Is Allison Mack regressing to a childlike condition?

Readers weigh in on Allison Mack and Master Raniere


Allison Mack must be getting pushed from her master to promote his greatness more frequently due to the material published on this website. Her most recent blog post fawning over his magnificence of telling her to more deeply experience existence – in other words, be more attentive, something you can learn from a $10 self-help book – is here:

Allison, how can you become a better artist if all you’re doing is trying to sell your fraudulent master’s courses, instead of actually working? You were a lot more successful without him than with him. The only reason you think you’re experiencing more joy, compassion, and all the other buzzwords, is because they brainwash you into thinking you are.



“We have two ears and only one tounge (sic) …”



From Miss Mack’s website.


v week sara
Allison Mack [right] dances with other devotees of Master Raniere.

Another reader analyzed:


Allison Mack’s blog posts often point to specific types of neurosis she is experiencing. It is obvious what she describes is the effects of being in Executive Success Programs trainings for several years, and the results of being “mentored” by Keith Raniere.

Here are some quotes from her last three posts:

From “She Stopped Talking Enough to Listen”:

“More often than not I am spinning in my head consumed with thoughts about what are others are thinking of me, how I can do better and what I’m going to eat for lunch. The noise in my head is so loud that I can’t hear anything other than the feedback bouncing off the inside of my skull.”

From “And She Failed Again…. At Least This Time Was Better”

“I listened to a beautiful book by Pema Chodren called, “Fail, Fail Again, Fail Better”…..

“My heartbreak does not cause my body to shut down, I can survive the pain of losing someone I love, disappointment, and shame.”…..”So look at the failures, lean into them and find the lesson deep within the pain. Easy to write, easy to hear – simple. Hard to apply. Deep breaths… Press into the day and look for the failure. Brace yourself for the pain. Grin joyfully, and bring it on.”

From “She Tries To Be Good….”

“But genuinely, outside my own issue, I look at all the faces on the tube and the people at the convention and it seems like we are all little 4 and 5 year olds just trying to be good. Trying desperately to make sure we are doing the “right” thing – the “acceptable” thing.”

Is Allison Mack regressing to a childlike condition?

Allison Mack was a successful, confident actress in her beginning years with Executive Success Programs. By the time she was 30 years old, she had saved a multi-million dollar fortune amassed from her work on Smallville, and carefully invested it. The returns on her investment ensured she would never need to work again. After leaving Smallville Allison got way more deeply involved in Executive Success Programs, and unfortunately ensared by Keith Raniere.

The above quotes exemplify the slow denigration into insecurity and neurosis exhibited by many students in Executive Success, especially women seduced to Keith Raniere’s bed and “special teachings”.

Allison Mack, a once healthy, confident, prime time lead actress, and millionairess by 30, has disintegrated into (from her own writings) a “spinning in her head” “trying to survive the shame” “4 or 5 year old little girl.” Add to that the pictures of her illustrating her extreme anorexia and a fair assumption that Keith Raniere is burning through her fortune – Fast.

Allison Mack’s own words say it all and are the best testimonial to the real life effects of Executive Success Programs and DOS. Neurosis, shame, infantileness.

Perhaps much worse.

Allison Mack’s blog –

Allison Mack appears anorexic and some are uncertain how happy that smile is either.


And this is why Vandoofus, fraud of the true essence of a human being, charlatan extraordinaire, false “prophet”, and sociopath, must be stopped. He confuses and destroys minds and doesn’t even give shit. No one burns through millions of dollars of other people’s money otherwise. He only cares about himself and only “cares” about others in relation to how much he can use and abuse them for himself. It’s time for his MLM castle built on and of sand to be washed away.


Another reader writes:


ESP is loaded up with thought-stopping stimulus-response nonsense that eventually debilitates the students. Our host used to work there, and has noted that advanced ESP students were unable make ordinary business decisions, because they had to translate everything from the real world to Raniere-speak, process as best they could, and then translate back to the real world.

But that was back in the pre – DOS days.

A common cultic tactic is to restrict the calorie intake of members (as well as work them long hours);. It dulls the mind, making it easier to control the recruits.

ESP wasn’t a live-in cult where that was an option in the past, But DOS promotes a calorie-restricted diet (because Vanguard likes them to look thin, implying youth). That has the side-effect of making DOS members barely functional mentally.

Allison seems to be displaying the symptoms…







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  • The 3 women in the dancing picture are very beautiful. However the 3rd woman on the far right is not Allison Mack.

  • Notice how Allison’s hair now is longer than it has ever been. I’ve always remembered her with short hair (for a woman) and can’t recall her hair ever being this long.

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