20 ethical accomplishments of Keith Raniere


This 20 item list has been published before in part and shows what students thinking about taking a NXIVM/Executive Success Programs  intensive might want to emulate and what they will learn from that ethical founder of NXIVM Keith Raniere

Raniere’s “ethical” accomplishments:

1. Exaggerates and self-aggrandizes his own unverifiable accomplishments.
2. Started an illegal pyramid scheme company which was eventually shut down.
3. Formed a cult that is centered around the worship of himself.
4. Gambled away $65 million dollars of money that doesn’t belong to him.
5. Devised a $26 million real estate scam using money that doesn’t belong to him.
6. Files lawsuit after lawsuit, using money that doesn’t belong to him, against those who can expose him in order to drive them to bankruptcy.
7. 8. Keeps a “stable” of women.
9. Lies to his followers.
10. Denied his own son and made up a story that the child was adopted and that he is not the father. Then runs his own educational “experiments” on him, based on theories that have no peer-reviewed, scientific basis to them. Mother and son run away and are in hiding and accuse him of criminal acts.                                                        11. Numerous women claim he committed sexual acts with them when they were underage. One committed suicide.

12. Recruits young Mexican women to come to Albany and helps them stay here illegally after their visas run out. Several of these end up being part of his harem – and others end up as indentured servants for him.
12. Fails to pay taxes on income generated by NXIVM operations. He himself doesn’t file tax returns.
13. Hires Juval Aviv, Steve Rombom and Canaprobe to illegally gather information about people he considers enemies. Also uses these thugs to intimidate those that he considers to be enemies of NXIVM.
14. Turns children away from their parents – and parents away from their children. Also tears apart intact couples.
15. Gets Clare Bronfman to provide mis-information about so-called NXIVM enemies to FBI offices across New York State in the hope that criminal charges will be brought against these people.
16. Mind-fucks innocent people like NXIVM’s CFO, Kathy Russell, to the point where she is a walking zombie. She’s one of the ones who left a child behind to get more involved in NXIVM.
19. Assigns specific body weights for each member of his harem. Also dictates how long their hair has to be. And actually imprisoned at least two women.
20. Continues to use POW-type tactics to mentally and physically break down new recruits.


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