Allison Mack reveals [obscurely] her “secret” on Blog? Is she having a breakdown?

Former TV actress Allison Mack is aware that many people now know that, along with her own slave master, Keith Raniere, she heads a master/slave organization called DOS that includes human branding and blackmail.

Here is what she wrote today on her blog

The leaves in the trees are dead, but have not yet fallen.

I went for a long walk today and heard them being pushed into one another. The leaves were talking. It felt like the whole street was whispering secrets.

listening. What a novel idea.


Here is the picture she used to illustrate her poetical thoughts:


On June 13, one week after FrankReport first published the secret of DOS and its human branding and slavery rites, Miss Mack wrote:


Cold sweats. Constantly.

The anxiety of being caught makes my heart thrum like a hummingbird.

Someday I will be discovered. I will be found out!

I peak through the crack in the door of the closet I have shoved myself.  It’s stuffy and I can barely breath (sic).

How long will I stay inside? It seems like it has been a lifetime in here already.

And in truth, it has.

It’s been so long that I can’t even remember the first time I stepped into the closet of self loathing to hide from the world.  I send out my best representative, the “Allison-bot”, who knows what to say, is always funny and never has armpit stains.

The part of me that smells, bleeds and says the wrong thing hangs out in the closet trembling while she peaks through the cracks in the door.

Why am I so nervous?

Because I am a fugitive on the run from intimacy and the fear of showing those pit stains and blood.

I anticipate rejection and so I reject sentencing myself to a life squished in a closet filled with all the things i feel most ashamed of.

What would happen if i threw open the door and jumped to the foreground?

Naked. Raw. Cellulite jiggling. Moles exposed.

My leg is cramping and I feel myself outgrowing this hiding spot. I am tired of being a voyeur.

I want to live my life.

I feel the rush of adrenaline.

Am I willing to be brave and jump out from behind the door and test the hypothesized destruction?

Wait for it…..

…Maybe tomorrow.

Here is the picture she posted with her post:




It is our hope that Miss Mack can find the lesson she craves to learn – but, hopefully, without causing any more pain to herself or to others.

While her words are poetic, it is entirely possible she needs psychological help or at least an evaluation.


A reader has this to say:

Allison Mack’s twitter feed is so sad and pathetic it’s hard to get one’s mind around. I think Frank Report should publish a recap of her Tweets and Instagram posts from this last week. Plus excerpts from her blog. Hashtags “nourishment”. How is anything she does “nourishment” for anyone? Crazy talk….

Her posts exemplify a classic psychological unraveling; a burrowing in of extreme denial and delusions of granduer. How long can she keep this up? It almost seems like she is having a psychotic break from reality. A total psychotic break.

Where are Kristin Kruek and Mark Hildreth? Kruek has been out for years and Hildreth is now VERY OUT. They were her best friends for a decade or more. Why aren’t they helping her? Staging an intervention? What about her family? The status of her mental health looks bleak, very bleak.

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  • RE: a reader has this to say: “Kreuk has been out for years and Hildreth is now VERY OUT.” What does VERY OUT mean?
    Kruek might be able to help Mack…might…but any publicity might also bring up Kreuk’s ESP past and hurt her reputation. In a sense…nobody is ever truly out of this cult…..

    • Very Out means Mark Hildreth resigned from all his affiliation with NXIVM et. al and Keith Raniere, in protest of what was/is being done to the women of DOS.

      • Many others have resigned in step with Mark Hildreth. Not DOS slaves but regular participants who said – NO! “This is wrong and I withdraw all my support of Executive Success Programs and all its subsidiaries.” Plain and simple, They woke up and stood up.

      • Good on Mark Hildreth. Good on Mark Vicente. And good on Sarah Edmondson. Unfortunately, NXIVM will still be around for as long as the parasitic leader still has Clare Bronfman, or someone else with a significant amount of money, under his control, that he can slowly pilfer funds from to further his “noble” (I’m laughing inside) cause of branding slave women, fucking them, and cumming on their faces. Once all the money goes, the ship sinks.

      • Silly Rabbit – You are correct, but if the other leaders of Executive Success Programs resign in protest, it will be hard to keep the whole educational system afloat. That system is 60% of the indoctrination process leading to DOS and other horrors. With it gone, large numbers of people will be freed. It’s pretty obvious Keith Raniere will have his core harem which includes Clare Bronfman – body, soul, and money – forever. If it comes to that where Executive Success Programs shuts down and Clare Bronfman funds Keith Raniere and his select slaves to go off to Fiji, the world will be a much better place.

  • There once was a NYS Police Investigator who vowed that because he had two daughters himself, he was not going to let Raniere continue to ensnare and denigrate women. Unfortunately, that Investigator got co-opted and became part of the problem rather than part of the solution. Wonder if he’s reading all this stuff about the brandings and, if so, how he sleeps at night…

  • I like to think of myself as wanting the best for others.

    And these posts sound like they are from someone who realizes she is in a bad place.

    She has some responsibility for being in that place. But there is sufficient evidence for me to believe that the responsibility is not hers alone. The truth is that we all have deep emotional instinctive needs, and unscrupulous agents can learn to exploit them. Rick Ross has noted that the same desires for applause that moticate some people into the acting profession make them more vulnerable than most to cultic influence.

    Keith Raniere seems to be a master at exploiting the emotional vulnerabilities of others, and to care nothing about the consequences for his victims.

    It is to be hoped that the end of this is not a complete tragedy.

  • It is so painfully obvious Keith Raniere is striving to drive these women into insanity. Especially Allison Mack. He’s a psychopath – that is what he does. People wouldn’t go crazy if it was obvious.

    Is there no one still on the inside that has the courage to stand up? To intervene? Where is the “Society of Protectors”? Now is your time to PROTECT. Protect these women! Get off your asses and out of your heads and stand up! Are you all just passive yes men? WTF?

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