Sara Bronfman’s Muslim hubby Basit Igtet supports ‘female pubic branding’; does he support ‘female genital mutilation?’

[This report has been developed from information provided from sources. For their protection, they are unnamed. It is up to the reader to judge whether the information presented is factual or not.]

An earlier post speculated on whether Sara Bronfman and her husband, Basit Igtet, may be planning the hot iron branding of their daughter, Safia.

They are supporting the branding of other people’s daughters through their generous donations to the works of Keith Raniere, creator of DOS ceremonies where a cauterizing hot iron brands his initials [KR] on the pubic region of young women – scarring them permanently.

As a Muslim, Mr. Igtet may support female genital circumcision [tahara/khifaḍ] AKA ‘female genital mutilation,’ which many Muslims think is a religious rite for the welfare and protection of women and society.

Mr. Igtet is in close contact with the leaders of the female branding group DOS [Dominant Over Submissive].

Basit Igtet with female pubic mutilators.  L-r: Nicki Clyne, Mr. Igtet, Allison Mack, Sylvie Lloyd, Clare Bronfman. 

Sara Bronfman, as a devotee of Mr. Raniere, would certainly submit her daughter to the hot-iron branding of Mr. Raniere’s initials on her daughter’s pubic region, if she is ordered to do so. She may already have been branded herself.

She would be a hypocrite indeed to support human branding of other young women – the process of branding is dependent on her and her sister, Clare Bronfman’s money – and not support branding her own daughter.

Mr. Igtet clearly supports branding young women – since he claims to be a human rights’ activist – and has not spoken up against this practice introduced by Mr. Raniere.

The fact that he says nothing about the practice of branding – while his wife and sister-in-law Clare – fund the organization that does the branding – shows he believes in the practice of pubic branding of young women and girls, regardless of how he feels about female genital mutilation.

Lauren Salzman has admitted to human branding in San Francisco. She is branded herself.

Any assertion by Mr. Igtet that he knows nothing about it, or that it is not a true – is a stupid falsehood on the part of whoever says it.

All he has to do is examine the hot-iron branding of women he has been with in the last few days for unequivocal proof.

Lauren Salzman will do nicely as proof positive since she has already publicly admitted she is branded at a meeting in San Francisco.


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  • Don’t know Mr. Igtet or his wife … but your statement that FGM is a Muslim religious rite or that it has anything to do with Islam. Totally the opposite. FGM is a problem in certain parts of Africa regardless of religion. this includes Christians, Muslims, and even Pagans.

If the whole world stands against you sword in hand, would you still dare to do what you think is right?

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