Advice from a person departing Master Raniere

From a reader:

I feel so sad to know that I was involved in this organization, thinking I was doing something great for the world.

I spent countless resources and faced much emotional abuse without even realizing it.

I was the frog in the pot slowly being boiled. I feel so sad that this is happening to my friends, to these women… and that people who will continue to stay because of this do not realize what they are ultimately supporting.

I can only hope if they read this, they question the content of the articles and not try to guess the intent of it. If you think this is destructive….look to the source. This is not the first time people have left NXIVM and I’m sure it won’t be the last. Think for yourself…question, look for answers. Do not just allow yourself to be a slave to the people around you who only care about themselves. If you want to change the world, DO SOMETHING. Do not spend all your money and go into debt thinking you are changing the world.

When you die, you will realize how you wasted your beautiful short life on nothing….dont-waste-your-lifeesp3quote-humans-can-be-noble-the-question-is-will-we-put-forth-what-is-necessary-keith-raniere-61-81-35quote-the-best-method-for-preventing-destructive-cult-involvement-is-preventative-education-rick-ross-25-18-24

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