Female sources say “Clare Bronfman is a cunt!”

Although she may be despised by her female employees, the wealthy heiress Clare Bronfman is on the board of directors of Executive Success Programs, a revolutionary teaching program founded by Keith Raniere.

She has been with the company since 2002.


Clare [l] and Sara Bronfman complain about the media making up things about Keith Raniere and his organizations such as NXIVM, ESP, etc.

In a spectacular rise to greatness, in a scant 10 years, she rose – by her talents alone – to oversee all administrative, accounting, legal, IT and communications for all of the Raniere-based enterprises.

Keith Raniere – by self acclamation – is “the smartest man in the world.”

In the mid-2000’s Clare Bronfman and her sister, Sara Bronfman, gave Mr. Raniere $65.6 million to invest in commodities. Mr. Raniere had developed, he said, a foolproof, mathematically-perfect plan to win in the future’s market. Unfortunately, outside factors in the marketplace intervened and all $65.6 million was lost.

Mr. Raniere next devised a perfect plan to invest and build homes in Los Angeles on hard-to-develop lots and she and her sister invested $26.3 million in that venture.

Unfortunately, things ran amok, and they lost almost all of their investment.

The two sisters also invested in some 35 lawsuits against enemies of Mr. Raniere and lost 34 of the lawsuits. They spent an estimated $50 million in lawyers’ fees.

Sarah Bronfman married a Muslim named Basit Igtet, a man who, like his wife, supports Female Pubic Mutilation.  Mr. Igtet is said to enjoy playing second fiddle to Mr. Raniere but is almost as successful in investing/devesting Sara Bronfman’s money as Mr. Raniere has been.

Clare Bronfman, on the other hand, continues to be the main financier of ESP and DOS. She is described by dozens of people who work or have worked for her in the most distinct and terse language. The word universally used it a quite  blunt word.

We ask all sensitive readers to please stop reading here…. take a breath and move to the next post…..


That word is “cunt”!

In fact, of all the 100,000 plus oft-used words in the English language, the word most used to describe the talented heiress, who has inherited hundreds of millions from her family’s business of selling alcohol, the simple, yet expressive word – short though it may be. In fact, “cunt” is the word that is most often used by the people who work for her to describe the stern-faced and grim-looking Clare Bronfman.

The word has been used not by one, but by dozens of women.

One source used the qualifier “manipulative” ahead of the word cunt in describing the gruesome lady.

“What she is,” our source said of Clare Bronfman, “is she will put on a happy, smiley face to get something out of you and as soon as you can’t provide it, she’ll turn on you. She’ll see you and be like, ‘So sweetie, why aren’t you or any of your friends coming to the university program?’ and you say ‘Maybe because the price is too high’ and she’ll snap and say ‘Clearly, you can’t see the value and you’re not providing a service’. She is just fucking mean, mean and ‘cunty’, and everybody thinks that; even a lot of us still in ESP think she’s a cunt.”

One of our best sources of information on Miss Bronfman is one who we can happily name: Nicki Clyne.

Miss Clyne has openly complained to anyone who will listen about Miss Bronfman and how mean she has been to her.

Since Miss Clyne gave up her acting career to follow Keith Raniere, she has been financially dependent on Miss Bronfman and is now broke.

“Everyone who works for Clare thinks she is a cunt, but no one can say anything because she is the boss,” Miss Clyne has said repeatedly.

Clare Bronfman is the boss too.

“She makes all the decision in Albany; down to even who should get a refund. Every single admin decision has to go through Clare – who is the biggest control freak. Nobody likes her, yet she is in charge,” said a Mexican source complaining. “I do as much as her to bring in cash too.”

A female source said, “She pays people poorly. She is an heiress and she literally pays people $13 per hour for more than a decade.”

Miss Bronfman told one worker that in order to heal her ethical breach she should take no pay and renounce all her personal possessions.

Something it is wished Miss Bronfman’s father should have done.

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