‘Ha Ha’ writes: Women think they’ll have his babies? Raniere is likely ‘sterile’!

Fortunately, Mr. Raniere recovered and his eyes actually turned bluer than they had ever been before.

Our correspondent, ‘Ha Ha’ writes:

Keith Raniere has brainwashed hundreds of young women into believing in his Savior status, and into his bed. One must expect that nearly all of them would want the blessing of bearing his child. Some are even told they are so chosen.

Raniere told both Toni Natalie and Barbara Bouchey in the very early ESP days that they were to bear his golden child to carry on his mission of saving humanity.

This was after they had told him that they were unable to bear children.

It is sometimes reported that harem members are required to be on the pill. But the pill is not 100% effective, and more importantly, the temptation for at least some of them to “forget” to take one to be blessed with the heir to the Savior of Humanity would be irresistible.

Given the amount of sex Raniere is reported to engage in, one would expect quite a number of “accidental” children. But there are (essentially) none reported.

It is also reported that Raniere teaches it is the greatest blessing for a woman to receive his “essence” on her face.

The simplest explanation for all this data is that Raniere is (essentially) sterile, but doesn’t want to admit that weakness to the members of his world.

He would not need to explain why the golden child was not conceived to a partner who knows she is herself infertile. Telling his harem to be on birth control makes their lack of pregnancy less surprising. And no woman expects to become pregnant from a “facial.”

I say “essentially” sterile because there does appear to be one child of Raniere, conceived with long-time follower Kristen Keeffe. That the father is Raniere (rather than Keeffe straying from the Vanguard) is attested to by our host, who has seen the child and states that he strongly resembles both Keeffe and Raniere.

The resemblance to Keeffe is relevant because Raniere claims that the child was actually adopted after his mother died in childbirth.

That child was the original student in Rainbow Cultural Garden. The psychological experiments and abuse he reportedly received under the direction of his (unacknowledged) father resulted in Keeffe fleeing with him after nearly 20 years with Raniere, with the assistance of NY State Police. They remain in an undisclosed location today.

There have been some reports that longtime cohabitant Marianna Fernandez is pregnant. That is not inconsistent with the “essentially” sterile hypothesis. There can be a few viable sperm cells even if the vast majority are not viable.

But if Lauren Salzman wants her own Golden Child, she may need to get VERY busy…..

These women are idiots. He’s not going to give you a baby. He’s been fucking women for thirty plus years and he’s had one kid (and only by accident). He doesn’t want any kids. He only wants to use that as binding mechanism to keep your loyalty so he can continue to use you and (sometimes) fuck you.

Golden child? Savior? His semen is seen as his “essence”? Cumming on their face is seen as a “great blessing”? This doofus is as spiritual as a rock, and these women are morons to believe any of the bullshit that is excreted out of this fraud’s mouth.

Keith Raniere has promised women that he would sire a child for them.


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