Brian Elliott is not a millionaire. But maybe Keith will build him into one someday.

Did Brian Elliot call me, pretending he is married to find out my sources? Brian, what do you say?

A few days ago, I got a call from a gent who said he was concerned about his wife and Keith Raniere.

He said what he read on Frank Report was “eyebrow raising.”

Brian Elliott may have made a call asking about his wife having sex with Keith Raniere. But it might not have been him. And he might not be married.

He asked where my information came from – and who my sources were.

He used the word “triggers” and sounded like he had been to the Keith Raniere school of public speaking. He sounded like Mr. Raniere, but it was not Mr. Raniere.

I told him I cannot name my sources for obvious reasons: Keith Raniere is a vengeful man – and, with Clare Bronfman’s money at his disposal, he can make life miserable for anyone he perceives to be an enemy.

He pressed further: He wanted to know if the words quoted in one of the posts were my interpretation or did someone actually tell me those words which were described as words Mr. Raniere spoke to various women.

He said he wanted to hear from the “horse’s mouth” [me] if those were the exact words.

I suspected that he was trying to find out something but I was not sure why.

I asked him if he thought it was OK to brand women on their pubic region?

He said he said he had “some significant discomfort” with branding, but “not to an extreme extent.”

He said that, from what he heard, Mr. Raniere had no connection to branding if it did exist (which he did not know) or to DOS if it did exist, but that if there was any of this going on, it was a women’s group.

As such, he did not have a ‘fundamental objection” to women branding women if it did exists, which is something he wanted to find out about.

Then he asked if I had any pictures of any branded women – just to prove it actually was occurring. He asked if I would share with him some photos of branded women perhaps with their head cropped out so that it would be anonymous.

I told him my sources told me that DOS required women to send photographs of their branding on a regular basis. No two brands would be identical because Dr. Danielle Roberts D.O. performs these brandings with unsteady hands since the women are held down and they wiggle and squirm as they try to escape. No two brands are the same. Since DOS has photographs, any photo of a brand, headless or not, would identify the woman.

He asked if I had “any sources” that might be willing to talk to him on the phone, anonymously.

“Why?”, I asked.

If he could speak with a more direct source, it would help him understand “what’s true and what’s not true.” He said if “there was an opportunity to talk to someone who could be a direct source” that he could speak to her directly that would be “really helpful” in putting the “puzzle pieces” together.

“Would you be willing to identify yourself?”,  I asked.

He said he would be willing to identify himself to a direct source; if one of the DOS women were willing to talk, he would say who he was.

I asked him why it was important.

He said, my wife is becoming deeply involved.

Has she given collateral?

He said “No” but his wife was considering joining Jness. She was already in ESP.

He said  his “hope” was to have me put him “in touch with one of the sources”, then his wife could join the conversation. It would be “really helpful to hear directly from one of the sources,” he said. “Is there a possibility to get in touch with a direct source, anonymously?”, he asked again.

I told him he didn’t need any direct sources. “Tell your wife to ask certain women.” I told him I would provide him with names. “If she is in ESP, she knows these people. Have her ask them if it’s true they’ve been branded? If they say ‘No,’ then have your wife ask these women in a discreet, private room to show her that they have  not been branded.”

He then made a startling admission. “To be honest I have reason to believe that the branding is actually happening. It’s the sexual relationships with Keith that I need ‘better evidence’ That why I need to talk to a ‘direct source.’”

“Is your wife good looking, slender and nubile?’, I asked.

“She could conceivably be described that way,” he said.

“Does she have long hair?”


“You won’t need any direct sources to find out if Mr. Raniere is having sex with his students. Your wife can prove that for herself. All she has to do is present Mr. Raniere with the opportunity.”

He said that would probably be his “…least desirable way of establishing the veracity of this claim” which is “why  I want to speak with a ‘direct source.”

It struck me this gentlemen might be legit. Maybe he is worried about his wife having sex with Mr. Raniere, even if he doesn’t mind if she were to be branded with his initials on her crotch.

But it would be impossible to allow him to speak to a direct source, since, if he were a member of Mr. Raniere’s circle, he would know the source by her voice.

And Mr Raniere is a most vengeful person.

A source later called me and said that Brian Elliott, who lives in Clifton Park,  is trying to save the San Francisco group of ESP whose members are leaving in the wake of the branding and other weird and scandalous things.

“Keith is desperate to find out your sources. Brian may call you and try to say his wife might be having sex with Keith. It’s a trick.”

A guy just called.

“That was Brian Elliott. He doesn’t have a wife. He’s gay.”

I went online and listened to Mr. Elliott and his brother speaking. It sounded an awful lot like the man I spoke to on the phone. But I was not certain.

Mr. Brian Elliott, if this is true, if you called, would you care to comment?

Is your wife, Ok? Did she get branded? Do you still need to speak to direct sources?


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  • If you don’t already have it, make sure you sign up for TrapCall, which will unblock blocked phone numbers (aside from Skype calls and calls that are spoofed themselves). Best five bucks a month you’ll ever spend. Very enjoyable calling back people who thing they’re calling incognito.

  • It appears that some of the NXIVM men have been lied to and told that the stories about DOS are all fabricated by angry women. 
    However most NXIVM men (especially the men of SOP) do seem to know about the existence of DOS, the use of blackmail to enslave the women (though they see it as ‘collateral’ to help make their poor weak women stronger), the paddling as punishment and the pubic branding with Keith Raniere’s initials. Some seem slightly disturbed but are quick to defend it and make it ok saying that if their wise leader is behind this then of course it’s good for the women and it’s none of their business to intervene. 

    How head fucked do you have to be to make these things ok? 
    Over the years I’ve heard some men in the inner circle say they knew Keith was having sex with most of the women in Albany. Some have even expressed concern in private conversations but again are quick to make it ok. Maybe I’m wrong and these women really are lost and broken and need some of the magic Vanguard Cum to save their souls.

  • Do the men of this cult know what’s going on? The men who work in the companies? The partners/spouses? Have any of them come to the DOS slaves defence?

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