Two out of 7 ain’t bad

Barbara Jeske

The odds are against you if you become a lover of Keith Raniere.

Only two out of seven of the women who were at one time closest to him are still standing to tell about his greatness.

So how come most of the women closest to Keith Raniere always end up either dead, or leaving him?

Consider the women who were closest to him:

Out of seven women, two died young of cancer; two left him and were then sued by him  multiple times; the mother of his child fled from him with their child; and for the last two – their fate is yet to be determined.

Toni Natalie – Fled and was then sued, along with members of her family, by him or his minions more than 10 times

Pamela Cafritz – Dead before 60 of cancer

Kristin Keeffe – Mother of his child who fled from Mr. Raniere and is still in hiding

Barbara Jeske – Died of cancer before 60

Barbara Bouchey  – Left and was then sued by him or his minions  more than 10 times

Karen Unterreiner – The last of the original Raniere’s.

Nancy Salzman – Still with him but demoted.

  • The odds of getting cancer and dying young by staying with Keith Raniere:  29 percent.
  • The odds of leaving Mr. Raniere and then being sued: 29 percent.
  • The odds of having a baby and fleeing from him and going into hiding: 14.5 percent.
  • The odds of remaining with Mr. Raniere and living happily ever after or until you are arrested, end up in prison, get cancer, leave and are sued or other alternative fate: 29 percent.

I don’t know about you, but it seems the odds of a happy ending with Keith Raniere are somewhat smaller than the average man.

Maybe because he is so much brighter.




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Nancy Salzman – has been demoted. Her salary suspended for her ethical breach.
jeske barb
Barbara Jeske, dead of brain cancer. Keith Raniere told her she had carpal tunnel syndrome and this delayed her seeking medical attention.
1998 unterrienr and cafritz
Karen Unterreiner and the late Pam Cafritz. Miss Cafritz was one Mr. Raniere strict dietary regime the longest of any woman. She had to count calories daily for years. When she contracted renal cancer, Mr. Raniere supervised the medicines often overruling the doctor’s recommendation. Sadly Mr. Raniere claims the right medicines only arrived for him to cure Miss Cafritz on the very day she died.  


A Vanguard on his way to becoming a Buddha… But don’t rub his belly.
A young and ardent Keith Raniere with the woman he vowed to love forever, Toni Natalie. He told he he could not live without her. Then he sued her multiple times. 
Karen Unterreiner has been with Keith Raniere since he was in his 20s. She brought him scores of women and helped him with underage girls too. She is living proof a woman can be happy with Vanguard. 
Mr. Raniere told her she was his great love, she said. Then he sued her.


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