Vanessa fires back to silence Raniere critics

I am so earnest.

Smiling Senorita

by Vanessa Montenegro

I am now going to prove Keith Raniere is true and that what I wrote IS fact.


He did invent teleconferencing and he did not lose the Microsoft and AT&T case!.

A dishonest judge rejected his claims on specious reasoning.

He has appealed and is awaiting the results. Time will prove he did invent teleconferencing.

Keith did not lose Clare and Sara Bronfman money in the commodities market.

The Bronfmans inherited ‘fruit of the poisonous tree’ – liquor and blood money. Their family were brutal people. Vicious sociopaths.

The money was impure. Keith made an offering to purity. In this he outsmarted that old devil Edgar Bronfman who manipulated the market to swindle his own daughters out of $65 million. But Keith knew that Edgar Sr was betting against him. He knew he would die and that the money would only go back to the sisters through inheritance and it would be used ultimately for good – as it is being used now.

In addition this was a lesson for Clare. She was the guilty one. She told her father about loans she made Keith [for her own good. Keith has no need of money] then the father turned against Keith. He had to teach the heiresses to accept fault and not be egotistic.

His life history is verifiable. There is real data to back this up.

  • He potty trained himself at the age of eight months
  • He was able to read by the age of two.
  • He read the Gettyrburg address then memorized it.
  • By the age of one, Keith he could construct full sentences and questions.
  • At age three he studied science and art.

We have unimpeachable sources: Keith remembers as did his mother. Keith told Pam who told it to others. Barbara Jeske and Karen Unterreiner know/knew. Karen heard it directly from Keith’s mother. And she told it to Nancy.

A professor at a university was amazed at the boy’s brilliance and wrote a letter to his mother. That letter was destroyed but Keith remembers its contents for he read it when he was three and he has perfect recall.

He was an East Coast Judo Champion at age eleven defeating Asian masters and Americans.

Keith had records of this and pictures as well. However a landlord threw this out when he was young. But in those days they did not have internet or the same kind of record keeping. But a little research – for there are living judo masters – who remember a 12 year old child coming to the East Coast Judo championship and tossing about grown men to the astonishment of everyone.

Use common sense. This is not a lie anyone could tell and get away with. No one has ever disproven it in 20 years. Think of that!

Keith tying for the record in the 100-yard dash state record.

There is no actual record per se. It was informal. Keith was racing Toni Natalie and Pam Cafritz – two athletic women in the 100 yard dash. He was training them and he beat them handily. So it was decided that Pam would time him and he ran the 100 yard dash in 9.4 seconds. They could not believe it so he ran it again and it was 9.35 seconds.

That tied the record that was the official state record.

This was done in Clifton Park. Toni Natalie and Pam witnessed it and Pam told it to Karen and Kathy Russell and a lot of other people.

He excelled in every sport including volleyball, tennis, table tennis, diving, softball, cycling and skiing.

Anyone who has seen his body or watched him play volleyball knows he has been an athlete since he was a child. No more needs to be said.

By age 12, he taught himself to play piano at the concert level

Listen to him play now. It has been said he has too short hands and fingers but piano is not basketball – piano is in touch and timing. He has perfect pitch, perfect touch and perfect timing.

He mastered many musical instruments.

He mastered piano, organ, accordion, synthesizer, keyboards, harp, violin, viola, cello, bass, oboe, saxophone, flute, trumpet, trombone, French horn, English horn, tuba, and harmonica.

Ask him and he will tell you how many instruments he has mastered and which ones he can only play well.

There is a difference. He will tell you he can “play” the piccolo, the zither, the lyre, the bassoon, the clarinet, the guitar, the drums, every percussion instrument, and other instruments. He can play well enough to play professionally but there is a difference between mastery and merely sounding good on an instrument.

At age 12, he taught himself high school mathematics in nineteen hours.

He cracked open the books and found he only needed to read the first line of a paragraph to understand the whole paragraph. Then he found he only needed to read the first line of a page and his mind absorbed it fully.

At age 13, he advanced to third-year college mathematics and became at age 13, [1973], a professional computer programmer.

This is a profound secret in his life and typical of his modesty, he advanced many computer technological breakthroughs for which others took credit.

At age 16, at Rensselaer Polytechnic Institute (RPI) from his first semester, he took Ph.D. level mathematics courses, graduate-level physics and mathematics courses and became RPI’s first triple major, earning degrees in mathematics, biology and physics, with minors in philosophy and psychology.

The records should be on hand at RPI. This is not something you can lie about. Keith lost many records because of a vindictive landlord and later a jealous ex girlfriend who wanted him all for herself instead of allowing his genius to be gifted to the world.


In 1989 Guinness Book of World Records highest IQ.

Marilyn vos Savant ruined it for everyone. She lied about her IQ. She tied Keith Raniere for the highest IQ. After she lied Guinness stopped using the category.

Marilyn vos Savant ruined it for everyone.

High IQ records are on the honor system. Nobody would cheat normally. Unless they had a monetary motive: Vos Savant used her phony IQ to make a living from it as a writer and consultant.

Keith never tried to make money off of it. Just the opposite he tried to help the world.

It is true that the high IQ tests are not monitored and can be taken home. Everyone takes it home not just Keith. But here is what people forget.

Who could help him with it?

Only a genius could solve the problems.


Keith has estimated he has a problem-solving rarity of one in 425 million people.

There are only about 200 people who can sit in the same room with him to solve problems.

Why did Keith do the estimating?

Again, who else could?



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  • Another small correction.
    “Noted as one of the world’s top three problem solvers” – taken from Executive Success Programs Who We Are

    There were only 2 people Keith could call for answer on his IQ test.

    Q: Who are the other 2 best problem solvers?
    Q: Who noted this?
    Q: Is there any documented and verifiable evidence of his IQ?

    Please put up a video of your incredible piano skills – maybe you could join an orchestra or start a MLM program for music courses after your days of cult leader are over.

  • Before anyone corrects me, I will correct myself.

    Wikipedia regarding the internet

    Limited private connections to parts of the Internet by officially commercial entities emerged in several American cities by late 1989 and 1990

    But I will stand by the fact that the phone was in wide use and Keith may have called one of the 3 other best problem solvers in the world for some IQ assistance.

  • Hmmmmm…..Vanessa, is there any chance that if we rearranged the letters in your name it might spell Keith?

    Because you’re either very confused as to how one measures information accurately or you’re a master troll…

    I guess what I’m really asking is: ‘Keith are you trolling us again? Cause I know this might be fun for you.’

  • Taken from Wikipedia

    Early life and education[edit]
    Raniere is the son of a New York City adman and a mother who taught ballroom dancing; he grew up in Suffern, New York after having spent his first five years in Brooklyn.[2][3] He arrived in the Albany area at the age of 16, around the time his mother died, to attend the Rensselaer Polytechnic Institute in 1981. There Raniere triple-majored in math, physics, and biology with minors in psychology and philosophy, and earned a BS in Biology.[2][3][4]

    If Keith’s mother died at 16 how did Karen get this direct information?

    Even if Karen did get information from Keith’s mother, a mother often embellishes stories regarding their children.

    Again from Wikipedia regarding Marilyn vos Savant

    The second test reported by Guinness was Hoeflin’s Mega Test, taken in the mid-1980s. The Mega Test yields IQ standard scores obtained by multiplying the subject’s normalized z-score, or the rarity of the raw test score, by a constant standard deviation, and adding the product to 100, with Savant’s raw score reported by Hoeflin to be 46 out of a possible 48, with a 5.4 z-score, and a standard deviation of 16, arriving at a 186 IQ. The Mega Test has been criticized by professional psychologists as improperly designed and scored, “nothing short of number pulverization”.[14]

    Savant sees IQ tests as measurements of a variety of mental abilities and thinks intelligence entails so many factors that “attempts to measure it are useless”.[15] She has held memberships with the high-IQ societies Mensa International and the Mega Society.[16]

    So if Marilyn vos Savant can play with IQ numbers and different test then it stands that Keith could do the same. Beyond all that, the telephone and internet were already in wide use by 1998, making it easy for anyone to cheat a test.

    Just one parting thought…
    If only Keith can solve the problem who is capable of checking Keith’s work?

  • The 100 yard dash thing is absolute gold. So crazy, I’ll bet you anything that’s the true story of how he tied the record. I can see it now – Toni and Pam being surprised that Keith & his little legs can outsprint them. Keith measuring off 60 yar—errrrr 100 yards, and handing Toni a stopwatch.

    I hope Vanessa isn’t a troll because Vanguard calling himself a State sprint champion on his resume – based off this – is classic Keith and is making me roll on the ground laughing.

  • Vanessa is a either a troll from NXIVM or someone suffering psychosis. Absolutely none of the so-called accomplishments of Raniere and his supposed genius have ever been independently verified by a third party outside of NXIVM/ESP/or any of its shell companies, just like none of the alleged “scientifically credible” criteria to assess media bias, slant, distortion, etc., that the “Knife of Aristotle” claims has been either. They are almost a literal rehash of what the “brain-trust” (I use the term loosely) and NXIVM have passed down via their NLP and hypnosis EM sessions.

    Keith Raniere is one of the most blatant charlatans currently in existence and the only thing “amazing” (once again, I use such a term loosely) about him is that he has gotten away with this hack job for so long. But then again, he did/does control two idiots with access to hundreds of millions of dollars in funds, in addition to the millions of dollars he has stolen aggregately for his sham all of which you can learn in a $10 self help book from actors like Allison Mack, people like Barbara Bouchey, rich Mexicans, etc., of which the sociopath himself has no qualms about burning right through.

      • How is frank report bs? Can you please explain that? Maybe pick some examples that you can 100% prove are false and then show us the hard evidence that backs that up.

        • But seriously….are you trolling this site Vanessa? Or do you actually believe that him saying he remembers he did something actually counts as a hard fact?

          Under that token I could say I remember climbing mount Everest.

        • I will prove it by sending an email with 10 points that show Keith Raniere is true. And Frank Parlato is a charlatan. Then we will see if Mr. Frank is even willing to post it.

          • Vanessa, your Christ analogy is an association fallacy.

            It must assume we all believe Christ did miracles in order for the argument to have validity.

            This is not the case.

            Equating Raniere’s qualities to Christ or giving him any divine attributes is part of why your arguments fail.

            He did not accomplish anything simply because a handful of people believe he did.

            When I was a child my mother believed and told everyone of my own great accomplishments. They were embellished because she loved me. They were embellished because she wanted so desperately for those to be true about me. The bragging she did on by behalf didn’t make those attributes true. They simply showed that she loved me.

            They are not independent verification of my unique abilities at age two. They were simply anecdotes about me made from pride.

            Please, consider this Vanessa.

            What if none of what Raniere has said about his credentials are true?

            Why would that be a problem for you?

            If they weren’t true, how would that make you feel?

            How would your world be different if Raniere had fabricated his history?

            And why would that be a problem?

            Why do you need to hang onto the idea that his story is one of divinity?

            And would it change the world if he wasn’t divine or if he wasn’t, as you assert, the smartest man in the world?

  • Oh man this is rich. The response Vanessa has posted here speaks to one of my earlier responses. This program preys on those generally not well read enough or educated enough to independently employ the very thing they preach. Rational inquiry. Critical thinking is a fundamental requirement before making a case in a public forum. This defence is laughable, if not barely rudimentary attempt to rationalize something from nothing. Like someone said something to someone proving once and for all, it’s a fact.

    What is that?

    What part of any of this actually supports her assertion that he’s a genius or that he actually ever did any of this.

    I cannot speak to the actual education level of this follower, as my own critical thought process can allow for the possibility of a psychosis at play here as a direct result of Raniere’s influence, but suffice it to say that for whatever reason, she argues poorly and unconvincingly. I have, without trying to be mean, heard better arguments from grade 11 students.

    I’m not sure if she is operating independently or at the behest of the not so great one. If she’s independent, why are the genius brain trusts so insane to allow her to even post a second time, let alone a third?

    If she’s here at his request, the proof of his IQ and business acumen is out the window with this one post alone. Not a smart move for a suposed genius.

    You need better game Raniere.

  • How could someone suggest leaving this blog!! It’s turned into a fantastic blog opera! Every twist and turn, all the raunchy commentary and interspersed fact bombs, and the cast of characters! It’s gold I tell ya, gold!

  • Honestly, this woman’s verbal account of Keith’s heroics needs to be taken with the same grain of poisonous salt that all of his companies’ (shell companies) were created with. It’s utter nonsense. It doesn’t even deserve an ounce of follow-up. So handy that all the records are gone, for one reason or another. What a coincidence. And I was there the entire time when the Dalai Lama met Keith. It was NOTHING like this woman described. The Dalai Lama, even with his gracious nature, was very suspicious of Keith’s secretive behavior. In fact, he publicly called him on it in front of the entire audience. He told him to be transparent, which Keith is not and never was. He did not bow to Keith. Good lord, that is such a phoney account of what happened. This woman, with utter respect, needs to get her head out of the kool-aid.

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