Frank Report is Back – after 1 1/2 day hiatus for fact gathering

An amigo sent me the following question:
Are you taking some time off?
I am missing my morning dose of NXIVM news.
No. I am back. I took off a day-and-a-half to do some fact gathering and information sharing with others who are interested in Keith Raniere.
Who those others are will become apparent quite soon. For various reasons, I am unable to reveal who they are but may I say that readers will soon find out and so will many others – including, of course, Mr. Raniere and Clare Bronfman who may or may not be readers of this little website.
My new amigo went on to say and I think it is intelligently said:
One thing I noticed in my reading the responses from former students was the lack of understanding from readers as to what constitutes good evidence.
When I was looking into the efficacy of this “nut bar” organization, a friend of mine who was involved suggested that I look for good information as well, since all I found on the internet was bad. The problem was, unless it was information that was produced internally, the news was ugly and suggested some very unethical practices within the NXIVM brands. 
1. Secretive
2. Do not question the ethics or practices of the organization
3. Control money on ethical principals
4. One person is venerated and put on a pedestal
5. All the vindictive court cases
Below is a hierarchy of evidence illustration. I might add that internally produced news is not strong evidence but that seems obvious to me.
The court documents and the papers written by Martin and Hochman offer strong evidence. There are also the first person accounts from women who left the organization, but of course if your in NXIVM they are all crazy; I might point out that there stories are fairly consistent.
Keep up your efforts.

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