Readers object to focus — but Raniere was likely lying about judo championship

A man who will lie about being a judo champion will lie just about anything.

It is such a ridiculous lie and so easily disproven that such a liar must necessarily be brazen.

If he is lying.

Keith Raniere claims on his bio on his website that he was an East Coast Judo Champion when he was 11 years old. He gives no qualifiers – like date, place, or who it was that he defeated.

Things you would normally expect to find on any kind of record of a sporting event victory.

Being a judo champ is a masculine thing. It shows you are a tough hombre and have athletic ability that surpasses almost everyone. It is a fundamental thing for men from time immemorial to be able to defend themselves and protect women.

Keith Raniere claims he could do so at a man’s level since he was 11.

To be a champion of the East Coast of the USA at age 11 shows you have the strength of an adult at the prepubescent age of a child.

It is either a stupid lie or it’s true.

Or it’s rather a lie by omission. Maybe he beat another child in judo but by not qualifying it, he will lead readers to believe he was an East Coast Judo Champion.

It implies a sanctioned event. Something monitored and refereed and recorded somewhere.

I could find no record of this. James Odato of the Albany Times Union could find no record of this.

As for me, if Mr. Raniere is telling the truth about being a judo champion at age 11 [if that means he beat all comers regardless of age], then I would have an entirely different view of Mr. Raniere.

Right now I think he’s a liar.

I believe it’s possible that he took judo classes when he was young and maybe he went to some tournament and possibly beat another small boy his own age to win some kind of a ribbon and he conflated that into a championship.

What I think really happened is perhaps one year he attended the East Coast Judo Tournament – a rather large sounding name for a local Newark New Jersey mostly children judo competition where children competed against children of their own age.

He conflated that into his being an East Coast Judo Champion.

If he were honest, he would say he competed as a boy of 11 against other children his own age – and won in competition in the East Coast judo tournament.

Then it would be revealed as what it was – something rather ordinary.

Nothing remarkable about a small boy who took judo classes competing against other boys his age and even winning.

It is remarkable to downright astonishing if a boy aged 11 could defeat adults in judo to win and be recognized as the champion in judo of the entire east coast.

A number of readers are claiming that my focus on this is irrelevant.

Even if he is lying, they say, it doesn’t matter compared to the greater misdeeds he is alleged to be doing.

Yet if he lied about this, something we can pin down as either fact or fiction, we can begin to acknowledge the truth about Keith Raniere.

He is a liar.

This is important because he claims to teach truth.

Even the most hypnotized person will know that someone who claims to teach truth must tell students and the world the truth.

He must set an example.

It is understood that Mr. Raniere teaches lying can be acceptable in cases where one has to protect a cause or a person. But what reason is there for lying about one’s accomplishments in judo other than to deceive people?

Mr. Raniere did not likely win an East Coast Judo Championship when he was 11 [or according to an earlier interview at age 12].  Or, for that matter, at any age.

If that is the case, he is a liar.

Someone who’s reading this site who is in contact with him will have the gumption to ask him directly.

He will likely lie to her and she will know it.

This is how the process of deprogramming works. It must work this way or there can be no deprogramming.

The mind that said he is infallible must slowly learn he is a liar.

From there, one learns that he can mean no good to me or for that matter the world.

Many people have seen this in Mr. Raniere.

Perhaps one of the next people to see such a thing is Clare Bronfman.

This could happen.  And if it does, then Mr. Raniere – and all his crazy pathological lies – will be revealed for what they are.  Or, more accurately, for what they’re not.




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  • The reality is this: It’s all a lie. Nothing about his background adds up. And the dumbest part is for years no one checked. Finally now people are starting to check. This man is a parasitic sociopath who is only “sociopath smart”. I encourage everyone / anyone to look into his biography and debunk most of what he claims. This man is nothing than a frat boy, horny as fuck charlatan. There is no win for Keith in this. His empire is crumbling just like Consumer Byline did.

  • This is the kind of lie that a small boy tells because he doesn’t realize how silly it sounds to those who hear it. But what Raniere has done is so destabilize the people around him that when he spews this silliness, they actually believe him.

    Trust me on this. In the end, it all comes back to Raniere’s “unusual” relationship with his mother after his father walked away from the family just when Raniere was hitting puberty. But, oh, how she could dance. Right, Keith?

  • VanDouche is such a clown.

    If you want to see a real martial arts person at the age of eleven or twelve, here is Taylor Lautner, current actor and one of the stars of the Twilight series at around the same age Raniere claimed to be when he won his East Coast Judo “Championship”. ROFL.

    This is what you call actual “evidence” of a martial arts related champion around the same age.

    VanClown can’t even spin a pencil in his fingers.

About Frank Parlato

About Frank Parlato

Frank Parlato is an investigative journalist.

His work has been cited in major publications all over the world, including The New York Times, The Daily Mail, VICE News, CNN, Fox News, Rolling Stone, People Magazine, and more.

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