Reader asks about font face and Vegan branding practices

Reader Stan Griswald asks :

What font face is used for the branding? I would think an Ariel or Courier font would be too plebeian, too bourgeois.

Perhaps a strong serif lettering, bringing about shadows of the sweaty Roman Legions.

Is the branding done using match-light charcoal or an organic briquette?

The match-lite, while convenient and instant, may not appeal to the vegan sensibilities of some of the women who demand the organic route, which takes quite a long time and may force them to reconsider getting four hot letters jammed into their hip-theatre.

Vaseline is also an oil product, leaving the healing process somewhat mysterious. I demand further research and evidence.


d 4

Products used to brand are not always vegan.

d 8

A white hot iron [not a red hot iron] is used to brand humans. This is not different than livestock branding. So those who say it is cruel and unusual to brand humans are asked to consider that if cattle can withstand it, why shouldn’t a woman be able to also? Mr. Raniere has only introduced branding for female humans, while cattle branding is done to both male and female cattle.

d 9

Heat is used only to make the scars and not to punish the women.

d 10

Women are not chained but are held down by four naked women while the branding is applied.


The branding is done on the pubic region so it will not be embarrassing to a woman in public.

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  1. The flammable component in easy light charcoal briquettes and petroleum jelly are not animal products, but based on petroleum. Neither would violate any vegan principles in any way.

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