News Flash: Albany ESP members are “all reading” Frank Report – but website is not officially sanctioned!

Says it all.

Our inside sources in Clifton Park [near Albany] tell us there has been no public discussion addressing the revelations in FrankReport in the NXIVM community.

People, however, are all talking among themselves. Feeling angry that nothing has been said and that no one is refuting any of the revelations.

“Everyone is reading Frank Report,” sources tell us.

Mr. Raniere has not sanctioned reading the website FrankReport, however, and for the women who privately ask him, he advises not reading it since it is “all lies“. [For the women who have been branded, he tells them to say it is “all lies” to the students who have not been branded for the good of the cause.]

Rosa Laura Junco, who, as head of Knife of Aristotle, knows whether the FrankReport stories about human branding and blackmail are true or not should be able to show how FrankReport is spinning “fake news”.  But so far, she – and everyone else who is involved with DOS – are keeping mum.

The branding of the leading women on their pubic region is easy to keep hidden since it is right above the genitals. Sources report, however, that some husbands became irate when they found out their wives had been branded with Mr. Raniere’s initials.

An Intensive has been ongoing and is filled with considerable angst since branded women are the teachers and are told to avoid the discussion of branding and blackmail which seems to be on everyone’s mind [and lips behind the scenes.]

Some of the branded teachers are experiencing severe itching and a burning sensation where they were branded with the hot iron torch on their pubic region.

Some leeway might be expected from understanding students since it is hard to teach for hours on end when your pubic region is itching and in pain from a branding session that occurred only a few months ago. Perhaps it might be advisable to explain to students that teachers are experiencing distractions and given extra consideration or more frequent breaks where the teachers can apply Neo-sporin and pain relieving salves.

There is nothing more appreciated than respectful students in any learning environment by teachers and administrators.

Medical doctors have told branded women that the branding was done improperly [it should not have been applied to the pubic region but rather on a muscle like the shoulder or buttocks]  and could create health complications.

Cattle are not branded in their pubic region because it could cause reproductive difficulties and cattle should not be ill used.

Some think that the pain and itching could be the psychological since the initials of Mr. Raniere on their pubic region may cause considerable reflection on the wisdom of their action and itching and pain might be part mental anguish.

Some students are concerned and are secretly reading the FrankReport. Some of them are pondering how to address the issue with representatives of Vanguard [Mr. Raniere].

Some sources say it is as if a massive deprogramming is underway.

This is disputed by the counterargument that deprogramming suggests that what Mr. Raniere teaches is “cult-like” in its concept, a notion Mr. Raniere rejects entirely.raneirre

Artwork is part of any culture that is to survive: Women strip and are branded on their pubic region with the initials of Keith Raniere. This is from the artwork of one of the DOS slaves, Michelle Salzman.
salmn kiss
Prefect Nancy Salzman wants nothing more than every woman to come under the command of her master, Keith Raniere. Her matronly ways have made many young women trust in the goodness of Master Raniere.
It would be considered inhuman to brand cattle on their pubic region. For the safety of the cattle, they are branded on the backs, hips or shoulders.
Branding cattle shows ownership of the livestock.
safe_image (1)
The artwork of DOS slave Michelle Salzman has turned toward a fascination with female grief, pain and the wearing of symbolic slave chains some say.



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  • Thank you for sharing all of this; if even a tenth of what is posted is verifiable, then someone needs to stop this horror show from continuing. I hope the leaking means that we may finally see the end of this group that has hurt so many people; I hope that is is a resolution that doesn’t include further violence or victims.

    I lost a dear friend to this group in the mid-aughts, in the middle of their massive push against Rick Ross. Given how they isolate members, actively destroy relationships that aren’t within the cult itself, and have launched such propaganda wars against anyone speaking out – what can be done extract people that are still there? Did the collapse of ESP on the West Coast leave any openings for non-ESP people to break through to members? Are there hotlines, councilors, or other things that could be recommended to members that may be reading right now? Besides the blackmail, are there other things like policies or other members that could prevent someone from leaving? Is it like $cientology level bad? Can you provide some what an outsider could do to get through to people still inside?

    I hope that those members reading who are still in realize that they are not alone. When someone is drowning, you throw them a life line; if a building catches fire, people go in to make sure everyone gets pulled out. If people from the outside reach out to you, it’s because they still care about you and are worried for you given the information available to us. Don’t shut them out. If you’re afraid to reach out to someone outside for help, know that we haven’t forgotten you and merely need to know you are ready to be free. Don’t be afraid to ask.

  • Her non-espian friends have reached out to her. She has not responded to any of their emails or calls. She knows that if she says anything she has to lie or tell the truth. She will NEVER tell the truth. Her mom and dad have been brainwashed by Keith. They spend Christmas with Raniere and the harem where her Dad gives singing lessons and is made to feel special. They have no idea how fucked up this is. If someone got a hold of her brother or his wife that might be the ONLY hope. I doubt her brother’s wife would want her anywhere near her young children if she knew what Allison was doing behind closed doors.

    • You know the inside of the Raniere world. You escaped. Can you help Allison get out, with some fragment of her life left?

  • Here’s a question for all those Nxians who are secretly reading this blog and wondering what they should do: If you’re really asking that question, doesn’t that mean you know the answer? Get as far away from Raniere as you can as fast as you can. As Aristotle himself noted (and, as Alanis Morissette would note, isn’t that ironic?): “Nature abhors a vacuum”. And there is no greater vacuum on Earth than Keith Raniere.

  • Allison Mack’s twitter feed is so sad and pathetic it’s hard to get one’s mind around. I think Frank Report should publish a recap of her Tweets and Instagram posts from this last week. Plus excerpts from her blog. Hashtags “nourishment”. How is anything she does “nourishment” for anyone? Crazy talk….

    Her posts exemplify a classic psychological unraveling; a burrowing in of extreme denial and delusions of granduer. How long can she keep this up? It almost seems like she is having a psychotic break from reality. A total psychotic break.

    Where are Kristin Kruek and Mark Hildreth? Kruek has been out for years and Hildreth is now VERY OUT. They were her best friends for a decade or more. Why aren’t they helping her? Staging an intervention? What about her family? The status of her mental health looks bleak, very bleak.

    • Oh god, just checked out Mack’s twitter. She is a train wreck waiting to happen. God help her . Her Twitter bio says:

      “story-teller, question-asker, music-lover, theatre-goer, movie-obsessor, shakespeare-studier, globe-trotter, food-inhaler, woman of 34 and counting.”

      If she is so proud of her Sisterhood of Slaves, why doesn’t she proudly add “SLAVE MASTER” to her bio?

      • I’m sure Raniere has spewed his typical bullshit about how the rest of the world isn’t “evolved” enough to know the greatness of his master/slave and branding idea (thus Allison must deny it exist with lies for his noble cause which makes it OK), like they aren’t “evolved” enough to understand the greatness of his penis and how he has so much “love” to spread around with it.

        What a fucking tool.

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