The Knife Media pimps Jens Erik Gould for secretive Raniere

A man in the footsteps of the Vanguard. Jens Erik Gould a writer who has sold his services to the benevolent Vanguard.
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By Amigo

It is unbelievable that Jens Erik Gould works for ‘The Knife,” another of Keith Raniere’s weird organizations.

Jens has an undergraduate degree from the University of Michigan. He is a contributor to Time, NPR and the NY Times. He is also the Editor and Chief for The Knife Media, a media watchdog business created by the cult like leader, Keith Raniere.

Most credible organizations provide a web page about the organization, which is noticeably absent on The Knife’s website. The FAQ page includes the usual NXIVM jargon and little else, but, as usual with NXIVM spinoffs, it will cost you money to get expert opinions from actors (mostly) that follow the teachings of crazy Keith Raniere.

Jens, unfortunately, lends credibility to an organization that operates in the absurd.

Perhaps Keith and Jens should do a “Keith Raniere Conversations” video covering why a credible writer works for an organization that hides information regarding its operations? Where is Jens’ objectivity when it comes to NXIVM or Keith Raniere?

Where is the transparency? Where is the corporate governance? What is The Knife’s policy on sexual harassment? Who makes the rules?

Who founded The Knife Media?

Is the ultimate vision of NXIVM affiliated organizations to feed Keith’s appetite to remove girls’ panties through his Jedi (Vanguard) mind tricks (NLP and hypnosis)?

Why does The Knife avoid its connection to NXIVM, ESP, JNESS, DOS, and SOP?

The president of NXIVM, Nancy Salzman, admitted to using NLP in court documents.

Those interested should take 20 minutes and look up how NLP works; Youtube has some great videos.

Only cowards and criminals hide in the shadows

You can only discredit your critics for so long, eventually you must answer the people.

The fact is, the answers are all there if you look for them. There is a mountain of credible information that one can test and determine the outright lies of Keith Raniere et al.

Many of the women formerly involved in the organization have given their accounts of events and the strange behaviors of Keith Raniere. There are mountains of court documents available online. Other than self-promotion and propaganda, there are pages and pages of third party articles and information regarding the abuses suffered, by mostly women, in Keith Raniere’s organizations.

Those interested should look for themselves. Are you scientists or mathematicians? Are you a professional? Do your own critical thinking and research. The data looks bad, really bad.

Does anyone think this guy has the highest IQ? Maybe the highest crazy quotient.

The branding is real!

Where in the world does an ethical organization take collateral, and brand women to be a member of their organization? After that “fun” initiation, you’re a member of DOS, welcome to slavery.

Many in The Knife organization are known members of Keith Raniere-founded groups. To cross reference their involvement, just look up NXIVM, Executive Success Programs, JNESS, or Society of Protectors.

Why would an organization have so many hidden related businesses? That is not normal!

There are several accounts of Keith Raniere having sex with students and three reports of sex with minors. Those who have been fooled into believing this is no big deal should watch the film “Holy Hell” or think about a person in a position of power having sex with someone who is in a vulnerable position.

There is a police statement available online given by a girl who reported having sex with Keith Raniere when she was a 12-year old. Most organizations and countries have sexual harassment laws to protect those who are a vulnerable to abuse: students, children, and employees to name a few.

If your spiritual program includes a path to enlightenment through your leader’s sexual gratification, then there’s a good chance you’ve been fooled and are in a cult.

Jens should do an editorial piece on his leader. I challenge all those involved in Keith’s organizations to prove me wrong. Maybe Jens should do a piece related to victims of Keith’s abuse, perhaps a “Bravery Tales” video for the world to see. Perhaps Barbara Bouchey or Toni Natalie would be good candidates?

Jens should lean in and look into the dark corners of Keith’s world; he would learn that there is more to it than he is seeing.

[Jens, be careful, Keith et al will likely sue you if you breach.]

Why does Keith get special rules?

Perhaps those who are enlightened are above the law; more likely, those with deep pockets can buy their own brand of justice, just ask O.J. Simpson.

A man in the footsteps of the Vanguard. Jens Erik Gould a writer who has sold his services to the benevolent Vanguard.
OJ Simpson may or may not have killed his ex-wife and mother of his children.
Keith “Vanguard” Raniere did try to destroy the mother of his child and two of his harem members died young – he managed their care and misdiagnosed one of them. He is alleged to have tried to lure two of his ex-lovers to Mexico where he planned to have them imprisoned.



oj raniereeee
Artist vision: ‘O.J. Raniere” by Jon Dos.

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  • I’m going to send a copy of this post and a link to the Frank Report to every place that has ever published a piece by this clown, Jens Erik Gould. They need to know they’re buying content from someone who aids and abets a criminal enterprise that includes human mutilations, pedophilia, money laundering, tax evasion and a host of other crimes. Don’t worry, Jens, I’m sure Vanguard will convince Clare to just write a check to cover your lost income.

  • But these guys don’t eat meat. They are vegetarians, and so have ethically compensated for the lying, fornication, adultery, money laundering, near genital branding, manipulation, suing people into bankruptcy, etc.

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