Ask Jim Del Negro if he can remember the names of the companies he is [on paper] the president of. Ask him, as an ethical matter, is he willing to go to jail to protect his teacher, Keith Raniere 'if' federal charges come down. If he is offered immunity to testify against Kieth Raniere will he do it, or take the fall for his teacher. Pose this only as an ethical question. There is no guarantee they will offer Mr. Del Negro immunity since his testimony may be worthless since Mr. Raniere's signature is not on a single document - unlike Mr. Del Negro.

Del Negro took The Source course, says he works for a corporation, neglects to mention which one




I’m a presenter, and a head trainer for a corporation. I’ve been training for over six years with crowds of 25 to 35 people, and I’ve always had a little bit of nerves. I’ve tried many things to get over the nervousness and the fear of the public speaking, but I never could. In the very first day of THE SOURCE, I was taught how to break through that limitation and it’s been very different ever since. Now, when I engage with the people in my trainings, I feel totally relaxed and that alone was worth the time and the money. THE SOURCE was an amazing training, I recommend it enthusiastically to all who want to take it.

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