Gina Hutchinson tried to ‘solve the Keith problem’ before she committed suicide

Sometimes people die suddenly who came in close contact with him.

“He who has the most joy wins,” is a quote of Keith Raniere.

He perhaps had a lot of joy with a woman who could be said to be his first harem member, Gina Hutchinson.

He [statutory] raped Gina when she was around 15, according to her sister, Heidi.

Gina committed suicide. But that was much later.

She stayed within Raniere’s circle of influence up until she died.

Sometimes she tried to break away; sometimes the wing women of Raniere would bring her back into the fold.

It must have come as quite a shock to the young woman who left school to be tutored by the masterful Raniere and be deflowered by him to find out he planned to have several women and not her alone.

But he who has the most joy wins, and Gina lost.

Below is an entry in Gina’s journal a few years before she died.

According to her sister, Raniere had told Gina that she was a reincarnated Buddhist goddess and much attention was paid to reincarnation as the entry below shows,

It ends with a telling comment of solving “the Keith problem.”

Raniere, according to at least one source who knew Gina, told her that she must remain monogamous, that she could have no other men while he would have a harem of women including her. She accepted it at times and at other times she found it so miserable and so different from what she had thought would happen when she followed Raniere that she tried to break away. When he first took control of her life and pulled her out of school and started having sex with her, she and her family thought Gina and Raniere would marry, her sister said.

According to a source, when she had had enough of harem life and wanted to date and perhaps have a husband, Raniere was not joyful about it.

When she had the audacity to see another man and try to leave the harem circle and thus betray the wondrous Vanguard who had come to earth to aid and help her, Raniere in an un-joyful state told her that her chances for Nirvana in this lifetime were shattered.

She would have to be born again since the rest of this life was ruined for her since she betrayed the compassionate Vanguard, according to a source.

According to sources, shortly afterward she went to the park grounds near a Buddhist monastery in Woodstock and killed herself.

The first woman of his harem was dead. And died by her own hand.

It is not known if Raniere was joyful or not over this event. If it is true that he had told her that she could make no spiritual progress until she died and was reincarnated, perhaps he was joyful since this expedited her being able to be reborn.

Or did her suicide mar his joy?

The influence of Keith Raniere on her life did not live up to what he purportedly told her – that she was a Buddhist goddess born to be his consort and helpmate in life.

People with a conscience would be mortified to have created such a disaster of a life for someone they had taken under their wing and guided. Raniere changed the whole course of her life.

And while Christ and Buddha heal lives we do not see that kind of healing occurring with many of Raniere’s followers. They end up badly, mainly because of him.

He left a hole in the lives of those who were close to Gina. Her sister Heidi blames Raniere for her sister’s death.

But these are things which are not joyful to reflect upon. And as readers know, “he who has the most joy wins.”

Put it out of your head, dear reader.

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According to sources, Gina Hutchinson was the first woman of the harem of Keith Raniere. She committed suicide.


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  • Keith is a selfish, self serving, depraved sociopath. The guy could have killed Gina, making it look like a suicide.

  • The only way to truly solve the Keith or any other similar problem is to enact the solution of dealing with any sociopath: cut off all communication and contact so you no longer have to deal with them in your life. Kristin Keeffe had the right approach.

If the whole world stands against you sword in hand, would you still dare to do what you think is right?

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