NXIVM Village: Cuckolds in Denial

Cuckoldry is prominent in groups where an Alpha male leader has too many women to service “single-swordedly.”

In cases like this, a cadre of Beta males are required to partner up with less desirable females who, for the most part, accept the Beta male as consolation for being permitted to remain near the gates of greatness.

Such as is the case of the harem of the Vanguard.

This is rarely spoken of and never admitted openly. Oftentimes, the married male members are in denial about their wives’ true loyalty.

Several men in NXIVM Village are rebelling against their wives’ branding and their giving collateral to become a slave of Keith Raniere.

While the initials of Mr. Raniere appearing on their wives’ pubic region presents a reminder of who rules, the collateral presents an ever-present danger since many women have given compromising info about their husbands and boyfriends to DOS.

The ever increasing pressure of giving more and more collateral has forced many a woman to resort to simply fabricating such collateral.

Some of the cuckold husbands claim their wives belong to an all-women’s group that Master Raniere has nothing to do with.  But it must seem odd that the initials KR are scarred on their wives’ pubic region – even to the most compliant of the Beta male husbands.

Some men don’t want to believe it. Others know the truth but don’t want others to know.

In fairness to the guys, several DOS women, knowing their husbands would be “reluctant cuckolds”, have simply chosen not to tell them.  This way the men can keep some vestige of pride in a greater society that is not ready to respect a man [especially in Mexico] whose wife has her male teacher’s initials branded on her pubic region, a society that would think it strange she has given nude pictures of herself as “collateral”.


These cuckolds are both middle age and young men.

Think of the case of Messrs M. C,  J. L. or  L. M.. We can name others but no need to: these guys would be ashamed to admit their women are sexual slaves to their guru, even though they themselves are under his thrall.

This is a complex issue.

While the inferior male is ready to obey Master Raniere and accept his brain as superior and therefore allow him to do his thinking for him –  and while he knows his wife recognizes Master Raniere as superior to both her and him in brain power –  he thinks his wife would not have the sexual urge to be explored by Master Raniere but want only to submit to the less intelligent ministrations of him, her dumber husband.

The married women of Raniere secretly lust for Master Raniere.

The question is whether to disguise this from their inferior husbands.

Most women hide it. For good reason. One: Master Raniere is very busy servicing his harem, and exploring new women, and is not likely to take on the woman more than once or twice per year. Secondly, the man they are with might find his weak confidence shattered by such knowledge and no amount of EMs could fix that problem.

If Master Raniere were to grace the woman with a secret sexual tryst, it would be better not to inform the husband; besides, it would not be sex, it would be teaching so it would not be adultery.

It is not exactly the Right of the First Night, where the feudal master may have sex with the wife of a serf prior to his bringing her to the connubial bed.

Master Raniere has the right of any night for he knows what is best for any woman.

The initials KR on the pubic region of a woman and her tendering nude photos of herself and recordings of destructive things said about her husband show the husband has secondary rights to the Lord of the village.

With the collateral he possesses, he could destroy the marriage of any couple where the wife is a DOS slave.

It is not surprising the men married or coupled with DOS women are in denial or are deceived by their women.

A joke around NIXVM Village is said to be told by the DOS women and it goes like this:

The husband of a woman deeply involved in Executive Success Program comes home and asks his wife:

Hubby: I just found about DOS. You’re not a part of it are you?

Wife: Oh no. Of course not.

Hubby: Good. Guess what, the Society of Protectors decided to “out” the men who are married to DOS slaves and who have been cuckolded by Keith.

Wife: What are they going to do?,

Hubby: They are going to dunk them in the Hudson River to shame them. Isn’t that great!

Wife: Gee honey, I didn’t know you could swim.


kr dos
The Connubial Boudoir of the DOS couples – By Joann of DOS.     “The exquisite imagery of the artist suggests that Mr. Raniere’s presence is figurative only. This is made clear by the initials K R not being at the woman’s pubic region but floating seemingly in mid air – where it transmutes the branded wife to higher consciousness whereby the husband is not a cuckold but a DOS slave himself, subordinate to the higher teachings of Master Raniere” –                     L. Worthington Hammerton, art critic . 



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  • Once these men realize what Keith is and that everything was a scam, they will go insane. It’s coming.

  • This is spot on. Think of the past guys Keith has chased off. He usually just puts them in a death roll by labeling them one of the “bad names” he’s used in his teachings. (names that we now know are secretly describing himself) Or he’ll publically embarass or blatantly discredit the guy if nobody would buy into him calling them a leveler or a sociopath etc. My point is, he only chases off the alphas. What makes it easier on him is the aphas don’t typically 100% buy into his charade, and are looking at the whole operation with a raised eyebrow to begin with. My sadness in this whole fiasco is with all the motherless women in their 30s, 40s, and 50s.

  • You do not understand what is going on. It is not SEX like you think. Keith can teach a woman more in one night than her husband can in 100 years. It is not all about sex. “Get your mind out of the gutter and look up at the star studded heavens” – Keith Raniere.

  • These “men” need another letter in the acronym for SOP, a C, to make it SOCP, or Society Of Castrated Protectors.

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