Breaking News: Branding may cause sterility and/or prevent female orgasms! All branded women must see a real doctor before it’s too late!


The slave-women of DOS who have been branded are reporting that their pubic branding is causing them discomfort.

Some women have seen physicians who have informed them that the branding, which some are calling Female Pubic Mutilation, may prevent them from ever having children.

The hot iron scarring was performed by Dr. Danielle Roberts D.O., a DOS slave herself, under conditions that have been described as medieval.

Four naked women hold down the woman to be branded and she is ordered not to be released no matter how hard she begs to be let go because of the painful procedure.

The branding, which is done on the freshly shaved pubic region at night at a location  which is undisclosed to the woman being branded, is performed without anesthesia and takes about 20 minutes of unceasing, nerve deadening pain.

The smell of burning flesh mixes with the sweat running off the bodies of the women who hold the branded women down creating an appalling scene and a unsterile environment.

Now, women are reporting that nerve endings seem dead and they can no longer have  orgasms.

Master Keith Raniere teaches that it is not important for a woman to have an orgasm and that any woman he has sex with should get her pleasure from his ejaculating on her face or inside her. His ejaculation marks his ownership of the women, he teaches.

The human branding practice by Dr. Robertts on behalf of Mr. Raniere [or Female Pubic Mutilation] may have long lasting side effects.

If you are a woman who has been branded by Mr. Raniere’s DOS organization, you are strongly urged to see a real physician as soon as possible.

There have been women who have not healed properly and infection might set in.

Do not mistake that itching burning sensation as necessarily “healing for your master.”

You may have an infection that can cause sterility.

Please see a physician!



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