Part 7: The Slave Women of DOS: Abused, deceived, and mocked; Raniere’s Mexican fool, Ivy Nevares

Ivy Nevares

Ivy Nevares might consider it her good fortune to be branded, if Mr. Raniere approved.

Will her pride let her bow before Allison Mack or Nicki Clyne and call them her master?

Before these upstarts came, Ivy Nevares was the beauty of the harem. Even Barbara Bouchey, the belle of the harem, would pause and gape at Ivy Nevares.

But Miss Bouchey left Mr. Raniere, after uncovering he had likely embezzled and gambled away a sizable amount of money.

Miss Nevares stayed.


She was once so close to Mr. Raniere that he went to her home daily and spent hours working ‘on a book’ together in the bedroom. Miss Nevares could not hold the steady mark of obedience however. She gained weight.

Mr. Raniere’s keen eye saw it and he also espied a more pleasing, slender, long haired prospect elsewhere. He did not appear for several days. The ‘book’ languished. Miss Nevares almost died.  Soon he returned, but he was different. His ardor had cooled. She looked at the scale. Now she understood. She had gained three pounds.


In time, she became the butt of Mr. Raniere’s well- timed jokes. He could rely on her acquiescence to indignities. Instead of leaving, like a self respecting Mexican woman would do, she chose to endure his mockery and absorb it as if she were a victim and these were badges of honor. Her determination to suffer transformed itself into a desire to prove him wrong.

She had done penance of 500 calories daily for the sin of gaining three pounds. She went down to 400 calories. She became angular and bony as he liked her. She lost six pounds.

He hardly noticed. He seemed not to care. She binged and gained five pounds back. Mr. Raniere stayed away for a month.

She did more penance. She dropped to 250 calories a day. She lost seven pounds. Mr. Raniere was bored and stayed away.

She went off the diet and ate food like she had when she was an innocent girl in her hometown in Mexico, before she had ever met Mr. Raniere.

She gained eight pounds.

To the less spiritual person this was attractive weight gain, but Mr. Raniere was too spiritual to be fooled. He taught that food was anathema to enlightenment and a woman with curves such as those pounds gave her was not a woman advancing toward the light. She was flummoxed. She went back on her diet. On and off, losing and gaining, and looking out the window, wondering when he would come.


Perhaps the world will never know what terrible breach she committed that made Mr. Raniere not speak to her for three years. It must have been dreadful.

Suffice it to say that it was worse than Danni Fernandez. Danni Fernandez had a breach when she asked Mr. Raniere – because he was having sex with two dozen women – and could only see her once every few months – if she could merely date Ben Myers.  Mr. Raniere exploded and punished her by imprisoning her in a lonely room for 18 months.

What horrific ethical breach Miss Nevares did may not be told at this time. But three years he went without speaking to her. Waiting every day, looking out the window, seeing him and hiding, and crying in her room, until the day he deemed she was cured of her breach.

The years came and went, and one day Mr. Raniere condescended to speak to her. And again Miss Nevares became a slave of love for Mr. Raniere, waiting for his pleasure to return so that it could be as it once was.

However, she now began to serve a different role; there would be great mirth within the harem courtesy of Ivy Nevares.


The humorous Mr. Raniere loves to mock and he would evoke laugh riots from the harem members. Miss Nevares, endlessly going off and and on her diet, losing more weight and gaining it back, than a herd of pachyderms. Funny Mr. Raniere. He was mocking sincerity and desperation mixed up and jumbled into the emotions of a woman.

He was the guru. He knows all. And he could achieve his highest flights of comedy gold when telling the women about foolish Ivy Nevares.


One day, as she looked pleadingly for a mark of his favor [for she had set aside all of life’s plans to be near him] Mr. Raniere, sporting, said, ‘I like your hair; never cut it.’

The joy of running joke was birthed that day; over time it produced more laughs than a veritable laughing pack of hyenas. Mr. Raniere delighted the harem again and again with mimicking Miss Navares.

Pretending to be intense and trying not to laugh, Mr. Raniere told her ridiculous things and she did them. She went from being a favored harem member to fool and that is always funny; making others look ugly is the essence of humor for Mr Raniere.


Once the most beautiful harem member, she now was passing her prime; Mr. Raniere had new, younger women, actresses, such as the famous Allison Mack and Nicki Clyne.

Ivy was headed toward 40, past the harem prime. She missed her chance. She had contract with the great teacher, Mr. Raniere at the prime of her youth. But she was raw and untrained, and only had her woman’s heart to guide her.

Had DOS been in existence, under the  master-slave discipline of women, she might have been trained to be ready for Mr. Raniere – to act without fits and starts and desperate tears that made her look ridiculous to him. She could learn to do what the aging Loretta Garza has done – find young slaves to brand as she ages out of favor.


There is a lesson to learn out of this for the young harem: Ivy fancied that Keith would love her, and one day realize it was her all along. But it is not enough to obey. It must be done without being noticed.

Some years before he told her to never cut her hair. He loved long hair. She grew her hair longer than anyone. She would put her hair up and no one knew how long it was.

Then one day, when he came, she let it all fall down and it dropped past her feet – rich and luxurious,  just as he told her.  No woman had done that before!

She looked in his eyes. He looked at her, his eyes twinkling. Every emotion in her tender heart was about to explode, as she waited for his approval. Mr. Raniere caught her mood. He did his best to hide his surprise. He acted earnest, almost gallant, as he praised her.

He had to leave. He would be back soon, he said. She blurted out awkwardly, oh, come back soon [then under her breath ‘my darling’].

When he arrived at Nancy Salzman’s house for his repast – a hearty breakfast – he told her and some of the women and they laughed uproariously.

‘She thought I meant it to never cut her hair,” he said, in his exquisitely charming intonation, to the delight of every woman. He was to tell his joke on Miss Nevares many times till all the harem heard it and laughed. Again and again he told it until it became part of the lore of the inner circle.

But during this gay period of jesting at her expense, Ivy Nevares did not cut her hair, for he never said it then to her face he was jesting with her.

[One of his great abilities is that, when he mocks every women of the harem behind their back, each woman thinks she is so special that she is the only woman he never mocks behind her back. This is untrue and may be an inscrutable method of his teaching.]


In the days of old Mexico, had Ivy a father [she is evidently an orphan], the code of honor would have ‘settled’ Mr. Raniere in short order. This gringo would have been shot and buried in the desert.

The leader of the Rainiere-Mexicans, the bisexual Emiliano Salinas, of course, represents a Mexico conquered by Mr. Raniere, the abuser of women.

One hundred [or is it 1000] Mexican women have been violated by Mr. Raniere. But Mexico is changing. Mx. Salinas is the pampered model of the future.

And Miss Nevares is the model of the Mexican women of the clan of Raniere: abused, lonely, deceived and abandoned; after taking from her the best years of her life, the man she loved has moved to skinnier slaves, younger women, more suited for his brand.


Ivy Nevares once the most beautiful woman of the harem gave her life to Keith Raniere.
raniere 9
Keith Raniere knows what he likes and knows how to get it.


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