Reader: What Lauren Salzman Didn’t Say [or wear] in San Francisco

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If you’re going to San Francisco, be sure to get branded? Lauren Salzman went to San Francisco to save the cratering center as its members couldn’t grasp female pubic mutilation [DOS branding] and blackmail [DOS collateral]. The song ‘San Francisco’ advises people going to San Francisco to wear flowers in their hair. Miss Salzman came wearing her pubic brand. It may not have been enough.

According to FrankReport, Lauren Salzman tried to stop the defections of people from the San Francisco ESP “center” from the blackmail, branding, and slavery of DOS.

It is notable that several things were NOT reported to be said.

Lauren did NOT say that DOS is a rogue element inside JNESS, and that JNESS remains the giggly girls mutual support club that it claims to be. Presumably that means DOS has so thoroughly gutted JNESS that such a claim would have no credibility.

Lauren also did NOT say that while DOS/JNESS may have gone in a bad direction, that was due to to its leadership (who are only women after all) not adequately following the infallible principles taught by Keith Raniere. Presumably that means that everyone listening knew that Mr. Raniere knew exactly what was happening and chose not to stop it.

Lauren also did NOT say that DOS/JNESS have nothing to do with Executive Success Programs. Recall that neither program publicly links itself to the other (except that both acknowledge Mr. Raniere as their infallible originator). Lauren might have tried to salvage ESP even if JNESS is not salvageable. Presumably that means that everyone listening knew ESP and DOS/JNESS are just two sides of the same coin.

Be aware that making inferences from absence of data is risky. It may be that our host, or his sources, know otherwise but simply didn’t report it.

In the Consumer Buy-Line days, Mr. Raniere had defense arguments for why it technically wasn’t a pyramid scheme, and fallback strategies for abandoning states while continuing in others. In setting up ESP, Mr. Raniere made Nancy Salzman the corporate figurehead and avoided any paper trail linking it to him.

But in the present case, none of the obvious ways for him to avoid responsibility have been used. The strategy seems to be a complete stonewall.

It may be that with Bronfman money Raniere thinks he can dodge civil and criminal prosecution, which wasn’t an option back in the day. Certainly the money will buy some time if nothing else.

But it would not be surprising he really did move the harem to Fiji….

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  • Back in the day, she could pull some good looking guys. That must have really pissed off Vanguard. Nancy must feel so guilty for letting her go down this path.

    • Lauren might be happier with having loved a god and lost than having only loved an average man. She may spend her middle age alone but look at her sister, she has a boyfriend but she may did not have the full access to Vanguard…..

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