Raniere’s new University of Higher Education seeks students at $5,000 per month

A few months ago, Keith Raniere started a new teaching program called “Higher Education” or “The University.”

Some call it the University of Higher Education [UHE}

The tuition is $5,000 per month.

Don’t look for it on any website. It is only available for those invited by coaches and upper echelon members of Executive Success Programs.

The “Professors”  are coaches, teachers and proctors of Executive Success Programs.

While it is called The University, it is not accredited and its curriculum, sources say, is similar to what is taught in Intensives, only it lasts longer than 16 days.

The University program started about two months ago and lasts for six months to two years.

There are classes in logic, linguistics and other heady topics with a Ranierian slant.

Up to 60 students are said to be attending the University of Higher Education but this information is guarded as a state secret by Raniere enterprises for obvious reasons. After the publication of DOS, there are reportedly several drop outs.

The campus is in Clifton Park.

Please don’t ask any students of the University about what they’re learning for they sign confidentiality agreements.

It is the first university known in the modern age that prohibits people from revealing what they are taught.

Sources say there are openings for students who wish to attend UHE and just now might be the most opportune time to enroll since many people are leaving Mr. Raniere and it is possible that a slight adjustment might be made on the tuition.

Interestingly, the NYS Attorney General, Eric Schneiderman, has not sought to do anything about this “fake university”.  And Mr. Schneiderman is, of course, the same guy who sued Donald Trump over Trump University.  If nothing else, the AG’s inaction will provide everyone with a valuable lesson as to what a few million dollars of political donations can do for your legal problems.

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A teacher shows his class the similarities of how the end product of the digestion of knowledge at the University of Higher Education approximates the end product of the digestion of a bull.


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  • Is the “campus” the same building across from Fred the Butcher that is used for “Intensives”?

    What is the relation between the Vanguard University curriculum (“logic, linguistics and other heady topics with a Ranierian slant”) and the “training” required to work for Knife of Aristotle? That is described in https://www.pastemagazine.com/articles/2017/05/the-knife-of-aristotle-isnt-just-a-fake-fake-news.html as “five weeks of advanced training in communication, logic and ethics. The first week of the training is focused on personal development and ethics. Our analysts get to deeply explore their belief systems and gain an understanding of the human mechanisms of perception that influence our communication and culture.” In other words, basically the standard ESP 5-day “Intensive” followed by 4 weeks Ranierian logic applied to journalism.

    A related question for sources: is Raniere requiring his Knife of Aristotle minions to dissect Frank Report articles according to his “system” and posting the results someplace accessible only to Raniere-world people? Or is it too risky to let Raniere-World see Frank Report even when dissected by the Knife?

    The smart thing for him to do would be to have the Knife people dissect just the over-the-top posts, like “The Night of the Vanguard” and ignore the ones with dangerous content.

  • The New York State Department of Education has very strict rules about organizations that claim to be “universities” (Just ask Donald Trump). It will be interesting to see if the Ugly Duckling (a/k/a Clare Take-All-My-Money Bronfman) will be able to buy off enough politicians to avoid any problems with this latest scam.

  • Vanguard used to use semi-clever names like Consumer Buyline or Rational Inquiry or Ethos or Origins.

    Or Soci-O-Path or Daughters of Satan….

    “The University of Higher Education” ???

    Lamer than lame !!

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