married women were branded and/or had sex with Mr. Raniere without letting their husbands know. Question: Is this the real reason why so many men have quit the Society of Protectors (BTW, one reader has suggested that the group be renamed Society Against Proponents – SAPs)?

Dr. Brandon Porter is teetering on the brink of quitting. He has been given permission to take a short leave-of-absence where it is hoped that cooler heads can persuade him that turning state’s evidence on money laundering and human experimentation – arguably done in large part without his knowledge or consent – is better than losing his license to practice medicine or facing criminal charges. [Keith Raniere’s name is on nothing].  Question: Can Dr. Porter be persuaded to keep his mouth shut about Vanguard’s involvement in numerous illegal activities – or will he refuse to take the fall all by himself?

Numerous women have requested the return of their “collateral” abut all such requests have been denied. According to several attorneys, this refusal may constitute a crime.  Question: Will some of these women file formal complaints against Vanguard or will they live the rest of their lives knowing they can be blackmailed by him at any point in time?

Mr. Raniere appears to have temporarily suspended human branding, although collateral continues to be presented by a few of the most faithful on a regular basis. Question: Will Vanguard promise to reinstitute branding at Vanguard Week – and hold some public branding ceremonies during that event to increase attendance?

Several women who were branded by Dr. Roberts at Allison Mack’s house reportedly requested that she stop the branding before it was completed. In each case, however,, Dr. Roberts proceeded to finish the very painful procedure as four women held down the victim. Question: Will Dr. Roberts be prosecuted for what several attorneys believe is a felonious act?

Nude pictures of women – and actual pictures of brandings – do exist. Although Frank Report has seen them, we declined to take possession of them – and advised they be turned over to authorities, which, in some instances, has already been done.  Question: Are the authorities who have this evidence going to sit on it – and allow Vanguard to continue these inhumane acts of violence against women?

Video footage and audio tapes exist of Keith Raniere advising men to ejaculate on women’s faces to own them, and that sex with children is an acceptable means of pleasure for both children and adults, including parents with their own children.  Question: Will these materials be used to charge Vanguard with one or more sexual crimes under New York State laws?

Graphic nude pictures of Mr. Raniere and one of his harem women were shown to Frank Report. We declined to publish them and noted the irony of Mr. Raniere seeking collateral on women when it already exists on him. The pictures are not flattering and will do much to denude the concept of his being a great spiritual teacher. However, Frank Report does not descend to the level of Mr. Raniere: We neither take or publish collateral. Question: Will some other publication obtain copies of these pictures and expose the true extent of Mr. Raniere’s strange sexual proclivities?

Sources inform Frank Report that Mr. Raniere’s private town home in Knox Woods has video equipment and that he has taken films and photographs of women during and after coitus with him.  Question: Will Mr. Raniere be prosecuted for filming these sexual acts without the knowledge or consent of his paramours? 

At least one woman who Mr. Raniere has/is having unprotected sex with has genital herpes. Question: Will she – and Mr. Raniere – be prosecuted for knowingly exposing the other members of his harem to an STD?

Almost all of the women in Mr. Raniere’s harem are on birth control. Many have noted that with diet and Mr. Raniere’s lack of potency that they no longer menstruate or achieve orgasms. Question: Will more of these women grow tired of Vanguard’s sexual inadequacies – and start sleeping with men who can satisfy them (Several have already admitted doing so)?

The rumor about Marianna Fernandez being pregnant remains unconfirmed.  Question: If Marianna is pregnant, will Vanguard allow her to carry the pregnancy to term – and risk having her run off with yet another of his avatar children?

Several women told Frank Report that despite being in Mr. Raniere’s harem, they secretly had sex with other men. Frank Report spoke with two men who had an affair with a harem member after Mr. Raniere ordered her not to be with any other man. Question: Is Vanguard aware of the irony that he himself is being cuckolded – and will he do anything about it (Maybe he’ll use his famous judo skills to beat these men up and teach them not to mess around with “his women”)?

Frank Report spoke with four women who claimed that Mr. Raniere used physical force to discipline them.  Question: Will Mr. Raniere be prosecuted for these assaults-and-batteries?

Numerous women have said Mr. Raniere is impotent. He told more than one woman that if she lost more weight, he would be able to properly service her. One woman reported that she did lose the weight precisely as he told her – and he was still impotent.  Question: How thin does a woman have to be for Vanguard to get – and sustain – an erection?

Some women who were branded experienced pain and some were told the scars may create health problems in the future.  Question: Will any of these women bring civil lawsuits against Vanguard and his benefactor who financed the brandings, Clare Bronfman, to collect damages for pain and suffering?

Frank Report has been reporting on these matters since June 4th – one month and three weeks ago. And, yet, no has sued me – or threatened to sue me (Think of that when you try to ascertain whether this truth is stranger than fiction).  Question: Has Vanguard lost his taste for courtroom battles – or is just afraid to undergo the discovery that would inevitably be part of any such lawsuit?

I can assure you, dear readers, that before the start of Vanguard Week, you will know the truth of everything written herein.

Thank You.

Frank Parlato







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6 years ago

I still believe that most of Vanguard’s sexual issues go back to his own youth and his relationship with his mother. That’s who he lived with after his parents split up just as was entering puberty.

Children who have been sexually abused have a high propensity to become abusers themselves when they grow up. And male children who have been abused by their mothers often end up hating women in general and abusing them in bizarre and unusual ways.

But, oh, how she could dance – right Keith?

just sayin’…

6 years ago

Maybe Vanguard is really a pedophile as some people have claimed and that is why he has women practically starve themselves so they lose their natural curves and look more like prepubescents, and because that is practically impossible unless they become anorexic, this is the reason as to why he can’t get an erection with them anymore. Like you’ve stated, he has allegedly been caught on audio stating that it is A-OK to have sex with children.

Food for thought. But of course, only under Raniere’s strict dietary guidelines.

Well done
Well done
6 years ago

Thanks Frank. Not easy to put out as many articles as you have, but I believe this website has helped a lot of people come clear of this. Keep it up. Also please protect the innocent. A lot of good people got conned in this nonsense…blinded, tricked, and taken advantage of. It would be horrible for them to get swept away with this mess.

Wizard In The Wings
Wizard In The Wings
6 years ago

Thank you Frank. Even if there are some who respond negatively to your jounalistic methods, the work being done here is important.

We cannot “ignore the man behind the curtain”.

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Additionally, Parlato’s coverage of the group OneTaste, starting in 2018, helped spark an FBI investigation, which led to indictments of two of its leaders in 2023.

Parlato appeared on the Nancy Grace Show, Beyond the Headlines with Gretchen Carlson, Dr. Oz, American Greed, Dateline NBC, and NBC Nightly News with Lester Holt, where Parlato conducted the first-ever interview with Keith Raniere after his arrest. This was ironic, as many credit Parlato as one of the primary architects of his arrest and the cratering of the cult he founded.

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