Former Bronfman Employee: Luis Montes, Alejandro Junco, and Basit Igtet will be shocked at DOS slave leaders Rosa Laura Junco and Clare Bronfman

DOS Slave Rosa Laura Junco is married, Her  husband Luis Montes has real depth and intelligence.

It is not likely he knows anything about DOS, and he would never condone his children being educated in this kind of misogyny.

Rosa Laura Junco’s father is Alejandro Junco de la Vega. He is the Rupert Murdoch of Mexico. He will be shocked and horrified. Rosa Laura has three children with her first husband who is not in favor of ESP. She could lose custody of her older kids, and maybe she should. Can you imagine how damaged children raised in this philosophy will become? Especially daughters?

Sara Bronfman’s husband Basit Igtet would never support this, even if it involves his sister-in-law Clare and not his wife.

I doubt Basit will let his wife Sara anywhere near Raniere after learning of this. Where are Clare’s parents? Her father is dead but what about her mother and stepfather?

Clare’s stepfather is a huge celebrity in England his name is Nigel Havers. What about Clare and Sara’s siblings?

Where is Edgar Bronfman Jr. on all this?

Where is Edgar’s daughter Hannah Bronfman? She is close with them.

What about Adam Bronfman? Has everyone abandoned Clare?

Legendary freedom leader and publisher Alejandro Junco de la Vega of Mexico has a daughter living in the United States who is reportedly involved in human branding of women and coercing them to be obedient by keeping photos that she can use to blackmail them into obedience….
Keith Raniere wants people to stop misunderstanding him, he says.
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Who will stand for the women of DOS?


Basit Igtet, his wife, Sara Bronfman, and their daughter, Safia. Would Mr. Igtet wish his own daughter to be a member of DOS?


Actor Nigel Havers is Clare Bronfman’s step father. Does he approve of Clare’s support of human branding of women?

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