Vetting Raniere quote: “Big boobs are for big boobs”?

A curious exchange occurred  between two of our readers.

One of them quotes Keith Raniere but we have our doubts if he actually said what our reader attributes to him.

Does anyone out there know the truth?

Monte Blue wrote:

Keith does not like boys, he likes girls. because he is super intelligent he likes girls with flat chests. Studies show the smaller the breast, the smarter the woman = that is science, not pedophilia. grow up people!



Such a perfect example of how Raniere-world addles the minds of its members. Such nonsense!


This seems to have annoyed MONTE BLU who, in turn, responded

I happen to believe in Vanguard and I don’t believe in you! Christine did get too fat. She put on surplus pounds when she was ordered to lose weight and she was one plump little lady. So HOW does she think she can teach a course that shows women how to have the perfect figure if she does not have it HERSELF?!?!?!?!

Vanguard has taught me to reexamine my inner structure to find my true intent and it is not being a fatty I assure you. He likes small or flat chested woman because small and flat chested women are more intelligent and let’s face it, you need uber sized boobs because you are nursing a brood of [likely plump] children otherwise big boobs just get in the way. Although I admit they do attract the lower IQ type men. To quote Vanguard “Big boobs are for big boobs.”

Honestly, it is the last quote which Frank Report finds a little dubious.

Did Keith Raniere actually say “Big boobs are for big boobs”?

Frank Report is dedicated to finding out the truth. So, if anyone knows if this is true, it would be greatly appreciated if he or she would write in and tells us.

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  • Re: Did Keith Raniere actually say “Big boobs are for big boobs”?
    Of-course he did, since it’s extremely likely that Monte Blu is no one else but Keith Raniere aka Vanguard. Just look at the style of her writing and compare it with Keith’s. They are extremely similar.

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