Word leaking out: Blind Gossip readers comment about Mack’s slave branding

The Female Tom Cruise

The ‘guess who? website ‘Blind Gossip’ in their June 16, 2017 post “The Female Tom Cruise” asks readers to guess which actress, best known for her role on a long running TV series, works for an organization that holds self improvement workshops and allegedly recruits female members into a crazy, slavery pyramid scheme with blackmail and branding women in their private parts.

103 people commented – with many guessing. Some guessed Laura Prepon, Kirstie Alley [Cheers & Scientology]  Jenna Elfman [Dharma and Greg] Yeardly Smith [The Simpsons &.Scientology] even Kristin Kreuk of Smallville gets mentioned.

But several comments called out Allison Mack:


nooneuno says

Actually I think this is Allison Mack from Smallville, which started in 2001(early aughts). She is heavily involved in ‘NXIVM’ which is a cult that centers on self improvement. The leader is Keith Raniere, who is backed by Clare Bronfman a wealthy follower.

Mack is rumored to be Raniere’s top recruiter of playthings for her boss to ‘teach’ one on one. If you read up on NXIVM and you’ll see it’s as bad as Scientology.”


Loverink says:

Show: Smallville

Actress: Kristin Kreuk
Organization/Cult: NXIVM (I think it’s pronounced nexium)

Technically her Smallville co-star Allison Mack could also fit these clues and is deeply involved with NXIVM, but I’m guessing KK. There’s a large handful of actors who claim Keith Raniere as their mentor.

Search Keith Raniere, NXIVM, the Bronfman sisters/heiresses.


alystina says:

This seems the most like it, as they specify “self improvement workshops” which is NXIVMs whole thing. Jenna, Kirstie, and Laura are all in scientology, which this blind seems to be saying specifically that it’s not the same as what Cruise is doing. They would have to fight Cruise for the power there.

NXIVM is crazy and a cult.



theblacktights says

whoa! Ali Mack joined a cult?! haven’t heard of this one yet…

palmtreeenthusiast says
Definitely this! People are so weird

lazyninja says
Unfortunately, I think you’re right, but I’m going with Allison Mack instead of Kristin Kreuk as the “Tom Cruise” of the cult. NXIVM seems like Scientology with a little Branch Davidian thrown in for good measure. Really creepy!! I’m incredibly sad about it. I loved Chloe! 🙁


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  • F#$KKULTS neglected Sarah Edmondson, who was also in Edgemont, and ran the Vancouver ESP center, although she seems to have shut it down recently. Good for her.

    Kristen Kreuk does seem to have absented herself from rhe Raniere world for several years.

    Grace Park only seems to have turned up recently, via “Keith Raniere Conversations” on YouTube. It’s not inconceivable that she is not involved with the dark side.

    Mark Hildreth does seem to be a long standing devotee of Raniere world, but seems otherwise “mostly harmless.”

    • Mark Hildreth is interesting. He recruited his girlfriend Kristin Kreuk in 2006, earned an orange sash by 2011, and is currently on the Jness site as a senior trainer/mentor…so he seems like a top-level NXIVM-er and a natural for Protectors of Society. What seems weird is that if Kristin supposedly has been out of NXIVM for years, how can she and Hildreth still be together?

      • Kristin and Mark haven’t been together for years. She did a radio interview several years back where the interviewer had mentioned that he heard she got married to a guy named Mark. Her response and the inflections in her voice tell you all you need to know about how she felt about that information. The interviewer simply mixed up Kristin and her sister who did get married around that time. Kristin is with someone else free from cultic influences and she keeps her relationship private. And she was never part of this snake oil salesman’s harem.

  • Reading back posts reveals that the Vancouver TV production scene also produced a lot of ESP/NXIVM recruits….
    Allison Mack: ESP coach/recruiter; a capella host; harem; Source; Jness; DOS
    Kristin Kreuk: ESP coach/recruiter; a capella host; ex-harem?
    Nicki Clyne: ESP recruiter; a capella host; harem; Source; Jness; DOS
    Kristin Kreuk: see above
    Grace Park: ESP/NXIVM
    Kristin Kreuk: see above
    Mark Hildreth: ESP coach/recruiter; a capella singer; Jness trainer/mentor; Pos?
    Nicki Clyne: see above
    Grace Park: see above

  • Kristin Kreuk is no longer in the cult. She’s been exiled from it since late 2011-2012 since working on Beauty and the Beast and trying to establish herself as a producer in the Toronto entertainment scene. As any reader of this blog knows, this blind item is definitely about Allison. It’s a shame she’s been brainwashed into working for a pyramid scheme that hides a cult, to further the machinations of a parasitic and sociopathic pervert who she also engages in sexual relations with instead of using her acting/directing talents. Where is her family in all of this? Her concerned fans? She is an example of the sad irony of wasted potential from a group that pretends to maximize it.

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