Raniere group missing from New Knife News: Nicki Clyne, Veronica Jaspeado, John Fox and others gone?

no who we are
Note: ‘Who we are” on the Knife of Aristotle site. It came down after an expose in Paste Magazine.

The new masthead for The Knife (formerly The Knife of Aristotle) doesn’t include Nicki Clyne.

But by utilizing the Wayback Machine to access the now defunct Knife of Aristotle site, Frank Report has confirmed that Miss Clyne was, in fact, listed as the “Executive Producer” for the old blog: https://web.archive.org/web/20160910120925/https://www.ethicalmedia.org/our-analysts

There are others missing.

Previous capture 10 Next capture
2015 2016 2017

2 captures

10 Sep 2016 – 10 Sep 2016

Comparing the Knife of Aristotle staff list on the old website and the staff list  new Knife News website, it looks like the following people are “missing in action”:

Where are they?



Nicki Clyne

Veronica Jaspeado

Rose Chiappone

Melissa Rodriquez

Maryann Treffers

Marisa Zaragoza

Maja Miljkovic

Linda Chung

Lauren McConnell

Maja Miljkovic

Kerstin Ohlander

Julia Berry

John Fox

[Name redacted]

Ashely McLean

Ana Luisa Orozco


And it looks like several others have received “battlefield promotions”:

*Shane Mottishaw – Moved up from Analyst to Editor, Lead Analyst,

*Ivy Nevares – Moved up from Analyst to Editor, Lead Analyst,

*Jose Carlos Barranco – Moved up from Analyst to Editor, Lead Analyst,

*Julia Berry Lopez- Moved up from Analyst to Lead Analyst, Writer

*Leah L. Mottishaw -Moved up from Analyst to Lead Analyst, Writer

Sylvie Lloyd – Spin Experts 

Lisa Reider – Data Expert, Writer

Luis Diego Salas – Logic Expert, Writer

Tina Stausholm – Writer

[Name Redacted] – Writer

Kerstin Ohlander – Slant Expert

Everett Hart – Slant Expert

Gabrielle Saulsbery – Slant Expert

Maggie Dou – Slant Expert

Vasco Bilbao-Bastida – Logic Expert

Shaun Bergeron* – Logic Expert

Daryen Ru – Spin Expert

*Chelsea Brown – Spin Experts

Sean Craney – Spin Expert

Sean Sweeney – Data Expert & Logic Expert


This is the old list of ANALYSTS
Veronica Jaspeado is not on the new list of analysts with the Knife News. She was featured with the Knife of Aristotle.


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6 years ago

Is Allison Mack suffering psychosis? She posted a bizarre set of tweets, tweeting to no one and responding to herself. Check the image here: http://oi68.tinypic.com/a2emtf.jpg

6 years ago

Who the fuck cares about Joe O’Hara? He was barely brought up except in the comment sections which triggered an actual post copied from the former that was in defense of him. The only people who keep bringing him up is NXIVM shills like you in a way that is reminiscent of reverse psychology, e.g., in order to invoke guilt by association to tarnish all the other claims of this blog concerning NXIVM, DOS, and the fraud that is Keith Raniere. I was even called Joe O’Hara by some of you and I have absolutely no connection to him whatsoever. Also, who would know if there is a lawsuit again the author of this blog except those who are close to the situation on the other side? This is a typical NXIVM/Raniere tactic usurped from Scientology, another obvious cult. To shut other people up with billionaire money so he can live his fake, slimy lifestyle.

Will You Be Defenidng Yuri Plyam Next?
Will You Be Defenidng Yuri Plyam Next?
6 years ago

Your website has changed quite dramatically. Have you been served with a lawsuit? It seems so please inform.

6 years ago

Message for I AM WORRIED ABOUT YOUR FACT CHECKING: Wow, looks like you may break 100 degrees down there tomorrow. That’s hot for this time of year, even in Texas.

I am Worried About Your Fact Checking
I am Worried About Your Fact Checking
6 years ago

Why have you changed the format of this site? No “most read stories” on the sidebar etc. The recent stories about Joseph O’Hara are inaccurate in the extreme. That is concerning. Do you fact check what you write? Or google to check? Any googler can see the history of Joe O’Hara’s lawsuits and criminal activity including the MASSIVE loss he suffered by a Federal District Court decision against him in favor of the Bronfman’s. And his personal bankruptcy decision in where he committed fraud while trying to wash out his Bronfman debt he owed. How can this blog write so erroneously about that? If you google Bronfman v O’Hara the truth is in the first few hits. It’s worrisome because anyone in NXIVM might paint your case with the Joe O’Hara brush because you are so grossly inaccurately portraying what happened with the Joe O’Hara’s cases. It makes it look like this blog will print anything anyone, including a massive con artist like O’Hara. Are you writing with any regard for the truth? It’s hard to lie about federal court decisions, so what gives?

Don’t you know that Keith Raniere has been using Joe O’Hara as the fall guy for a decade? That has been Raniere’s biggest excuse and justified about all the negative NXIVM press? O’Hara is a convicted criminal and has a $3.2 million judgement against him declared by a Federal District Court Judge in favor of the Bronfman’s. Because of the massive criminal and civil record against O’Hara (that is accurate and justified) the single most powerful weapon in Raneire’s arsenal is to claim “they are working with O’Hara”. To discredit anything any NXIVM adversaries say.

It is so sad to see this site jump on the O’Hara bandwagon without any fact checking. It totally discredits your credibility.

6 years ago

Any new Slaves to be named?
Any of The Knife people?
Julie Berry-Lopes Gabriella Saulsbery
Lisa Reiders Rose Chippone
Tina Stausholm Maryann Treffers
[Name Redacted] Marisa Zaragoza
Kristin Ohlander Maja Milgkovic Lauren McConnell

Anything New with DOS?
Anything New with DOS?
6 years ago

Is there anything new about DOS? I think that is why many people are reading this site. Some recent posts are kinda old news.

6 years ago

Hmmm…Wonder why “the world’s smartest man” hasn’t just changed his own name to get a fresh start? I guess changing all those record books is just too big a task for him to take on.

Maybe we can help him out by suggesting some options for him to consider. Her’s mine: Sy Kopath

The missing children
The missing children
6 years ago

Nicki Clyne and Aristotle. Nice touch!

More Missing Names
More Missing Names
6 years ago

A check of the Wayback Machine also will find names missing from the Frank Report.
Recently I looked at the FR re-post of the Coaches List and felt some Vancouver names were now missing that I had seen before in the FR re-post…so I looked at the Original list and it included O Cheng, S Edmonson and K Kreuk that the Re-post did not.
How were these names (and others?) deleted?



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