Did Cami Fernandez have sex with Raniere on her 15th birthday?

Sex and the single teen

Cami Fernandez is the younger sister of Marianna and Daniella Fernandez.

Older sister Daniella did not agree to join the harem of Mr. Raniere and was imprisoned.

She escaped after 18 months and returned to Mexico.

.Marianna agreed to be in Mr. Raniere’s harem and is a leader of Jness and one of the top slave women of DOS.

Their brother, Adrian “Fluffy” Fernandez, is a current member of Mr. Raniere’s Executive Success Programs and does filming for Mr. Raniere.

Karen “The Grozer” Untereiner, Mr. Raniere’s longest serving harem member, groomed Cami for several years when she was a teen.

By no later than 2007, Mr. Raniere was grooming Camilla personally.

Mexico’s age of consent is 12.

Did this girl become a woman at age 15?

At the age of 14, sources say Cami Fernandez went to Mr. Raniere seeking his guidance. He put her on a 900 calorie diet. Nancy Salzman permitted her to be her maid.

Mr. Raniere promoted her to Head Teacher of Rainbow Cultural Gardens.

Her low calorie diet seemed at times to starve the teen;  then she would binge. She was constantly breaching her ethical duty to lose weight by sticking to the diet for a time then binge.

It seemed to play havoc with her metabolism. Mr. Raniere knew how best to guide her and. ultimately. offered the greatest incentive of all if she lost sufficient weight.

Cami ultimately got rid of enough baby fat that the happy day arrived when Mr. Raniere accepted her for private teachings.

While no one knows other than Cami Fernandez, Mr. Raniere, the Grozer [Karen Unterreiner], the late Pam Cafritz, and one other person, it is believed that Mr. Raniere showered her with his spiritual largess on her 15th birthday.

In New York State, that would be statutory rape. But only if there’s a complainant or a witness. None have been forthcoming.

Our source tells us that Mr. Raniere needs women to drop weight so they lose their curves and look like a boy.

“I think he is attracted to both boys and girls. I don’t think he is attracted to men,” our source says.

There is a widespread rumor that Mr. Raniere wanted to teach Cami’s brother, Fluffy, and permitted him to film some of the sexual teachings he had with slender women with boyish figures.

There is no proof forthcoming to date that this is true.


Some women mature earlier than others, Mr. Raniere teaches. Sex with children can be good if there is no pain he says. Morals are subjective, and Mr. Raniere has defined for his followers what is ethical. A 14 year old girl can consent to have sex with Mr. Raniere he adamantly maintains.



Cami must keep the weight off. She started when she was a teen. But will she always be able to keep it off?


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  1. Vanguard is beyond such stupid limitations as age of consent. He knows a person’s past life so it is not like there is an age of the soul.

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