Conjecturing Contributor: A comparison between Mengele and Raniere’s interest in twins

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By The ‘Conjecturing Contributor,’ Jeffrey Ralston:

Curiously, two men who were gay NXIVM lovers [Emil Salinas and Alex Betancourt] split [publicly] as gay lovers and both went on to have twins with different women.

They continue to run Keith Raniere’s Mexican operations together.

The idea of studying twins presents unique opportunities for Mr. Raniere. He is already conducting child experiments in Mexico and elsewhere with his Rainbow Cultural Gardens – an experimental “school” where children are ushered to different nannies who speak to them in a Babelian-array of different languages – each different nanny speaking in her native tongue to the infant.

So far, the experiment has not proven effective and no peer-reviewed studies have ever been published to establish how well or how harmful Mr. Raniere’s experimental program is.

The study of twins in the 1940s at Auschwitz by Dr. Josef Mengele is something Mr. Raniere is deeply familiar with. Mr. Raniere is one of the world’s formost authorities on Nazi Germany and he is a guru who claims that some of his lovers were reincarnated Nazi leaders.

Dr. Mengele believed twins held the key to the secrets of heredity. He conducted experiments on about 3,000 twins. It s unclear how many survived. Most reports say very few lived.

Mr. Raniere, to date, has only two sets of twins to work with but with planned in vitro fertilization – which is how the gay men, through surrogates, had their twins – many twins may be expected.

Warning: For those who think this warning about twins and Mr. Raniere is exaggerated and preposterous, remember many felt that human branding of women on their pubic region and taking blackmail material from them to keep them silent was also preposterous – until we named nearly 50 women who participated with more to follow. Mr. Raniere is interested in twins. Keep it in mind!

Besides his experiments on children of Rainbow Cultural Gardens, Mr. Raniere has conducted experiments on students of ESP in hypnotic induction.

In Auschwitz, Dr. Mengele allowed twins to keep their hair and clothes, gave them extra food and candy and chocolates, played violin for them, and the children called him Uncle Mengele.

Mr. Raniere requires his slave-women to keep their hair [long,] makes them take off their clothes, puts them on low calorie diets, forbids them candy [he likes women to be emaciated- like prisoners in Auschwitz -in fact they call Knox Woods – Little Auschwitz], plays the piano for them and tells them having sex is like playing the violin – as long as they have sex only with him. Mr. Raniere’s students call him Vanguard.

Dr. Mengele gave twins “classes” in Auschwitz and allowed them to play soccer, did not require them to do hard work and spared them from punishment. The twins had the best conditions at Auschwitz.

Mr. Raniere gives his DOS women classes called Intensives, has readiness drills where they are sleep deprived, and allows them to watch him play volleyball. All women must work for his causes and, if they are defiant, they are punished by shunning or his newly introduced bare buttocks paddling. His slave-women have the best conditions in NXIVM for they are allowed to wear his initials branded on their pubic condition and he will ejaculate on some of them which then precludes them from ever having sex with another man the rest of their life.

Dr. Mengele had blood drawn from the fingers, arms or necks of twins.  Blood tests included transfusions of blood from one twin to another.

Mr. Raniere brands women, drawing blood from the searing flesh of their pubic region – and takes collateral which he can use to blackmail them so they will keep silent. The branding is successful in a general sense, but may cause sterility in women. His experiments with low calorie diets have also caused some women to enter early menopause, leaving their future fertility in doubt. In vitro pregnancies with surrogates is the new wave of Mr. Raniere’s planned twins production. Several of his harem died young from cancer; he managed their treatments.

Organ removal, castration and amputation were said to have been conducted to discover ways to advance medical science by Dr. Mengele. If the twins died, their organs, eyes, blood samples and tissues were sent to Verschuer for further study. Dr. Mengele sent thousands of brains and other organs, cadavers, and blood and tissue samples to Kaiser Wilhelm Institute for Brain Research.

Mr. Raniere discovered Rational Inquiry, a secret process he says that makes the brain superior. The Intensives may be described as a sort of camp to learn concentration Raniere-style. Many brains have gone into Limbo after being treated to heavy doses of Rational Inquiry. Many escaped from his concentration camp intensives.

Dr. Mengele performed  sex change operations, and incestuous impregnation to attempt other medical advances.

Mr. Raniere has identified several past life regressions and says that some of his lovers were Nazis enamored of Hitler. As for incest, he has had sex with sisters and allegedly had their brother film him.  He claims he can set off radar detectors with his brain, change the weather at will, make it rain on one person while not on another, and has even persuaded one woman that her brain waves killed others. He teaches that men are meant to be polygamous and women monogamous. He teaches in his SOP classes that a man ejaculating on the face of a woman is a mark of territorial ownership [He is on video saying that].

After the war, Dr. Mengele left Germany for Argentina, posed as a veterinarian, and then later lived in Brazil and Paraguay doing abortions and artificial insemination for women.

After the authorities close in on him, as expected, Mr. Raniere is expected to leave the United States for Fiji where his slave-woman Clare Bronfman bought Wakaya Island.

Argentina, Paraguay and Brazil were not cooperative in extraditing Dr. Mengele.

Fiji is notorious for its corrupt judiciary which rules on extradition and is expected to cut a deal to not extradite Mr. Raniere to the U.S. in return for Bronfman money.

Dr. Mengele spent time in Linha São Pedro, Brazil, a small settlement in the city of Cândido Godói, in the German district near the Argentine border. It is famous for the high number of twins born there, being the highest in the world with 700 twins in a population of 6,600 – 1,000% higher than the global average twin rate. Some say he gave women a twin-inducing mix of drugs or hormones. The place is called ‘Twin Land’

Mr. Raniere is expected to be exiled to Wakaya Island, in Fiji, with a present population of 600. It is expected to double in population as other followers from the United States and Mexico flee to be near him. The age of consent is 16 in Fiji but with sufficient money and your own island, the laws can be ignored, as they are everywhere in the world. If twins are Mr. Raniere’s new interest, one can expect a boom in twins – perhaps with very young mothers.

The purpose of studying twins is in the differences you offer the two. Parents are advised  to exercise caution before entrusting their children or teen daughters to Mr. Raniere.

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alex and emil
Gay lovers who both had twins with different surrogate mothers.

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Master scientist




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