Raniere realized the value of nude photos as “collateral” long before DOS

The constant demand for collateral made many DOS slaves concerned that they would run out of collateral.

In the months leading up to demanding “collateral” from DOS members, Keith Raniere, with the help of his able assistants, began to take pictures of the women he was having coitus with.

These pictures were taken before and right after the private sexual sessions occurred and generally did not include Mr. Raniere.

The need for the photos was explained to select women as “scientific data gathering” to show the effects of the Master’s sexual healing. The picture location was said to be in the boudoir where the healing sessions occurred.

In some instances, the existence of the photograph – and the attire and locale shown in it – could be construed as the very genesis of “collateral” as it is used by Mr. Raniere in DOS.

Since not all of his sexual partners were photographed, it cannot be ruled out that Mr. Raniere had a scientific purpose for the photographs other than to use them potentially as a means to ensure that a woman remains silent about various aspects of her participation in the teachings of Mr. Raniere.

The purpose of “collateral” in DOS is, according to Raniere, to help women stick with the more onerous aspects of the teachings.  In this respect, it is said to be strictly done for each member’s own good.

Mr. Raniere is said have allowed some of his longtime friends to enjoy looking at some of the more unusual photographs of his sexual partners. However, he soon became aware that these photographs, when in the wrong hands, could easily be misconstrued.

This point became particularly sharpened when he allegedly appeared in photographs with the late Pamela Cafritz which, unfortunately, fell into the hands of a woman he was trying to coerce into  returning to his harem.

Alleged attempts at breaking into her house by women of his “inner circle” failed to recover the “collateral” of Mr. Raniere and the photographs remain “at large” to this day.

One of the photographs features Mr. Raniere in a pose not dissimilar to what he requires of the DOS women. In it, he appears with a bright red bow tied around a particular part of his anatomy.  The photographer is said to be the late Miss Cafritz.

In another  photograph, Miss Cafritz appears in it with Mr. Raniere, whose entire body is not visible. Mr. Raniere has in the past said that the man in the photograph is not him.

However, the picture featuring Mr. Raniere with a bow around his then fully-working penis features his face and is clearly an authentic photograph. It has been mentioned in court proceedings in the past.

It exists, duplicates have been made and stored in safe places, and the photo represents exactly what “collateral” is intended to be: a threat to the one featured in the photograph – and, in the case of DOS, a deterrent to a member refusing to obey Raniere’s every command.

Frank Report has confirmed the existence of the photographs of Mr. Raniere – and has concluded that Mr. Raniere obviously volunteered to pose for them.

Frank Report does not control the photographs but it would be the position of this publication to NOT publish them.

It would also be Frank Report’s position that Mr. Raniere should return any “collateral” that he or his DOS slaves have taken from women.  And that he should stop demanding such proof of their loyalty to him.

It may be an exercise but it is making many women feel uncomfortable.

Some of the women have quit DOS for the simple reason that they could not keep up with the incessant demand of more and more “collateral”.

Many DOS slaves are concerned that they will not be able to keep up with Master Raniere’s demands for more and more “collateral”.
It’s strange that there is so much confusion surrounding such a good man as KR.
kr gp funny stuff
Keith Raniere can be a laugh riot.  How come so many women turn to weeping after they get to know him?
Artist depiction: “The lecherous Mr. Raniere.”
The Master deep in thought.
A source tell us: “The women of DOS might be happy to know Mr. Raniere learned the value of collateral when photos of himself in embarrassing postures fell into the hands of a woman he was trying to destroy. It did not stop him from continuing his efforts to ruin her, but, then again, he is a man – and his DOS slaves are only women. They will stay in line because women are weak and fickle and can’t stick to their word. They need to learn to be humiliated like men are.”



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