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  • If you want to change the world, go out there and do it yourself – don’t get caught up with charming scam artists and abusers of good people just because they’re willing to do that for you – You are sufficient in yourself to change your corner of the world, you don’t need anyone but what/who you perceive as God, Holy Spirit, Jesus and yourself – and your lover/husband/wife and the family you create with these significant others. Guys like this Keith jerk are not special, they are criminals and a dime a dozen — YOU are what is special and good for this world, not some loser looking to take your money and abuse you.

    • Why don’t you identify yourself “Joe” ? You make comments that this site is ‘bullshit’ without the courage of saying who you are. Are you afraid? if so, then perhaps you can understand how these women are afraid also…. They have been coerced and intimidated. And, if it is true – and you discredit it – then you are a coward. So how do you know it is not true?
      Identify yourself and let’s discuss the issue. Otherwise I will take your comments as “bullshit.” Frank Parlato editor.

  • For those of you who are (or have been) involved with NXIVM, please remember that it’s never too late to turn things around. If you want to do something good, post any information you have about NXIVM, Raniere, Salzman, Mack or anyone else involved in this sick mess.

  • “Hell hath no fury like a woman scorned.”

    You evil women are slowly “killing” Keith by dissipating his “positive” life force and “spiritual” energy with your negative comments. How dare you? He soon won’t be able to set off radar detectors and so will have to find another bullshit excuse as to why he can’t drive on his own and must have someone ferry him around everywhere.

  • Is anyone reading these posts and comments? Frankreport, can you give us some stats on who is clicking on this site? It might encourage more people to come forward if they new this was being widely read. And where.

    • I’m reading this from NYC and cannot believe or understand how wealthy and accomplished, not to mention attractive women can even find this nutty guy interesting much less sexy. I suppose it’s ‘charisma’ or rather his ability at being good with bullshittery that gets them. I’d like to meet him once – since I’m not bad looking, young, and have some money – just so I could fuck with his head. I don’t care what his IQ is — he’s a huge A-HOLE. I hope he ends up in prison for a long long time at some point in his ‘journey’ through life.

    • Assume Lauren Salzman’s Pinterest baby nursery board designing the room for her babies with Keith Raniere will be taken down soon. As soon as word get’s back to Keith he will make Lauren delete it. All the women in Keith”s harem, especially Allison, think THEY are his salvation, and only THEY will have his special babies, no matter how many women they know Keith is fucking. The big secret behind the scenes is he says this to everyone. Yet there will never be a Sister Wives Club. These women are viciously competing against each other, of course spurned on by Keith. The Sister Wives secretly hate each other. Keith says the most degrading and horrible things about each woman to the other women in the harem. He pits everyone against each other. It’s another way he get’s off on satiating his psychopathic urges. Not only do these women have the degradation of being part of a harem, but they all end up alone. No sisterhood, no friends, nothing….

      Women be warned. If you are fucking Keith, or have fucked him, all the other women he”s involved with HATE, HATE, HATE YOU and will do everything to facilitate you fail in life in every way. Ignore their false niceties. They hate you. Is Clare Bronfman your boss? Run, she wants to financially destroy you. Is Allison Mack your leader in some way? Run, she wants to eliminate you. Do you think she wants to share Keith with you or anyone else? Are you getting EM’d by Lauren, Nancy, or Karen. Run, they are jealous beyond words. They wish you were gone. Do not trust anything they say, or any opinions they have, they all want you to FAIL.

      • FYI – If you are woman who has fucked or is fucking Keith, be warned. He convinces all his women to lie to his other women. His other women may act nice to you, but what you don’t know is that he has completely and utterly demonized and disparaged you to every other woman in his harem. It would shock the shit out of you if you knew what they really think of you. They are all coached to “ACT” super nice and supportive to you.

        They are all fools too. Do the math. What each woman doesn’t realize is this. Keith does the same thing to each and every woman he fucks. Every woman is behind their back, demonized to the rest of the harem. Each woman thinks they are the star and every other woman is a disastrous failure, and Keith is only with the others because he is a spiritual martyr and took them on. Each woman thinks, they are the one who will save Keith from all these other failures who have burdened his spirit. TRUE!!!!!! Yet the truth is every other woman Keith is fucking is told YOU ARE THE FAILURE. YOU ARE THE FUCKUP. YOU ARE HIS CROSS TO BARE. Lauren Salzman thinks this. Clare Bronfman thinks this. Every woman in Keith’s harem thinks they are Keith’s savior and will marry him and have his special spiritual golden children as their reward for all their endurance of these horrible fucked up other women Keith is martyring himself for. Allison Mack thinks this. Ask yourselves? What horrible things has Keith said about his other women? What disparaging things have your heard from anyone in the group? Imagine, they are all saying the same things about you……

  • I think compassion is key. Not for Keith, but for the women who have systematically destroyed themselves, inch by inch, over their years taking NXIVM trainings, and by every time they listen to Keith for advice. Keith’s endgame is not success. He has no endgame, he has only an endless unquenchable appetite for the slow degradation and control of women. Every aspect of the Executive Success Programs and NXIVM business models revolve in every way shape and form around Keith’s insatiable appetite for ensnaring, controlling, and destroying women.

    Yet the only way Keith is successful is through the knowing complicity of the women around him. This is not Keith acting solo. The main part of how Keith get’s off and thrills in satiating his psychopathic impulses and urges, is through the line bending of other women to be complicit in his degradation of new women targets. It’s not enough to degrade and torture one woman. The real goal is to convince other women to do the degrading and torture for him and on as grand a scale as possible.

    Nancy Salzman, Lauren Salzman, and Karen Unterreiner are decades into pimping and lying to new NXIVM women recruits for Keith. Nancy, Lauren, and Karen will lie relentlessly straight to the faces of these earnest well meaning women, to ensnare them in the cult in the name of their (the targets) personal growth. All for Keith, who get’s off endlessly on this. It’s truly demonic, and now Allison Mack is the chief degrader of women. That is why Keith is not at the branding ceremonies. He is too busy thrilling in his ability to get Nancy, Lauren, Karen, and Allison Mack to do it for him.

    On a separate note, Lauren Salzman has been planning to have one of Keith’s “Golden Children” for a decade or more. Lauren has not had any boyfriend other than Keith for 15 years or more. As she is approaching 40 years old, this is significant for her. What does Allison Mack think of that? Does she want to raise Lauren’s babies? Or does Clare Bronfman? We have to assume Clare is branded. Lauren has a Pinterest Board dedicated to her ideas for her babies’ nursery. Check it out here.

    • Thank you for posting this comment. You are right. I feel so sad to know that I was involved in this organization, thinking I was doing something great for the world. I spent countless resources and faced much emotional abuse without even realizing it. I was the frog in the pot slowly being boiled. I feel so sad that this is happening to my friends, to these women…and that people who will continue to stay because of this do not realize what they are ultimately supporting. I can only hope if they read this, they question the content of the articles and not try to guess the intent of it. If you think this is destructive….look to the source. This is not the first time people have left NXIVM and I’m sure it won’t be the last. Think for yourself…question, look for answers. Do not just allow yourself to be a slave to the people around you who only care about themselves. If you want to change the world, DO SOMETHING. Do not spend all your money and go into debt thinking you are changing the world. When you die, you will realize how you wasted your beautiful short life on nothing….

About Frank Parlato

About Frank Parlato

Frank Parlato is an investigative journalist.

His work has been cited in major publications all over the world, including The New York Times, The Daily Mail, VICE News, CNN, Fox News, Rolling Stone, People Magazine, and more.

Frank Parlato was the lead investigator and coordinating producer of Investigation Discovery's 2 hour blockbuster special 'The Lost Women of NXIVM.'

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