Domains, Twitter, and Facebook accounts for the Knife (formerly of Aristotle)

Of the domains listed by Frank Report that have some relationship to “Knife of Aristotle,” only and actually connect to anything (.net redirects back to .com)

The Knife (formerly of Aristotle) has a Twitter account, @theknifemedia.  It has only 87 followers.  It has emitted 1419 tweets, the first on January 19, 2017.  A number of the older tweets are in Spanish.

Almost all the tweets link back to a website,  That domain was registered on December 5, 2006 by Carl Hendricks of E-Mallard Web Corporation (Mallard is a street in Clifton Park). E-Mallard is the company name for many NXIVM-related domains.  That site redirects to, which was also registered by Hendricks and E-Mallard, on August 14, 2014.  That site doesn’t actually have the contents of the tweet.

But starting about 24 hours ago, the tweets now link to  This domain was registered on March 28,  2017 through a proxy to hide registration information.  This seems to be the new website to supplant, since “theknifenews” on Facebook also links to

Amusingly, there is a Twitter account @theknifenews about an obscure Swedish music group.  There is also , “Today’s news for knife people.” So it appears like the re-branding (there’s that word again) was a bit hasty.

Unlike the older website, which put everything behind a paywall, the new one actually shows you one story for free, and the Knife’s analysis of it for slant, spin, etc.  But then you hit your “monthly limit” and it asks for your credit card info.

lyvia cookies milk
For those who want more than news, there is also “cookies and milk”, said to be Keith Raniere’s midnight snack. [He didn’t get that paunch on an 800 calorie diet. Wisely too, a man needs far more than 800 calories per day. He can become malnourished with such an extremely limited caloric intake.]

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