Jness agreement requires women to keep secrets; permits changes in terms without consent of students

Jness was a company within NXIVM that taught curriculum related to men/women issues.

Some women claim they were deceived into giving ‘collateral’ and coerced into agreeing to be branded into “slavery’ in the women’s group DOS [Dominant Over Submissive], through Jness, another women’s group.

Both groups are founded on the conceptual teachings of Keith Raniere.

DOS requires women to be branded on their pubic region with a white-hot cauterizing iron with the initials of Mr. Raniere. The procedure is done by Dr. Danielle Roberts O.D. a ardent follower of Mr. Raniere.

Jness – is a gentle sounding group. The yearly membership is called “Friendship.”

“We create : we hold : we nurture : we transform,” their Facebook says.

But these are done in secret, like all companies based on the teachings of Mr. Raniere.

The website states that in order to register for ‘Friendship” a woman must take the introductory training called ‘Weekend.’

‘Weekend’ is spread over three days [Fr-Sun] and about 28 hours of class time and costs $1150. It includes the first year “Friendship” [$600] membership.

Jness has about 1000 hours of curriculum and total costs are in the $25,000 price range.

Before beginning Weekend, women are required to sign a contract with Jness.

Clause 1 states everything “presented through Jness®, LLC is “confidential.”

Revealing any of it “may cause irreparable harm to Jness®.”

And Jness® will seek “all remedies under law or otherwise” should any breach or suspected breach occur.

The words “or otherwise” is not explained in the contract and may not be as ominous as it sounds.

Clause 2 states a Jness student agrees “not [to] compete with Jness® ” for five years.

Competing is defined as “any activity that can potentially take moneys [or students] away from Jness® either directly or indirectly.”

Clause 3 allows Jness to change the terms of the contract after it’s signed. It reads “Jness® may modify and add to these Participant Terms and Conditions from time to time and such modifications and additions shall become a part of this agreement upon written notice thereof to the participant.”

The website Jness.com does not identify any members or leaders, although it states there are 2,000 members.

The secrecy of Jness is a starting point for women on the pathway of learning Mr. Raniere’s teachings on gender.

If they join DOS, they will be expected to maintain a much higher level of secrecy.

Below is the complete written agreement.
1. “All materials, methods and information contained in and presented through Jness®, LLC are essential assets of Jness® acquired at great time and expense. As such, they are proprietary and confidential. These materials, methods and information cannot be copied, duplicated, transmitted, taught or otherwise used, in part or in whole, directly or indirectly, without express written permission of Jness®. Any breach or suspected breach of this or any of the tenets of these Participant Terms and Conditions may cause irreparable harm to Jness®. Adequate remedies under law may not exist. Participant grants Jness® injunctive relief and all remedies under law or otherwise should any breach or suspected breach occur.
2. Participant acknowledges that she is capable of earning an appropriate living without using the materials, methods and information provided by Jness®. Participant will not compete with Jness® in any way through the world while a participant of Jness® and for a period of 5 years after becoming inactive in Jness®. For the purpose of this paragraph, competition is considered any activity that can potentially take moneys or actual participants or potential participants away from Jness® either directly or indirectly. Inactive means no longer attending any curriculum.
3. Jness® may modify and add to these Participant Terms and Conditions from time to time and such modifications and additions shall become a part of this agreement upon written notice thereof to the participant. Jness® reserves the right to change curriculum substance or format.
Participants shall be provided a publication entitled “Rules and Regulations” which shall be incorporated herein by reference. All participants shall abide by the terms and conditions of the publication entitled “Rules and Regulations”. Jness® reserves the right to cancel the activity and status of any participant suspected of violating the above and take whatever actions it deems necessary to protect its rights.
4. DISCLAIMER: I agree that any information and/or products received in any form, through any individual or company that is represented by Jness®, is for my personal education only. Any decisions made pursuant to the receipt of such is solely my responsibility.

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