Raniere/Salzman Staff urged to consult criminal attorneys – “sooner rather than later”

This is not a warning but rather a  friendly suggestion.

Warnings do not work for the followers of Keith Raniere.

Still, truth is truth – and facts are facts:

When the investigations into tax fraud, immigration fraud, employment fraud, money laundering and all the other illegal acts and related conspiracies masterminded by Keith Raniere and funded by his cash cow, Clare Bronfman, are finally complete – and people are charged with crimes by State and Federal authorities – it’s quite likely that Nancy Salzman and her daughter, Lauren, will at the top of the list of people who have been charged.

Happily for him, Keith Raniere’s name is on nothing – which means, some observers say, he’s in the clear. This, of course, is how he planned it all along and is precisely why his name is on nothing.

He is after all “the smartest man in the world.”

Most observers think that Clare Bronfman will have enough money to buy her way out of prosecution. So, even though she will likely be charged – and will probably have to pay a multi-million dollar fine –  she probably won’t go to prison.  Such are among the advantages of being a wealthy “Trust Fund Baby”.

Observers think that the low-level people and those without money are the ones most likely to do prison time.

Karen Unterreiner probably will do the most prison time. [More on her in a separate post].

Nancy Salzman, who is called “Prefect”, is perfect as the ultimate “fall woman” since she is the face of the organization. Next to Miss Unterreiner, she should do the most time.

Along with Clare Bronfman, Nancy Salzman is described as the only other living woman in the organization who is a true sociopath.

A distinction is made: Observers say that while Mr. Raniere enjoys hurting people, Miss Salzman and Miss Bronfman are basically [at least outwardly] unconcerned with the destruction to people’s lives caused by their leader.

Happily for the two women, they will likely soon enjoy the destruction coming to each other. Miss Bronfman can rejoice in Ms. Salzman’s destruction and vice versa.

Hopefully, Mr. Raniere will be comfortably settled in Wakaya Island long before authorities descend.

Frank Report will soon post information that has already been made available to the U.S. Attorney and the FBI on some of the crimes likely committed by Mr. Raniere [whose name is on nothing]; Nancy Salzman [whose name is on everything]; Clare Bronfman [who has left a paper trail from here to Mexico City and back again]; and a number of other key supporters.


That word is usually preceded by one or more words of various legal import.

This post is not meant to scare or bluff anyone connected to ESP into taking action.

But just consider: If people who have signed their names on various documents and bank accounts – or have collected and distributed cash for the organization –  don’t realize they’ve participated in financial crimes, then they are now being advised to simply ask an attorney.

Go to a criminal attorney. It will cost you nothing for an initial consultation.

Simply inform that attorney what you were asked to do by Nancy or Clare or Karen – and ask if what you did amounts to a possible felony? Also ask that if you say nothing to authorities, can you be charged, or will the authorities ignore you because they will want to charge Mr. Raniere [whose name, unlike your name, is on nothing at all]?

What is the harm in a free consultation? You don’t even have to let Mr. Raniere know about it.

Frank Report, in a most friendly manner, advises those who have signed anything – because they were asked – and have handled cash or accepted payments for things and then turned the money over to Ms. Salzman, Miss Bronfman or anyone else – to please consider this as fair warning.

Please don’t think this is meant merely for Karen Abney, James Del Negro, Kathy Russell, Karen Unterreiner, Ben Myers, Lauren Salzman, Jennie Ose, Dr. Porter, and several others.  To the contrary, this warning is meant even those who were asked to do only one improper deed.

All of you who had any connection to financial secrecy, fraud, and the multiple sets of corporate books  – even Mexicans like Lola Garza, Cami Fernandez and the other illegals et al – should consider this fair warning.

And the women who pick up the checks: sorry,  you are not in the clear either.

The irony is that you will probably be charged with more serious crimes than Mr Raniere whose name is on nothing.

While we realize that you cannot say “No” when Prefect asks you to open a bank account or sign your name on something you know nothing about, the fact remains that you can – and will be – held criminally liable for what you did.  And your explanation that you did what you did because the authorities are against Keith’s “goodness” is going to produce no sympathy whatsoever from prosecutors.

That is why you should consider consulting an attorney.



I am pure compassion. I would never hurt you.
Remember what happened to everyone at Consumers’ Buyline?
“I trust him”.  Will Allison Mack be charged?
“In Keith We Trust”
“In Keith We Trust” –  Karen Unterreiner is the key to prosecutors. She knows the full gamut of financial crimes.
“In Keith We Trust” – Alejandro “Alex” Betancourt knows hiding cash in Mexico is not the same as hiding it in America.  And “Yes”, we know about the cars!
salmn kiss
“In Keith We Trust”  – Prefect Nancy Salzman has always claimed that she wants nothing for herself. Will she take the fall for Vanguard?
50_Zpu54_400x400 (1)
“In Keith We Trust” – Lauren Salzman is said to be willing to turn her mother in before turning on Keith Raniere. Such is the wonderful love he engenders. Her six figure salary is dependent on Keith, not her mother who has been demoted.
edgar boone vanessa sahagun
“In Keith We Trust” – Will Edgar Boone and Vanessa Sahagun take the fall for Keith because he’s done so much for them?
leah im moti
“In Keith We Trust” – Is Leah ready to go to prison?.
“In Keith We Trust” – Will Melissa Rodriguez stand by her man?
img_0403 (2)
“In Keith We Trust” – Sara Bronfman has enough money to protect herself with top attorneys. She and Mr. Raniere are seen as most likely to avoid prison time.  Will she leave her husband to join Mr. Raniere in Wakaya Island or will he come along?
nik isabelle
“In Keith We Trust” – Nik doesn’t know much about the financial doings, but sources say she will do what it takes to protect Keith.
old nancy
“In Keith We Trust” – Long ago, the date was written in the calendar when Prefect Nancy Salzman, the figurehead of the Raniere teachings, would step forward to take the fall.


It remains to be seen if the branding of the women’s pubic region with the initials of Keith Raniere was meant to be a prison branding.
This is not a real photo: This is an artist’s view of Clare Bronfman. Her ability to lie is directly proportionate to Keith Raniere’s coaching. Without his telling her exactly what to say, observers think, she will be a much less believable liar than she is now.  If Clare thinks back, she will realize she learned how to lie from the Master himself.

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6 years ago

One of the most important things for DOS members – and other Raniere followers – to consider is that whoever goes to the legal authorities first usually ends up with the best deal. Personally, I wouldn’t waste time going to the Albany County DA because of his close and ongoing ties to NXIVM and Clare Bronfman. i’d also avoid the local office of the NYS Police whose chief investigator was “compromised” by NXIVM a long time ago. That basically leaves the FBI – which has pretty much taken a “hands off” approach when it comes to NXIVM and Raniere; the new Acting U.S. Attorney in Albany, who may want to make an immediate name for himself with a high-profile case like this; or the Saratoga County District Attorney, Karen Heggen. All in all, I’d probably go to Heggen because of her prior work on domestic violence cases. But get there quick before a line forms out front of her office!

6 years ago

I’m not sure why anyone still thinks a person’s name has to be on anything business related to make them culpable for it, and from the other perspective, not having a name tied to the business allows them to get off Scott free. RICO says otherwise. Everyone in and out of NXIVM knows Raniere is the mastermind behind all. According to Wiki:

“The RICO Act focuses specifically on racketeering, and it allows the leaders of a syndicate to be tried for the crimes which they ordered others to do or assisted them in doing, closing a perceived loophole that allowed a person who instructed someone else to, for example, murder, to be exempt from the trial because they did not actually commit the crime personally.”

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