The “Chosen Ones” of Keith Raniere – with pictures

Over the years, Keith Raniere of Clifton Park, NY has selected various women for his harem.

Some of them are still with him. .

cheating harem
Some of our sources indicate that several members of his harem are cheating on Mr. Raniere behind his back in Clifton Park, NY.

Over the years, Mr. Raniere has honored certain women in his harem by making them his “Chosen One.”

To guide her,  he tells her they are in a monogamous relationship and hides the fact that he is having sexual teaching experiences with other women. Oftentimes, when the woman finds out, she declines to be the chosen one.

Among the list of “Chosen Ones” were:


linda smith 1


Linda Smith: His girlfriend when he started Consumers’ Buyline, she may have been the original “Chosen One”. But they subsequently broke up. Later, Mr. Raniere was kind enough to hire her daughter for ESP.









gina hutvhinson
Gina Hutchinson: She was also a “Chosen One.” But she was only 15 – and he was 26. After he persuaded her to quit school, he told her that even though he was not going to be monogamous, she, as a woman, must be monogamous with him. Mr. Raniere reportedly was kind enough to allow Gina, who was an extraordinarily intelligent woman, to help him complete his take-home IQ test which demonstrated that he was “the smartest man in the world.” When she refused to be monogamous to Mr. Raniere, he punished her.  Her diary showed she was trying to resolve her problems with Mr. Raniere.  But those issues were never resolved – at least not in writing – when she committed suicide.

Toni Natalie: Another “Chosen One”, she was supposed to have his golden avatar child. But she left him without bearing him a child. He wrote her love letters saying he might die if she did not come back. She still stayed away. He threatened her – and she still refused to return. He sued her – and she still refused. He tried to lure her to Mexico with an offer to enjoy a free Mexican vacation, where he had plans to have her imprisoned and raped, according to an eyewitness to the plot. She refused to go. He paid to have her indicted. She was acquitted. He sued Microsoft for infringing on a patent in Miss Natalie’s name that he told the court he owned even though he had no proof of ownership. The judge fined Mr. Raniere $1 million dollars for lying to the court.


A young and ardent Keith Raniere with the woman he vowed to love forever, Toni Natalie.
A young and ardent Keith Raniere sent this illustration to Toni Natalie in order to persuade her to return to him.



old 12
Rhiannon: Mr. Raniere started “training” the 12-year old Rhiannon when he was 30. She was to be another “Chosen One” but grew disturbed and ran away from home when she was 13 after about 60 sexual lessons.



1024x1024 (4)
It was no joke that Rhiannon at age 13 had a hard time understanding the sexual teachings of Mr. Raniere, age 31. For one thing, his tongue would get bruised and almost lacerated by her braces. She told the Albany Times Union that she reported the matter to the police. They asked her to wear a wire. She was afraid and did not want the public exposure. She dropped out of school, ran away from home, and Mr. Raniere went on to teach other women and girls.
Keith Raniere is the Vanguard, the most ethical teacher to his followers. But do they ever stop to wonder if there is another more personal side to Mr, Raniere?
gina melita
Gina Molita was a 15-year old girl that Mr. Raniere trained in sexual integration. He performed Rational Inquiries on her but she found it did not help her perhaps because she was under the age of consent in New York State and was not looking to join a harem at that age.



Nancy Salzman: Chosen to be his Prefect. When she grew too old to be part of Mr. Raniere’s harem, she did what any good mother with two teenage daughters would do: she offered them to Mr. Raniere to be his “Chosen Ones.”


dawn morrison

Dawn Morrison: She came to him as a stunning beauty – and was quickly anointed as another “Chosen One”.  While many might find her a stunning beauty now, she, at age 49, has aged out of consideration. But there was splendor in the grass for a season. Then it got too cold. Mr. Raniere allowed her to remain single and boy-friendless and serve him ever since.


chritine marie
When Mr. Raniere got a load of Christine Marie, he knew, at once, she was the “Chosen One.” Showing that she had brains equal to her beauty, she didn’t agree and escaped rather quickly.


image_14Barbara Bouchey: She was another “Chosen One” who was supposed to bear him his golden avatar child. But they never had a child.

She left and claimed Mr. Raniere swindled her out of more than one million dollars. He said he thought she gave it to him as a gift – and then spent well over $1,000,000 of the Bronfmans’ money to finance multiple lawsuits against her – and  to underwrite criminal investigations on her. Although he lost every legal action against her, Mr. Raniere was able to drive her into bankruptcy and get her indicted. She was acquitted of all the trumped-up charges that Mr. Raniere arranged to have brought against her.


These remarkable three ladies were never  “Chosen Ones.” They knew their place – which was to work to find new harem members for Mr. Raniere. Sadly, Barbara Jeske [l] and Pam Cafritz [r] both died of cancer at an early age despite Mr. Raniere’s heroic efforts  to cure them [He claims to be a scientist]. Karen Unterreiner [m] is the last standing woman of the original harem.
1024x1024 (11)
Sara Bronfman [l] tried to love the boys of NXIVM. Finally, she met Mr. Raniere in a hotel and decided she loved him. She later wrote a love poem about her experiences. Mr. Raniere invested more than $50 million of her money – and then claimed that her father, billionaire Edgar Bronfman, had manipulated the world commodities markets which caused all the money to be lost. Sara gave more money, trusting her Vanguard, and went on to love other men of NXIVM. She finally landed in a hot tub with the top assistant to the Dalai Lama – the Venerable Lama Tenzin – and decided she loved him.  Finally, she landed in a Libyan man’s arms and decide she loved him. He agreed to marry her, but not for her money.


Clare Bronfman: She was chosen to be the one woman allowed to pay Mr. Raniere back for the crimes her father, Edgar Bronfman [deceased], did to ruin Mr. Raniere by making world market forces work against his planned investment of her and her sister Sara’s money. Mr. Raniere stripped her of clothing and money. He invested an estimated $75 million of her money in commodities, real estate, litigation, investigations into enemies, and funding Mr. Raniere’s operations, much of it off the books. The commodities went badly, the real estate investment went bankrupt, they lost every lawsuit, and Mr. Raniere’s operations continue to lose money primarily because of all the bad press he gets which deters 99 percent of potential new students from signing up for classes.  She stays with Mr. Raniere and continues investing in Mr. Raniere because she believes in his cause. She is literally going for broke. But she knows – for Mr. Raniere has told her – that he doesn’t love her just for her money; nor is that the reason she has the top position in his organization.  She would be just as highly revered by him and all the women even if she were penniless. Miss Bronfman may soon be able to test that statement.



ranny dec
This is not a real photo but an artist vision of the “vulnerable and sensitive Mr. Raniere who needs a hug, which we all need’.


marianna fernandezMarianna Fernandez: She was the #1 harem woman until Allison Mack took over that position.  Marianna selfishly did not want Mr. Raniere to sleep with her two sisters. In order to teach her not to be selfish, he attempted to recruit one of her sisters, Daniella Fernandez, into his harem – and when Daniella refused, he imprisoned her in a room in a home owned by Clare Bronfman and Ms. Salzman for 18 months  before she escaped.  It is suspected that Mr. Raniere allowed her other sister, Cami Fernandez, to enjoy one-on-one sessions with him on or about the time she was legally able to consent in New York State, according to women who lived in his harem. Cami was employed as a teacher of children of Mr. Raniere’s disciples – and paid off the books by Clare Bronfman who laundered money to pay her and other illegal aliens through her Ethical Science Foundation.


CN72EW wooden puppet pinocchio in the firenze
There is a difference between worldly lies and spiritual lies. Spiritual lies are meant to help the person who is being lied to – whereas worldly lies are meant to help the liar. How does one tell the difference?  Mr. Raniere only tells spiritual lies.

esther 11


Esther Chiappone: She moved from Alaska to be one of Mr. Raniere’s “Chosen Ones”. Once she got to Clifton Park, NY, however, she discovered that Mr, Raniere had told her a spiritual lie: He had no intention of being only with her – and she must learn to share him. Nancy Salzman helped her learn this most important lesson.







Ivy Nevares: She had her golden moments when Mr. Raniere informed her she might bear his golden child. It is suspected she demanded too much – and he became displeased. He taught her to be an obedient lady who learned she is too old to bear a golden avatar child with Mr. Raniere but she can still dedicate the rest of her life to him.



Loretta Garza: This Mexican beauty aged out of consideration for Mr. Raniere’s “Chosen One” status. But she can still serve as a Slave Master for the younger women. She helps them get branded.




Svetlana Kotlin: Mr. Raniere dated her as if he was her boyfriend, leading her to believe they were a monogamous couple. Then she found out it was planned that she was to be part of the harem. She rebelled and left.  Mr. Raniere informed her that he might die from the separation. She took a chance and stayed away.

He lived.




Artist conception of Mr. Raniere when he became ill when Miss Kotlin left him.


Fortunately, Mr. Raniere recovered – and his eyes actually turned bluer than they had been before.




Allison Mack: At the height of her acting career, Mr. Raniere showed her how foolish it was to waste her life acting when she could do something noble. She quit acting and went on to head Dominant Over Submissive (DOS), an all-women’s group headed by Mr. Raniere whose members provide collateral that can be used to blackmail them if they tell anyone about DOS or try to leave  – and that employs hot iron branding of women’s pubic region with Mr. Raniere’s initials.



v week sara
The women of Raniere perform during Vanguard Week – a 10 day celebration of his birth.


ronnie raniere
This cartoon is meant to illustrate Mr. Raniere allowing a woman to serve him. Mr. Raniere teaches that women desire to be slaves of a good man.


He teaches unstintingly to women of all ages.


Honorable mention: Kristin Keeffe did have Mr. Raniere’s son.  But the now 10-year old boy was born at an inconvenient time for Mr. Raniere [2007].

For the welfare of his students, Mr. Raniere told them he was a celibate monk who had renounced all material desires including sex and money.

To preserve the integrity of the teachings, Mr. Raniere commanded his son’s mother [Miss Keeffe] to say the boy was an orphan whose mother died at childbirth and the father [actually Mr. Raniere] was unknown.

This fable was believed by most of his students, until the mother, Miss Keeffe, no longer wanted her son to be considered an orphan.  Mr. Raniere was in no mood to have some lowly mother of his child [she had never really been a “Chosen One” but merely a member of the harem] to destroy the teachings he had for the salvation of the world.

Miss Keeffe concluded he was insane and a sociopath. She fled with her son, aided by the New York State Police, who placed her in battered women’s shelters.

In the mundane world, Mr. Raniere would be called a deadbeat father. Mr. Raniere, however, has never publicly acknowledged his son, nor allowed himself to be called “Father” or “Dad” by the boy. His teachings were of a higher caliber. Sons and fathers have been born, becoming fathers themselves and dying since time immemorial. Their relationships are of little note or of lasting value.

It might be argued by more than one women in his harem thatVanguard is forever.

Ask any one of his “Chosen Ones.”



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