Raniere’s hand or coincidence? Gay lovers who lead Mexico ESP break up – and then separately have twins

Emiliano Salinas left his longtime lover Alex Betancourt for a woman Ludwika Paleta. Now both gay lovers are having twins with separate women. The two men remain business partners.

[The following report is based on sources who claim to be close to Keith Raniere. It is believed to be true. It is up to the reader to determine whether the information is true or not.]



Two gay lovers break up. Later, both have twins with different women.

The two gay lovers were business partners.

Both men were the leaders of Keith Raniere’s Executive Success Programs in Mexico.

Alex Betancourt and Emiliano Salinas were well known gay lovers in the NIXVM community for years.  Both are disciples of Keith Raniere.

Mr. Salinas was occasionally rumored to have affairs with women from time to time, including one of Mr. Raniere’s top financial supporters, Sara Bronfman, back in 2006.

In 2013, after Mr. Salinas broke up with Mr. Betancourt, he married sex symbol Mexican actress, Ludwika Paleta. This year, Ms. Paleta had twins, a boy and a girl.

Although Mr. Salinas is reportedly the father, it is widely believed that in vitro fertilization (IVF) was utilized. [In vitro fertilization is a medical procedure whereby eggs are fertilized by sperm in a test tube – and then placed in the mother-to-be]. The odds for twins is increased through in vitro fertilization since doctors can transfer more than one embryo to an IVF patient.

 The window for fertility is finite and Ms. Paleta is 38

Mr. Betancourt, according to sources, did employ a surrogate mother and, through in vitro fertilization, she is expecting or recently delivered twins for Mr. Betancourt.

Consider the coincidences:

  1. Twins are born to two men who are at the topmost level of Mr. Raniere’s organization
  2. Both Mr. Salinas and  Mr. Betancourt are on Mr. Raniere’s ESP Executive Board of Directors.
  3. Both men are wealthy.
  4. Both men are business partners who lead Mexico City and other Mexican ESP centers.
  5. Both were gay lovers who loved together and recently broke up and now both are expecting twins.

Because of scandals easily found on the internet, it has become nearly impossible for Mr. Raniere to find new students in the United States.

alex and emil
Emiliano Salinas left his longtime lover, Alex Betancourt, for a woman, Ludwika Paleta. Now, both gay lovers are having twins with separate women. The two men remain business partners.
Ludwika Paleta had twins with Mr. Salinas being named as the father.

In Mexico, the internet is not nearly as well-utilized. And now that ESP’s Centers in Vancouver and Los Angeles have imploded, most of Mr. Raniere’s new students come from Mexico.

Consider, two men who were formerly gay lovers and who together lead the Mexican businesses enterprises for Mr. Raniere leave each other and both have twins.

Does this offers new opportunities for the scientist, mystic, multilevel marketing entrepreneur, and philosopher-guru known to his followers as Vanguard?

[There is some speculation that Mr. Raniere’s sperm may have been used to impregnate the women to create a super breed of new Mexican male. This is offset by the widespread belief that Mr. Raniere has low fertility.]

There is talk of Lauren Salzman getting pregnant in vitro if her low calorie diet and pubic branding has not destroyed her fertility.  It will be interesting to see if she also has twins if she, in fact, is able to get pregnant.

Keith Raniere may be behind the machinations that led to gay lovers Alex Betancourt and Emiliano Salinas getting together, then breaking up, and then having twins with different women.


twins v
This photo of the twins [Barbara and Sebastian] of Ludwika Paleta was provided by her publicist for Mexican media. Who is the father?

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